Ecuador Visa Processing Update

by | Mar 11, 2012 | Archives

Big changes may be coming to Ecuador visa processing so we have just posted an updated “Ecuador Visa Report”  and a list of “Frequently Asked Ecuador Visa Questions” updated to February 16, 2012.

When Merri and I first came to Ecuador…. nearly two decades ago…staying on was really easy.   As thousands of expats have moved to this Andean nation the government has progressively tightened the rules.

This is a natural progression. Other Latin countries have become even more difficult to become resident than Ecuador.

One reader for example just wrote:  Gary, We have received your letters for a while and find them very interesting. Thank you. You seem to really love what you do and that shows.

We may be interested in relocating to Ecuador. We have lived in Panama and currently live in Uruguay, which is very lovely, yet the bureaucracy involving residency/passport is hard to take- 2 years and we are still “temporary residents” despite using the “best” law firm in the country for this!

This is why it is important to stay updated on Ecuador visa regulations and our attorney just sent this note.

Dear Gary: I have received multiple emails from aspiring expats who have questions about visas and may require our services in the near future. Thank you so much.

I have replied to all emails in a timely and thorough manner. We are preparing thorough information sheets for each type of visa. I am also preparing a report on the real estate purchase (deeding, registration) process.

Sebastian and I are closely following what will be important changes our migration authority structures. It appears that in the next several weeks migration affairs will be handled entirely by our Foreign Affairs Ministry. At the time resident visas are handled by the Interior Ministry. There is also some information that some municipalities may get some jurisdiction on this.  As soon as I can confirm news on any changes I will prepare a report.

Best,  Andres

Dr. Andres Cordova speaking to Ecuador Living subscribers.

Andres wrote a week earlier:  Dear Gary:  I got several emails from the original Ecuador Visa Report made available to your Ecuador Living Club subscribers. I have freshened the original with some Ecuador pictures and a couple of corrections and have made a new report with FAQs. We get lots of repeat questions. I will issue a second VISA FAQs and update report sometime down the line.

Ecuador migration offices have been flooded with visa requests since some time ago and have also undergone some audits. Changes in procedures have taken place and things are much stricter now so strict compliance and overview of each case is important (it’s always been to us). Processing times have expanded too.

Warmest regards,


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