Ecuador Coastal Condo Value

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Here is an Ecuador coastal value.


Ecuador coastal condo.

This site regularly reminds investors that the three most important investing fundamentals are:

#1: To fulfill your purpose.

#2: To invest in what you know.

#3: To find value.

This is why we encourage investors to look at Ecuador coastal real estate. Despite rising prices and inflation, Ecuador coastal real estate still offers one of the best beach values of anywhere.  The Ecuador coastal condos below are priced so well, I asked twice… to be sure I was not making a mistake.


This Ecuador coastal condo is large.  Actually it is two five bedroom condos each over 2,500 square feet.

Before we take a look at this condo here is a short reminder that Easter is near and fresh Ecuador lilies are available.


See details on Ecuador Lilies for Easter here.


This Ecuador coastal condo below is for sale… has great views and offers stunning value.

How to See Value

The March 1, 2012 Bloomberg Business news article entitled “Foreign Buyers Heat Up Miami’s Condo Market”  by Roben Farzad shows why Ecuador beach property represents such a bargain when it says:  In 2008 and 2009, with prices and the economy tanking, Miami’s new high-rises ended up with so many condos in foreclosure—and unoccupied—that a fishing boat captain said the city looked like a luxury war zone. Today the canyons of downtown, South Beach, and route A1A are hot again as international buyers rush to acquire pied-à-terre in what has long been considered the gateway to Latin America. Across the city, home sales jumped by a record 46 percent last year, the Miami Association of Realtors reports. And median monthly rents are up by 30 percent from 2009, to $1.97 per square foot, according to Condo Vultures, a Miami real estate consulting firm.

At least two dozen condo projects have been announced in the past 10 months, says Peter Zalewski, a principal at Condo Vultures.

Latin Americans, Europeans, and Asians, who Zalewski says represent as much as 80 percent of new buyers in the area, are willing to plunk down deposits of more than three-quarters of the price.

Zalewski predicts that Miami’s downtown condo market will reach full occupancy early next year, compared with 8 percent vacancy now—even as 4,500 new condos become available across South Florida. “The speculator seeking riches has always been the common thread in South Florida’s boom-bust cycles,” he says. “The only change today is the extent of foreign investors with strong currencies flooding in.”

That article included this review of new beach condo prices in Latin America.


Based on these figures… the Ecuador coastal condo below is less than 1/6h Miami prices… about 1/9th Bogota prices… 1/15th Sao Paulo and 1/19th Rio prices.


This Ecuador coastal condo has great patios and is offered at about $72 per square foot.

Jean Marie Butterlin head of the Ecuador Ateam on the coast sent this note about an Ecuador coastal condo near Salinas.

Here is a nice deal!


This is a house in a private residential community in Capaes, near Salinas.


The house comprises two 2500 Square foot condos.


Each condo has 5 beds, 5 baths, covered garage, large kitchen – full (fridge, stove, micro, etc), large laundry room with W/D, a large full suite for guard and help.


Here are…




interior views.


Price $180,000 per unit.

For more information contact Jean Marie at

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