Aromatherapy and Roses on Mother’s Day

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Roses, roses and roses.  Mother’s Days are especially good days to add extra focus on roses.

See three ways to make Mother’s Day better with roses.

Silence in the clouds at our hacienda, Rosaspamba, in the Andes.  Rosaspamba in Quichua means “Place of roses.”

Because Ecuador is such a great place for roses and for silence, I wanted to share this Mother’s Day idea from our friend and supplier of all the essential oils we use, Candace Newman.

Aromatherapy and Silence

By Candace Newman

In a world full of overwhelming sights and sounds (often offensive), we can lose touch with the soul-value of silence. Smell is a silent language with profound effects on our mental state because the olfactory nerves connect directly into the emotional-limbic part of our brain.

Smell is a language of thoughts, memories and feelings. Aromas from genuine essential oils are also the language of our soul. Our heart recognizes these soulful elements, just like music and food made with love from the soul.

Aromas travel on our breath, and breath is recognized by many as the chord that binds the soul to the body. Aromas from pure essential oils also tend to slow down our breathing because the body wants more of this “good stuff”. This is a profound way to balance our autonomic nervous system which is usually busy with fight or flight responses with no relief in sight, burning out the adrenals.

Using essential oils to bring moments of quiet time into our day and night is one way to connect to some sense of peace and balance.

Without silence we don’t get to the quiet place within us … the safe inner sanctum of who we really are. This place is like the deep peace at the bottom of the ocean or heaven above the clouds. The “noise” of the day creates tumultuous waves on top of the ocean or the stormy clouds blocking the brilliant sky. If we don’t make a conscious effort to get beyond the waves and clouds, we won’t get to the jewel.

Consciousness and awareness are the first call. Then action to make time for silence calls for courage and discipline. The reward is some peace in our mind and love in our heart.

In addition to sights and sounds our nervous system is also bombarded with synthetic and toxic aromas. Having genuinely pure aromas in our lives is one of nature’s way to assist us through life. Each of us is the hero/heroine of our legend. Let’s make it the best we can. Aromas were intended to be part of our journey.  Candace

Here are two wonderful silent gifts perfect for Mother’s Day (or for your own use)

Rose Rejuvenation Face Gel. This is a blend of Rose Otto essential oil and Aloe Vera.  Merri uses this almost every day as I do.  This is my aftershave… incredibly soothing and  and I get so many compliments. $35.

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Real Rose Otto.  This is my favorite essential oil… precious and so expensive but what a perfume! One drop in a gallon makes rose water that is incredible.  Try a drop on your pillow at night for soothing sleep. This is the nature… the pure nectar of balance and sweetness. $50

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The third way to make Mother’s Day rosy is with fresh Ecuador roses.


Fresh Ecuador Roses.

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We hope that these gift ideas help you make Mother’s Day better and sweeter with roses.


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