So Destiny Does Not Leave Us Behind

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Demographic destiny is a major “tide in the affairs of all men”.  When that tide shifts, we must have caution that this destiny does not leave us behind.

Why Spanish?   Our destiny is wrapped up in Spanish and this fact  is summed up in the title of a March, 5, 2012 article entitled “Why Latino Voters Will Swing the 2012 Election”


Delegates having fun at our Super Thinking + Spanish course in Mt. Dora.

Actually one phrase in this six page article says it all… “Demography is political destiny.

Demographics show us that the Latin American population in the USA is growing faster than any other. This is the youngest and is destined to be one of the most dynamic markets.

The article says (underlines and bolds are mine): For the better part of two decades, social scientists have been predicting that a Latino population boom would one day transform national politics.

Latinos now account for more than half of U.S. population growth and one in four American newborns.  They make up about 16% of the country today and will account for 30% by 2050. But Obama’s aides care little about the out-year projections. They believe that Latino votes could be decisive in 2012, and they have been quietly building a national strategy to make that happen. Arizona, of all places, is the testing ground.

In short… from a business point of view the Latins are the action.

In terms of politics the here and now is vital because of the electoral system. The article continues: The battle lines were drawn decades ago. In every presidential contest since 1992, Republicans have won, at minimum, about a quarter of the Latino vote, and Democrats have won at least half. Up for grabs in most years is the remaining 25%. If Obama gets the vast majority of it in November, that could put him over the top in closely fought Colorado, Nevada, Florida and Arizona, potentially delivering an electoral-college victory even if he loses Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio. Republicans by contrast, seem to have done everything in their power to alienate these voters, concentrating instead on wooing the more anti-immigration wing of their party.

Then we gain a great clue from the article when it shows us the importance of speaking and understanding Spanish:   The first rule for winning the Latino vote is to realize it’s a voter bloc in name only. There is a common ancestral language that binds nationalities, family histories and geographic allegiances. But that’s about it. A recently naturalized Mexican in Los Angeles is more likely to vote Democratic than a fourth-generation immigrant in New Mexico, who is more likely to be liberal than a 65-year-old Miami Cuban, whose 23-year-old daughter is more likely than her father to have voted for Obama in 2008.

Here is the trend. The Latino market will grow more than any other in the USA for the next 40 years.  There is perhaps only one major and real connection of the dots…. Spanish!

Last year, the Democrats ran Spanish-language TV ads pushing the President’s jobs plan and knowing Spanish will grow in importance in North America.  From a business and lifestyle in the USA point of view alone… we gain a huge advantage when we speak Spanish.

One way to avoid being left behind is to become the one in a thousand North American who can communicate in Spanish and English.

A recent message mentioned an article at article entitled “CIA Seeks Anyone Who Can Speak 2 languages” explains why most North Americans never learn Spanish.  We share more from this very important message that says (bolds are mine):  WASHINGTON, D.C. — Many Americans don’t learn a second or a third language from birth, let alone a language that the CIA or U.S. Foreign Service might want. The situation has forced U.S. government agencies to learn how to cultivate the most talented second-language speakers from among college students with little to no other-language expertise.

But experts who help select and train raw talent also see an opportunity in the mass of recruits who start out speaking only English. That’s because the U.S. represents a living laboratory for observing how adult brains change over time as they struggle to adapt to the new grammar and vocabulary of a second language.

“In U.S. education, we don’t develop early bilinguals,” said Catherine Doughty, a language expert at the University of Maryland. “We’re dealing with monolinguals or people who have only studied foreign language, so that they don’t really have any proficiency.”

Doughty spoke as part of a panel on Feb. 19 during the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) conference in Washington, D.C. She and other speakers described the typical U.S. second-language program as being a series of disjointed classes where students often repeated what they had learned before.

“Imagine math [programs] where the middle school says, ‘We don’t have any idea about what you studied,’ so you learn it again. It’s the same with high school,” said Robert O. Slater, director of the U.S. National Security Education Program.

Imagine math [programs] where the middle school says, ‘We don’t have any idea about what you studied,’ so you learn it again. It’s the same with high school,” said Robert O. Slater, director of the U.S. National Security Education Program.

Finding the best

Government agencies aren’t alone in trying to recruit multilingual speakers; U.S. corporations covet such skills for doing business in the era of globalization. Some companies have asked language research centers, such as the one headed by Doughty, for help in training the most promising employees.

This article shows how being multi lingual can help you succeed in North America as well as in Spanish speaking countries.

The article also shows how learning a second language provides you an even more powerful tool than the language… a more flexible mind!

Improved mental flexibility is of growing importance because another major tide in our destiny is an increasingly rapid pace of change. This acceleration requires more plasticity of mind if we do not want to be left behind.

The livescience CIA article makes this important point when it says:  Doughty and her colleagues used tests to train up cognitive processes related to language learning, such as the ability to hold information in the brain while using it for learning. They then confirmed that the training’s effects left a lasting impression in the brains of candidates even after several months.

Changes in the brain

At least one panel member saw a silver lining to the late language-learning challenge.

Osterhout’s lab has used electrodes placed on the scalp to measure the electrical activity created by the signals of brain cells. That allows the researchers to see differences in the brain patterns among language learners and fluent speakers – and to find some surprising results.

Repeated studies of French language students showed that their brains responded differently to real French words compared with fake words after just two weeks of classes, even if the students themselves could not tell such words apart.

“After 32 weeks of instruction, [the brain patterns] are almost indistinguishable from native French speakers even though you would not confuse them with native French speakers,” Osterhout said during the panel session.

Instead, the fastest learners showed both the greatest motivation to learn and a willingness to use English at every opportunity despite being bad at it (at first).

“From knowing nothing to a little bit, [there are] huge changes in the brain,” Osterhout pointed out.”[From] knowing a little to knowing a lot, [it is] much more subtle.”

This is why our Super Thinking + Spanish course gets delegates speaking and writing Spanish sentences from the very first day.

This is also why I have posted a single at about “Ring Chewing”  a meditative exercise done while eating, that acts as a precursor to all other physical and metal exercises. 

The best way to beginning learning Spanish is in a state of relaxed concentration and the first  step to this state… the elimination of stress.

A universal Tao article explains why the Ring Muscles are so important when it says:  There is in the human body a system of muscles that is the source of life’s fundamental processes. These are the ring muscles. There are ring muscles in various parts of the body, both internally and externally. It is their coordinated and harmonious contraction and relaxation that initiates breathing, digestion, circulation, elimination, and all muscular motion. There is nothing in the human body that is not affected by the ring muscles.

The ring muscles are a form of the ancient system that is the basis for all of animal life, from the simplest amoeba to the highly complex human. They are connected to the most primitive part of the human brain, the part of the brain that is responsible for the most essential functions of the body.

In a healthy body, all of the ring muscles contract and relax simultaneously.  If they do not work together, some thing goes wrong in the body. Many of us are so unaware of the functioning of this basic system that we cannot even sense it-but it is there, nevertheless. If we work at getting in touch with our bodies, we can strengthen and learn to control these muscles and, through this, improve our physical and mental health.

There is a lot of science backing this statement because the smooth muscles (another world for ring muscles) control our breathing (ring muscles are related to the diaphragm), nerve functions and blood flow.

For example a paper at the advanced physiology website entitled  “LABORATORY DEMONSTRATION OF VASCULAR SMOOTH MUSCLE FUNCTION USING RAT AORTIC RING SEGMENTS” by R. J. Gonzales, R. W. Carter and N. L. Kanagy explains a lab exercise that studies vascular ring muscles says:  This laboratory exercise uses a simple preparation and a straightforward protocol to illustrate many of the basic principles of vascular biology covered in an introductory physiology course. The design of this laboratory allows students to actively participate in an exercise demonstrating the regulation of arterial tone by endothelial and extrinsic factors.

Smooth muscle cell physiology is a topic represented in major medical physiology textbooks as a small section of muscle physiology. However, this is a rap- idly changing, complex area of research that has seen recent significant advances impacting many diverse scientific fields.

In the vasculature, the radius of a blood vessel is altered by contraction of VSM cells (11). Thus it is possible to predict the effect of stimuli on vascular resistance and blood pressure by observing contraction of VSM in isolated preparations.

In non medical English this means that ring muscles have a profound effect on blood pressure.

The paper then says:  Relaxation of the smooth muscle cells cannot occur in the absence of active tone.g

Health and balance require well toned ring muscles.   Since the ring muscles contract and relax simultaneously if we exercise one ring muscle, we exercise them all!

Ring muscles are smooth muscle providing the contractile force for the internal organs and is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Smooth muscle cells are spindle-shaped and each contains a single nucleus.

Ring muscles are sphincter muscles around the eyes, mouth, urinary canal and anus. They are connected to the diaphragm, and affects the digestive systems, blood vessels, nerves, breathing, urine, sexual organs and all the body’s muscles.

A ring muscle imbalance in one affects all and the related bodily system.  Balance for all can be attained by activating any one ring muscle. Exercise while chewing creates chain reactions that balance the body’s entire system.

This is because at the end of the esophagus near the mouth is a ring of muscle called the upper esophageal sphincter (UES) that is involved in the digestive process.

Chewing impacts our ring muscles and the ring muscles are the key muscles to strength, longevity and health.

Learn seven little known but undeniably easy breathing, eating and digestive exercises that provide a cost free way to improve life, health and bring weight loss.

The report “Power of the Key Muscles” shows how the ring muscles control life’s fundamental processes and are a key to good health and easy weight loss.  They are catalysts that power many human functions and all the other muscles in the body.

Fifty years ago it was discovered that when sphincter (key ring) muscles around the eyes and mouth are exercised correctly…miracles take place.

The ring muscles contract and relax simultaneously and kick start good health.

One of the techniques in this report works so well it has been recognized by all HMOs in Israel…. though ignored in the Western World.

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Why You Can Learn Spanish in Three Days

You can learn Spanish in a day, or a week, month or any time frame that works for you.

I’m Gary Scott.  Over fifty years ago I started a business that has helped hundreds of thousands of subscribers learn about investing in Hong Kong (1960s and 1970s), Switzerland, London, Isle of Man (1970s and 1980s) and across Europe. My wife Merri and I took thousands on investing tours to these countries.

In the 1990s we began taking investors to Panama, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.  That’s when we realized an incredible need for an easy, super fast way to learn Spanish.  Our delegates were business people with hard schedules and tight deadlines.  They did not have months, or even weeks to learn a second language.

Plus, even though these delegates were successful international business people, most did not have degrees in grammar.  When it came to sentence structure, punctuation rules, parts of speech, morphology and especially derivation of verbs, they were at a loss. They wanted good basic ways to communicate in Spanish that worked and sounded eloquent, right now, without having to become educated in grammar.

Fortunately there is a scientific method of learning (called Super Learning) that was created and refined by a Soviet educational master, Georgi Lozanov.   Lozanov transformed the entire Soviet Union’s educational system to such a degree that this third world nation beat the USA into space.

My wife Merri was lucky to be one of a handful of students outside the Soviet Union who were taught this system by Lozanov himself in the early 1970s.  She practiced this unique and remarkable form of education for decades so we used it to create a Super Spanish course that has helped thousands of subscribers learn Spanish in three days and less.

This course is now available online.


Merri teaching a Super Spanish course in Florida.

Does it sound impossible to learn Spanish in three days?  Yes, it is impossible when you try to learn Spanish in the old, traditional way, but the scientific Super Learning method of learning… proven and described in numerous best selling books creates educational jumps by making education natural, easy and fun.   This course works because it is education without stress!

How The Course Works

The first tactic is to use Baroque music to create Relaxed Concentration in the learning process.  At least three best selling books, “Superlearning”, the “Mozart Effect” and “Superlearning 2000” have revealed insights about how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Soviet educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

You gain six valuable ONLINE Baroque Relaxed Concentration Sessions in the online course that is delivered via the internet.

The second tactic uses 17 unique lessons to provide Spanish fluency in a short time.   Let me prove to you how this tactic works by teaching you hundreds of Spanish words in less than 30 seconds.

Here is the proof.

“Most words in English that end in ION are almost identical, just pronounced differently. 

For example action is accion.


Manipulation- manipulacion, etc.”

There you have it.  How long did it take you to read these four sentences? 

Ask yourself.  “How many words do you know that end in ION”.

You now know all these Spanish words that you will never forget.

How long would it have taken you to memorize all those words?  How soon would you have forgotten them?

The next lesson teaches how to pronounce each of the nouns.

The third lesson teaches almost as many verbs, almost as quickly.

The fourth lesson shows how to avoid conjugating verbs by sticking with the infinitive (far easier than it sounds).  This simple lesson leaves a person sounding like a Spanish professor without ever conjugating a verb.

Lesson five shows how to sound infinitely polite and yet get almost anything desired in Spanish.

Lesson six gives valuable connectors and the seventh lesson triples the Spanish capacity with three words for “yesterday,” “now” and “tomorrow”.

In an incredibly short time you feel comfortable speaking Spanish.

Plus the system is Impro-Dynamic.  This means your Spanish keeps getting better even though you do not seem to be studying… practicing… or speaking Spanish.

I was amazed by this as I traveled back and forth from the USA to Ecuador.  The longer I was away from Ecuador… the better my Spanish became.  My second language was automatically improving.  The self improving feature comes because you learn to create Spanish sentences rather than remember them.

The portion of the brain that creates is more powerful than the portion that recalls.  When your mind creates something… it owns it!  You do not have to remember .

During the course you learn 4005 Spanish words that you already know.   This eliminates the need to memorize 99% of Spanish words.

You then learn how to create Spanish sentences from these words.

Throughout the course you learn how to pronounce the sentences you create.

When the course ends… the mind keeps working… and creating… so next time you begin to speak Spanish you’ll be surprised .  You improve even though you have not actively worked on your lingual skill.

Due to the difficulty of getting groups together to learn this valuable technique, we created an online program for subscribers to use the Super Spanish course at home.   The normal three day in person course fee is $499 ($749 for a couple).

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Here are some testimonials from the course.

Here are a few quotes from delegates of the course.

One delegate from St. Louis wrote:  Hi Gary,  Just ended forty-five years in dentistry last week, and I’m on to a new career.  What is my new career?  Still formulating, but the eye -opening,mind expanding Super-Spanish course last weekend in St. Louis surely shows me the opportunity exists to expand my horizons.

Besides having a lot of nice people to learn our new language; the methods Merri and you developed proved to be just what you said they would be.  We all and I in particular relaxed our way to new learning.  I feel so very comfortable with the basis of my new language skills that I know I will be spitting out great Spanish sentences by the time I reach Ecuador in October.  Last year I spent six weeks in Ecuador and now I plan on conversing with the people.

Today’s excerpt of your newsletter really hit home. You do what you say you will. There are no surprises or hidden sales tricks. The only tricks are beneficial to our learning.  Thank you for a wonderful experience that I was quite unable to grasp how you would pull it off.  You did, however, and I look forward to other courses that you offer, and I have absolutely no doubt they also will work beneficially.  Best regards, Denis Molloy.

Another wrote about the Super Spanish course:   Buenos Dias, here is a testimonial for Super Thinking-Super Spanish.  Please feel free to use all or part in promotions for the course.  In addition, you may give my email address to any prospect “on the fence” about enrolling.  Yesterday, in Cotacachi, Ecuador, I finished Super Spanish.  I had high expectations for the course and they were exceeded.

After three days, I can speak Spanish in complete sentences. In simple conversations, such as buying groceries or ordering a meal, I can make myself understood. I think that’s incredible!

Although I am far from the competence level of a native speaker, I feel I’ve taken a giant step forward in learning Spanish so that I can experience the people and culture of Ecuador.  The foregoing benefits would have more than justified the time and money I invested in Super Spanish.  And learning some Spanish was not the most important benefit I got from the course.

Prior to leaving the USA, I had felt for some time that the pace of life there was unhealthy for me (and for most people) and I did nothing about it.

I’ve thought about the pace issue during the course.  One of the key elements Merri Scott designed into Super Spanish is placing the student in the optimal state for learning.  In class, the past three days, I’ve been re-introduced to guided journeys and introduced to the calming effects of Baroque music (  What a blessing! I’m inclined to make one or both a daily part of my life.   Rob Christi.  Cotacachi, Ecuador

Another attendee from a course wrote:   “I took this incredible class a few weeks ago, and I would like to tell anyone that is interested, that it is an amazing three days of learning with lots of laughs included. You leave everyday wanting to learn more and are so excited to do so.

“Other Spanish classes and tutoring made us feel like it would take forever to get to the point where we could put it into practice, but this method gave us a more fluent use for everyday life almost immediately AND the confidence to use it.  It is a fantastic way to show people how much they know and give confidence to learn and use Spanish creating a momentum.

“They made learning Spanish easy and fun in a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  I would definitely recommend this course.  Even if you know some Spanish, this helps make it easier because of the less stress that no verb conjugations gives you.  This gives you more confidence in yourself to try and speak it more.

“I liked how simply the course was organized and the positive attitude about learning.  Thank you so much for helping me to learn Spanish!” Nadine Taylor

The ONLINE Super Spanish course has our, full satisfaction or money back, guarantee. Try Super Spanish for 60 days.  If not fully satisfied, simply let us know for a full refund. 

The course is available at the highly reduced price of $149, but in this special offer we are knocking another $70 from the price so you can start now for only $79.  

Learn Spanish online $79 - using coupon code SPANISH70 at checkout to immediately save $70 off the regular price of $149.

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The ONLINE Super Spanish course has our, full satisfaction or money back, guarantee. Try Super Spanish for 60 days.  If not fully satisfied, simply let us know for a full refund. 

The course is available at the highly reduced price of $149, but in this special offer we are knocking another $70 from the price so you can start now for only $79.  

Learn Spanish online $79 - using coupon code SPANISH70 at checkout to immediately save $70 off the regular price of $149.


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