The Power of Our Inner Child

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The Power of  our Inner Child is one of our greatest assets.   Innocence. Earnestness. Eagerness. Willingness.  Enthusiam.  Whole brained. Unafraid.

These symbolize seeds of truly great power.

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Tilly & Leo, Amigos.  They are too young to learn Spanish but you can see below how your high school aged children and grandchildren can learn Spanish free.

Children have fun even at work:


The children have it figured out. Here’s our grandson Garren “helping us with farm work”.  Work can be play.

There is value in playfulness that makes work… investing and life better.

We begin life being playful.    The rules of society beat this down.  There are seven billion of us living on this planet.  We cannot all do as we please.  Playfulness in swinging our hands has to end before the nose of our neighbor begins.

The teaching and the enforcement of social rules… along with the natural tendency to have a pecking order can stifle play.

In school we cannot talk.  Outside the lines we cannot walk.  In moving lines we cannot balk.  We have to conform… or else.

Bills can be  pressing… debts can grow… the IRS might call… there can be turmoil at work and  food and gas prices may rise.  How can we be playful?

These are typical questions I hear often so just wanted to share a quote from one of the websites we monitor on health.

There are several steps we can take to start making our work… our investing… our efforts… our lives more playful.

Jay Glaser MD gives us some clues in his book “Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self Repair”.  He writes: Just watch puppies, kittens and kids. Wrestling, horseplay and tussles are their work. They have no clue they are stretching muscles, strengthening bones, sharpening reflexes and developing turbosities, the bony attachments for their muscles.

Jay then explains that children think they are just having fun, but in the bigger scheme of things this is serious work… developing their bodies and sense of self.

He goes on to write: Don’t Exercise, Just Play. A good research study showed that exercise is as effective as the anti-depressant Zoloft in relieving depression especially in the long run. More recently it was shown in a study of adults that being physically active just once a week for 20 minutes including doing housework and gardening is enough to lower the risk of psychological distress and improve mental health.

The Value of Play. Exercise done in this context is the wisest, because it is the most enduring and safest. It is harder to push yourself to the point of injury when you have the attitude, “I’m just playing”.

I’d like to recommend a link to where you can buy the book from our dear friend,  Dr.Jay Glaser, “Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self Repair”. I recommend this book highly…see link below.

This is why Merri and I make “having fun” one of the main thrusts in our Super Thinking courses.  We promote a lot of laughter.

In our lives we have a routine that takes advantage of  the importance of play.

First, we make sure we walk in the woods or nature… or paddle on the lake and remain active in the garden doing things we love… planting flowers… crops…. harvesting. This for us is not work, it’s fun.

Second, we use techniques to modulate the frequencies of our mind. We experience the power of sound… every day…  listening to 60 cycle baroque music.   The power of music (frequencies in tune with the flow of nature) creates order out of chaotic days.

Yehudi Menuhin expressed this power of music in his book “Theme and Variations” this way: Music creates order out of chaos; for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity of the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous.  Thus a confusion surrenders to order and noise to music, and as we through music attain that greater universal order which rests upon fundamental relationships of geometrical and mathematical proportion, direction is supplied to mere repetitious time, power to the multiplication of elements, and purpose to random association.

We also meditate every day or use use relation techniques like the Tai Chi idea shown below.

We also have a nutritional routine that promotes a “heart and mind balance” including the food supplement theanine… an amino acid.   These steps… the relaxation, the classical music and the nutrition have been shown to integrate and balance brain patterns so one is more relaxed and intelligent at the same time. This helps reduce excess stress… a major enemy of play!

We teach these techniques at all our Super Thinking courses.

Merri & I attribute most of the business success we enjoy to the fact that we simply write about what we love.  This has worked because what we do has always been have interesting, fulfilling and fun… for us and others as well.

Help Your Children Play

Modern life makes it hard for children to play.

Children are bombarded by adult information.   A lot of media for kids has only one goal… to get them to buy something.  Some of these things (probably a LOT) are not good for kids.

Trading down… and economic pressure means that moms and dads have to work more and have less time to spend with children.

Numerous big pharma companies gain from creating disease that must be medicated at great profit for these concerns.

Zero tolerance concepts eliminate common sense and take discipline out of the teacher’s realm.  The web site  linked below shows 10 examples of very young children being arrested like a five year old who assaulted a police officer.

Examples include three nine-year-old girls and an eight-year-old boy arrested for fighting and marched out of their Baltimore elementary school in handcuffs.  The police department defended handcuffing these kids with “It’s our policy, regardless of the age, when a suspect is arrested by police, they’re handcuffed. And the reason is just not for the suspect’s safety but also for officers’ safety.”

In New Haven, Connecticut a 10-year-old boy was actually arrested by police for giving another student “a wedgie” on a school bus.

A 5-year-old boy at a public school in Stockton, California was arrested by police and handcuffed with zip ties because he was committing “battery on a police officer”.

I had some bad teachers growing up. Many children my age who attended Rockwood Grade School outside Portland, Oregon remember the steely eyed Ms. Arpin who wielded an arrow. We were either whacked or stuck depending on the seriousness of the offense.

This is a really complicated issue. I do not know the solution…. how to unwind this stress.   The point here though is that these conditions are not conducive to childlike activity.  They force children to become adults early on.


Merri’s and my Godson, Kinti Anaki, (the King of the Hummingbirds)  at his Christening.  Children are naturally happy but…  Western lifestyles often stop them from being this way… turning them too quickly into adults.

Ecuador children in the countryside are happy and I learned a lot from this fact.   The yatchak that Merri and I lived and worked with for years specialized in bringing children who had lived in cities (or North America) back to good health and happiness.  He explained that it required only three things… good nutrition… good work which brought the third…. good sleep.

We watched him bring numerous sullen… behavior challenged children, back to innocent, earnest joy.

This let me share one way to help children release the stresses of growing up in a distorted world and to learn more effectively.

This is a T’ai Chi Game for Learning called “Be the Chair”.


Be the Chair:  Be the Chair is a (guided) seated, Chinese meditation, and like all meditation, clears the mind, but with the added benefit of improving posture and energy. Students will have better focus after processing their mental chatter in stillness. A straight back while poised on the edge of the chair, as if sitz (sitting) bones are the feet during standing meditation, is essential. The crown point must be lifted and the shoulders relaxed. Concentration and focus on all subsequent exercises are improved from starting with “Be the Chair.”

There is a link below to numerous easy Tai Chi exercises for children like the Turtle Races -Follow the Leader, Lead the Follower  – Sword Fingers – Glider –  Full Moon/Empty Moon – Push the Turtle or Don’t Break the Chain and Dog Chases its Tail.

Another way to help children remain playful is to teach them Super Thinking.  In fact it is the kids helping s adults when it comes to these techniques because the master Merri learned from Dr. Greorgi Lozanov, was an  reknown educator.   He developed these intelligence enhancing routines for kids and had stunning results.

That is why we are making a special effort to help children learn Super Thinking + Spanish and why  want to let your children learn Spanish FREE.

Super Thinking + Spanish teacher Mark Frakes was formerly a teacher of Spanish in high school. He switched to Super Thinking because he saw fallacies in the old ways and understand how effective Super Thinking can be.   He has offered to let any of your children high school student and older attend the St. Louis Super thinking course free.

Here is the special offer.  See details of the course below… and the seven Tai Chi Exercises for Kids link below.   Enroll… one person or a couple (parents or grandparents) for the St. Louis course and up to four of your children high school age or older can join you at no added cost.


Learn Spanish in Three Days

Why You Can Learn Spanish in Three Days

You can learn Spanish in a day, or a week, month or any time frame that works for you.

I’m Gary Scott.  Over fifty years ago I started a business that has helped hundreds of thousands of subscribers learn about investing in Hong Kong (1960s and 1970s), Switzerland, London, Isle of Man (1970s and 1980s) and across Europe. My wife Merri and I took thousands on investing tours to these countries.

In the 1990s we began taking investors to Panama, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.  That’s when we realized an incredible need for an easy, super fast way to learn Spanish.  Our delegates were business people with hard schedules and tight deadlines.  They did not have months, or even weeks to learn a second language.

Plus, even though these delegates were successful international business people, most did not have degrees in grammar.  When it came to sentence structure, punctuation rules, parts of speech, morphology and especially derivation of verbs, they were at a loss. They wanted good basic ways to communicate in Spanish that worked and sounded eloquent, right now, without having to become educated in grammar.

Fortunately there is a scientific method of learning (called Super Learning) that was created and refined by a Soviet educational master, Georgi Lozanov.   Lozanov transformed the entire Soviet Union’s educational system to such a degree that this third world nation beat the USA into space.

My wife Merri was lucky to be one of a handful of students outside the Soviet Union who were taught this system by Lozanov himself in the early 1970s.  She practiced this unique and remarkable form of education for decades so we used it to create a Super Spanish course that has helped thousands of subscribers learn Spanish in three days and less.

This course is now available online.


Merri teaching a Super Spanish course in Florida.

Does it sound impossible to learn Spanish in three days?  Yes, it is impossible when you try to learn Spanish in the old, traditional way, but the scientific Super Learning method of learning… proven and described in numerous best selling books creates educational jumps by making education natural, easy and fun.   This course works because it is education without stress!

How The Course Works

The first tactic is to use Baroque music to create Relaxed Concentration in the learning process.  At least three best selling books, “Superlearning”, the “Mozart Effect” and “Superlearning 2000” have revealed insights about how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Soviet educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

You gain six valuable ONLINE Baroque Relaxed Concentration Sessions in the online course that is delivered via the internet.

The second tactic uses 17 unique lessons to provide Spanish fluency in a short time.   Let me prove to you how this tactic works by teaching you hundreds of Spanish words in less than 30 seconds.

Here is the proof.

“Most words in English that end in ION are almost identical, just pronounced differently. 

For example action is accion.


Manipulation- manipulacion, etc.”

There you have it.  How long did it take you to read these four sentences? 

Ask yourself.  “How many words do you know that end in ION”.

You now know all these Spanish words that you will never forget.

How long would it have taken you to memorize all those words?  How soon would you have forgotten them?

The next lesson teaches how to pronounce each of the nouns.

The third lesson teaches almost as many verbs, almost as quickly.

The fourth lesson shows how to avoid conjugating verbs by sticking with the infinitive (far easier than it sounds).  This simple lesson leaves a person sounding like a Spanish professor without ever conjugating a verb.

Lesson five shows how to sound infinitely polite and yet get almost anything desired in Spanish.

Lesson six gives valuable connectors and the seventh lesson triples the Spanish capacity with three words for “yesterday,” “now” and “tomorrow”.

In an incredibly short time you feel comfortable speaking Spanish.

Plus the system is Impro-Dynamic.  This means your Spanish keeps getting better even though you do not seem to be studying… practicing… or speaking Spanish.

I was amazed by this as I traveled back and forth from the USA to Ecuador.  The longer I was away from Ecuador… the better my Spanish became.  My second language was automatically improving.  The self improving feature comes because you learn to create Spanish sentences rather than remember them.

The portion of the brain that creates is more powerful than the portion that recalls.  When your mind creates something… it owns it!  You do not have to remember .

During the course you learn 4005 Spanish words that you already know.   This eliminates the need to memorize 99% of Spanish words.

You then learn how to create Spanish sentences from these words.

Throughout the course you learn how to pronounce the sentences you create.

When the course ends… the mind keeps working… and creating… so next time you begin to speak Spanish you’ll be surprised .  You improve even though you have not actively worked on your lingual skill.

Due to the difficulty of getting groups together to learn this valuable technique, we created an online program for subscribers to use the Super Spanish course at home.   The normal three day in person course fee is $499 ($749 for a couple).

The ONLINE course is available at the highly reduced price of $149, but in this special offer we are knocking another $70 from the price so you can start now for only $79.  

The ONLINE course has our, full satisfaction or money back, guarantee.  Try Super Spanish for 60 days.  If not fully satisfied, simply let us know for a full refund.

Learn Spanish online $79 - using coupon code SPANISH70 at checkout to immediately save $70 off the regular price of $149.

Here are some testimonials from the course.

Here are a few quotes from delegates of the course.

One delegate from St. Louis wrote:  Hi Gary,  Just ended forty-five years in dentistry last week, and I’m on to a new career.  What is my new career?  Still formulating, but the eye -opening,mind expanding Super-Spanish course last weekend in St. Louis surely shows me the opportunity exists to expand my horizons.

Besides having a lot of nice people to learn our new language; the methods Merri and you developed proved to be just what you said they would be.  We all and I in particular relaxed our way to new learning.  I feel so very comfortable with the basis of my new language skills that I know I will be spitting out great Spanish sentences by the time I reach Ecuador in October.  Last year I spent six weeks in Ecuador and now I plan on conversing with the people.

Today’s excerpt of your newsletter really hit home. You do what you say you will. There are no surprises or hidden sales tricks. The only tricks are beneficial to our learning.  Thank you for a wonderful experience that I was quite unable to grasp how you would pull it off.  You did, however, and I look forward to other courses that you offer, and I have absolutely no doubt they also will work beneficially.  Best regards, Denis Molloy.

Another wrote about the Super Spanish course:   Buenos Dias, here is a testimonial for Super Thinking-Super Spanish.  Please feel free to use all or part in promotions for the course.  In addition, you may give my email address to any prospect “on the fence” about enrolling.  Yesterday, in Cotacachi, Ecuador, I finished Super Spanish.  I had high expectations for the course and they were exceeded.

After three days, I can speak Spanish in complete sentences. In simple conversations, such as buying groceries or ordering a meal, I can make myself understood. I think that’s incredible!

Although I am far from the competence level of a native speaker, I feel I’ve taken a giant step forward in learning Spanish so that I can experience the people and culture of Ecuador.  The foregoing benefits would have more than justified the time and money I invested in Super Spanish.  And learning some Spanish was not the most important benefit I got from the course.

Prior to leaving the USA, I had felt for some time that the pace of life there was unhealthy for me (and for most people) and I did nothing about it.

I’ve thought about the pace issue during the course.  One of the key elements Merri Scott designed into Super Spanish is placing the student in the optimal state for learning.  In class, the past three days, I’ve been re-introduced to guided journeys and introduced to the calming effects of Baroque music (  What a blessing! I’m inclined to make one or both a daily part of my life.   Rob Christi.  Cotacachi, Ecuador

Another attendee from a course wrote:   “I took this incredible class a few weeks ago, and I would like to tell anyone that is interested, that it is an amazing three days of learning with lots of laughs included. You leave everyday wanting to learn more and are so excited to do so.

“Other Spanish classes and tutoring made us feel like it would take forever to get to the point where we could put it into practice, but this method gave us a more fluent use for everyday life almost immediately AND the confidence to use it.  It is a fantastic way to show people how much they know and give confidence to learn and use Spanish creating a momentum.

“They made learning Spanish easy and fun in a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  I would definitely recommend this course.  Even if you know some Spanish, this helps make it easier because of the less stress that no verb conjugations gives you.  This gives you more confidence in yourself to try and speak it more.

“I liked how simply the course was organized and the positive attitude about learning.  Thank you so much for helping me to learn Spanish!” Nadine Taylor

The ONLINE Super Spanish course has our, full satisfaction or money back, guarantee. Try Super Spanish for 60 days.  If not fully satisfied, simply let us know for a full refund. 

The course is available at the highly reduced price of $149, but in this special offer we are knocking another $70 from the price so you can start now for only $79.  

Learn Spanish online $79 - using coupon code SPANISH70 at checkout to immediately save $70 off the regular price of $149.

Still not sure?

Take just ten minutes to let me prove to you that this super fast way to gain the basics can let you can communicate in Spanish in an incredibly short time.



Click here for FREE Super Spanish video.

The ONLINE Super Spanish course has our, full satisfaction or money back, guarantee. Try Super Spanish for 60 days.  If not fully satisfied, simply let us know for a full refund. 

The course is available at the highly reduced price of $149, but in this special offer we are knocking another $70 from the price so you can start now for only $79.  

Learn Spanish online $79 - using coupon code SPANISH70 at checkout to immediately save $70 off the regular price of $149.


See more on Tai Chi exercises here. 10-disgusting examples of very young school children being arrested