Retire With the Coyote Symbol – Government Intrusion III

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Government Intrusion III

The essence of the coyote is interesting and we can gain from it but NOT just because these wily carnivores are smart.

Good friends from B.C., Dennis and Nicki Goff, visited us not long ago. Dennis is a really good photographer… an incredible eye.

At sunset he saw more than this dead old tree in our back yard.   He saw “Wiley Coyote”.

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Photo by Dennis Goff.

Here’s an idea how we can use reflection on the coyote’s essence and this totem to retire from the rat race early.

Last Sunday morning I headed into the wild to take some wildlife photos.

I am lucky to have a lot of land around me. Our home in Florida is very close to the Ocala National Forest.  At 383,000 acres this is the largest contiguous scrub forest in the USA.

Up at three… and after a coffee I’m on the road by 3:30 to get into place before the sun’s up.

Our Super Thinking courses are based on learning to master BWI (Brain Wave Integration) so all the frequencies (Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta) work together.  Talk about BWI!  Driving alone in the dark is one of the best ways to put your whole brain to work.

There was a wonderful quarter moon and…

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riding through the National Forest… there was nothing but me… the

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headlights, an empty highway ahead lullabyed with a gentle hum of asphalt.

I hurdled into the dark.  My mind wandered reflecting on coyotes.

Shortly after the Goff’s, visit the coyotes started really howling here… at night and even in the day.  Our hound has been going bananas at the sound.

In fact there are so many coyotes in the county that they are killing cats, dogs… they even trapped and killed a small horse in its barn.

We have a pack of them living in the woods not to far from our house so we watch our hound carefully.  One thing we have learned over the years that these hounds are not allowed to go outdoors at night (both here in Central Florida and the Blue Ridge) except with us and they are on our leash!

The coyotes let loose with their yelping as I headed into the darkness of early morn so I was reflecting on the spirit of the coyote as I drove through the darkness of pre dawn.

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Coyote photographed in Lake County by Michael Libbe photography. See more below.

Actually I was reflecting on reflecting.

Recently I began a report on government intrusion.  This report is about new technology and how governments might use it.   I was thinking about… “How do we get ahead of the curve?”  Most readers tremble at what governments might be able to do with new inventions.   They have so much concern that they stop thinking about the positive ways governments can use inventions.  Even more important if we aren’t careful, we forget to focus on how these advancing innovations can benefit them in the private sector.

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Government Intrusion II

Evolution is all about thrust and counter thrust.  We cannot stop evolution but we can understand and gain its advantages.

In other words, I was sort of thinking “bring it on” and I’ll try to filter out and or protect against the bad and take the slices of advancement that bring gain.

One way I try and do this is to think beyond the box. I try to escape the tyranny of reason.

One way I use to do this is to look for and reflect on omens. My wandering thoughts along the darkened road were about reflections on “Animal Speak”.  This is a really great way to get our thoughts… so shaped by TV’s Talking Heads, daily newspapers, weekly magazines and mainstream websites.  Omens are so apparently random that they force us out of the box.  Isn’t that lack of logic… this total disorder from the social norm the perfect brainstorming bait?

Upon my return I compared my thinking about government intrusion with an article entitled “Coyote, Power Animal, Symbol of Wisdom, Family Orientation, Illumination”  by Ina Woolcott at (linked below). Here is an excerpt:   Coyote’s medicine includes understanding that all things are sacred and that yet nothing is sacred,

They give one the ability to laugh at one’s own mistakes, placing the North Star, shape-shifting, teaching balance between risk and safety, trickster, devilment, cunning, wisdom, folly.

They are known as the great one and the foolish one – they don’t consciously try and trick us, rather they reflect back to us our own capacity for being clever and stupidity.

When we are being too serious about life, Coyote may appear to teach us to laugh at ourselves and life’s ironies.  They also remind us that whatever we do to others will be done to us. You get back what you give out.

The Coyote teaches how wisdom and folly go together. In others mistakes we see our own foolishness and can learn from their mistakes.

The coyote’s energy is linked to simplicity and trust, spurring renewed innocence and a childlike wisdom in the world.

Although they prefer open grassland and thinly wooded brush, they are able to adapt to almost any environment. This means that they have been able to survive and flourish, growing in numbers – in spite of humans interference who for a long time have been trying to wipe out coyotes by trapping, shooting or poisoning them.

If coyote enters your life, you must look at something you have been avoiding. They are mirrors for the lessons we must learn so we are able to walk a good sacred road. The mirror will be held up incessantly until we finally get the picture.

If you are stuck in a rut, call on coyote as an ally for negotiation. Or be grateful that he showed you a trap that you are caught in, or a way that you are fooling yourself. Powerful teachers when it comes to relationships coyotes are, as it is when we are in a relationship that we often fool ourselves the most. Coyote is not out to get us, but to teach us, whether we are willing students or not.

When you are thinking about government intrusion… keep it simple… learn from the foolishness of those in the government who try to trick us and eliminate that same foolishness from our own lives!  Let’s adapt to the environment.  Let’s not ignore, but take advantage of the cleverness that we see in the foolish ones and most of all remember that this is life.  We can follow it with childish enthusiasm… and we don’t need to take it too seriously …and I always like to remember that what we get back is what we give out.

This seems pretty abstract… looking at business, investing and the problems of staying ahead of changes created by technology, but there the native American totem was based on a very natural logic.  Those who lived these lands realize that the symbolism of every act is what counts.  These lessons we can learn from the coyote are less about the canine. We gain from the underlying symbolism they represent as a reflection of nature.

That was what was beautifully revealed in Dennis’ photo a totem pole – carved by the forces of nature to guide our thoughts naturally past the restrictions of the social normal to Beyond Logic.  The ancients had figured out that when our brain waves integrate, we gain added power in all our actions and thoughts.

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These are powerful lessons about government intrusion from the spirit of the coyote.  They can help us be better and retire from the rat race at any age and at any time!


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