The Intoxication of Teaching

by | Apr 1, 2012 | Archives

The intoxication of teaching and everlasting wealth.

A Super Thinking + Spanish teacher just finished his first solo course and sent this note.

Hi Gary,

My first class is done!  Overall it went very well and mostly exceeded my expectations.  One of the delegates had to leave early on the last day because he fell ill (he looked awful) but he did say how by the end of Day 2 he was already talking Spanish to his Spanish speaking girlfriend (who told him “whatever you’re doing in this class, keep doing it, its working!).

Although drained and tired yesterday from three days of being “on”, today I feel very buoyant and charged up from the joy and positive feedback I got from the delegates.  Along with their progress from no Spanish to speaking before my very eyes, I can report to you in all honesty the feeling I have being part of their progress is simply intoxicating.  I understand now why you and Merri do what you do very well indeed.

Super Thinking teaching is intoxicating because you grow dramatically as you teach.  This is a wonderful way to earn wherever you go and gain enormous satisfaction along with a never ending income.

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