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I have spotted an interesting Ecuador expat real estate trend that is putting more very nice Ecuador beach condos on the market.

Merri and I have made fortunes over the years by spotting value in real estate.  A recent message at this site shows how Ecuador beach condos are often a tenth the price of Miami even though Miami condos are often half the price of condos in Columbia and Brazil!

Ecuador coastal condos offer extreme value.

There are a growing group of our readers… and I suspect expats overall who followed us to Ecuador early on.  They bought a condo… moved in… have grown t0 know the area and want to expand.    They love Ecuador and have decided to have a their own house.

This appears to be the case around San Clemente where a number of the Vistazul  condo owners are now reselling their units and building larger homes.

One reader sent this note.  Hi Gary, Shirley and I would like to have our condo # 501 for sale on your real estate listing service.  We wish to build a larger home for ourselves with 3 bedrooms. Thank you , Kind Regards Larry

This shift to growth means that two condos in the Vistazul condo project are for sale.  I have suggested that the owners share the ad below.


San Clemente Ecuador Beach Condo Unit 401 for Sale

Located by the sleepy fishing village of San Clemente, Vistazul is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful developments on Ecuador’s Pacific Coast.  Currently it consists of 38 identical condos like those shown below.


Vistazul residents enjoy the use of spa and swimming pool at the Palmazul Hotel across the road, walking along the beach each morning as the local fishermen bring in their catch, and viewing spectacular displays of color each evening as the golden sun slowly sinks below the blue Pacific.


View, view, view.  Although all the units at Vistazul occupy the same grounds and have the same floor plans, for many it’s the views of the ocean and sunsets that bring color to the palette.

Units in blocks 3, 4 and 5 at the back of the Vistazul development have the best views simply because they are located highest up the hill leading back from the ocean.  And of the units in these three blocks, none has a better view of the ocean and sunsets than unit 401 which looks down directly through the center of the beautifully landscaped Vistazul complex with no other units close by to interfere with the view.  Consequently, if it’s view that you want, this unit has one of the best views in the entire development.


Below are pictures of the front of unit 401 during construction, what the back of all the units look like, (again during construction), and the kitchen of unit 401 showing the granite countertops and bar before any appliances were installed.  Note that 401 is an end unit which has extra side windows both downstairs and on the upstairs master bedroom, opening up these rooms and letting in more light.


All the current 38 Vistazul units have the same floor plan with 1,290 square feet of living area on the first and second floors plus an additional 645 square feet of roof terrace.  The roof terrace has a 3 foot railing around it and many residents cover their terrace with an inexpensive ‘ramada’ (thatched roof which keeps off the sun under so they can sit, eat, or sleep outdoors).


Included in the $98,000 asking price are the following items:

•    Refrigerator with ice maker, washing machine, and bottled water dispenser;
•    Three air conditioners (one downstairs, one in each upstairs bedroom);
•    Two room dehumidifiers on rollers that can be moved from room to room;
•    Queen size bed in master bedroom;
•    Three large ceiling fans downstairs plus a ceiling fan in each upstairs bedroom;
•    Attractive light fixtures throughout the unit;
•    Patio table with four chairs used for eating plus two bar stools for the granite bar;
•    Dishes, cooking and eating utensils; sheets and full set of bedding items; brooms, mops, laundry cart, and other cleaning items; bathroom items and mirrors; etc.


This is the only unit in Vistazul where the owner has installed solar film on all the East-West windows.  Solar film blocks 97% of UV rays and solar heat from pouring in through the windows before noon and after 3 pm, thereby reducing your air conditioning needs and electric bill.  It also makes all the colors brighter when you look out your windows.  (The blues are bluer, the greens, greener; etc.)  In addition, the owner has installed drapes on all the windows to block out the early morning and mid-afternoon sun.

If you want to either rent or live in the unit yourself, the only ‘necessity’ you probably would want to buy would be a downstairs living room set (couch, chairs, and coffee table), television, and arrange for Direct TV service.  The unit receives four or five bars on the Vistazul Internet.  Currently a number of owners have bought their units to rent and are enjoying a high return.  Vistazul has an Administrator who will rent and manage your unit if you so desire.

For more information please contact Roger at  Thank you for your interest.

San Clemente Ecuador Beach Condo Unit 501 for Sale


View from Vistazul unit 501

Unit 501 shares the same features as the unit above, plus the owners, Larry and Shirley Humphrey, added the following improvements.

1)      Built a nice patio and garage for motorcycle and storage plus added storage under stairs.


2)      Changed all the wood windows doors etc. to aluminum

3)      Changed all the wooden railings to aluminum

4)      Changed the front steps from wood to cement steps with non slip ceramic tile on them


Unit 501.

5)      Installed privacy screens on the terrace.


6)      Installed an oven in the kitchen.


Kitchen in unit 501.

7)      Installed two air conditioners 18000 BTU in master bedroom and a 12000 BTU in the living area.

Price $110,000.

For more information please contact Larry Humphrey at

Vistazul is where Merri and I purchased our condos and continue to maintain a penthouse at the Palmazul boutique hotel which is the Vistazul clubhouse as well.

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