So Many Ways to Profit With Farms

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There are so many ways to profit with farms… especially those with multi dimensional opportunity.


Farm houses can be multi dimensional.  Is this an Ecuadorian farm house or a B&B… or both?  See the Ecuador farm below.

Our North Carolina farm for example has great sustainable timber potential but has been set up to offer multi dimensional opportunity.

Farm Building

Our office is  great place to write… a quiet sitting on our murmuring creek.

Yet we made it so it can also be…

Farm Building

a seminar center.

Farm Building

By adding a kitchen and…

Farm Building

bedroom, it can also be…

Farm Building

a rental unit.

One does not have to be a farmer to be invested in agriculture!

One way to invest in agriculture is to invest in agricultural land that is multi dimensional… earn in ways beyond farming as the value of the farmland grows because farmland can be better than gold.


A long term reader and friend, CharlesVollum, edits This site shows the value of farmland in terms of grams of gold.   Charles recently sent this note.

Hi Gary,

I really think you are right about Agricultural land… we are currently trying to add more to our portfolios, too (at the moment our focus is on Chile.)

On my web site I have some charts of investment real estate options, including timberland, commercial real estate, and farmland.  It is clear to me that farm land has held its value the best, dropped the least during the last crunch (2008-2009) and is staging the strongest recovery now.

What will happen going forward is anyone’s guess, but I really like the idea of producing something that there is a real need for in the world, something that my family and I need too!  The downsides are limited and upside potential is great.  And there is something very satisfying about working with nature and enjoying the tranquility of a farm as well.

I hope to see you and Merri again soon – maybe for a Super-learning Spanish class!



Another approach is to invest in or have a business in a peripheral part of agriculture… like the bio degradable fertilizer booster, Bio Wash, and its sister cleaner, Purely Green.

Ted Tidwell who manufactures these products recently sent me these notes…


Some time ago we talked about Purely Green being used for solid waste treatment.  It reduced the solids by up to 50%.  It reduced solids by 70%.

However, the waste treatment people rejected this because Bio Wash it killed too many microbes that are needed
to consume the remaining waste matter.

It has possible applications around barn yards, kennels and hog farms.

On Sunday March 25, a freeze hit upstate New York.  Temperatures dipped as low as 17 F., but some areas reached lows of only 25-28 F.

On March 24, a grower BioWashed 35 acres of peaches; 20 acres of apples plus various raspberries, strawberries, black berries and cherries. Some plants were
kept as controls.

As of Wednesday, March 28, our distributor there reported that none of the BioWashed crops showed any freeze damage.

Inasmuch as diluted BioWash freezes at 26F., it will be surprising if fruit was protected below 26F.

In the area the area where his cherries are located, temperatures reached down to 17F.  As expected, the cherries froze.

They may POSSIBLY be recoverable with follow-up BioWashing. (A 2nd BioWashing recovered the leaves of a Florida tangerine tree that had frozen at 19F.)

In the area of peaches, apples and berries, temperatures remained around 26 to 27 degrees. The grower found no visible damage.

If the success continues, the grower will announce the success to other farmers and predicts that our distributor’s sales will zoom.

They will invite the local TV channel to visit and broadcast the news.

Our distributor will enjoy substantial profits while offering significant benefits to their customers. He is ordering four additional drums to meet the expected demand.

More details about freeze protection for crops, flowers and landscaping is reflected on

Learn how to earn with Bio Wash and Purely Green through writing and seminars as well as sales in Earn Globally Online Courses.

 Ecuador Farms

The recent March 2012 Ecuador Farm Expedition Report looked at farms on the coast.  Some of these Ecuador farms had such value that one was purchased on the spot.

Here are some shots of several more of the farms viewed on this tour.


Shrimp farm.


Tabasco farm (hacienda shown above).


Views from…


Navarette farm.

See the March 2012 Ecuador Farm Expedition Report here


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