Cost of Living Deceit

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Some statistics say we do not have inflation in the cost of living.  This is statistical deceit because most of us find increases in the cost of living where the pinch hurts most… food and energy.

Many people say we do not have inflation in the US cost of living.  Yet most of us find increases in the cost of living where the pinch hurts most… food and energy.

First, those who say we do not have inflation are probably not looking at the 2011 data.    Inflation was very low in 2009 (-.035%) and 2010 (+ 1.65%),  but according to  the average inflation rate for 2011 was up 3.16%. That 2011 rate is the 4th highest inflation since 2000.

Yet look at this report from the Department of Labor regarding the cost of energy and food.



Food prices have increased a whopping 5.3% and the energy costs that count (gas and fuel oil) are up in the unsustainable 10% range!

There are several ways to beat inflation.

#1: Earn more. This is a great solution… if you can… and if it does not cause a deterioration of lifestyle.

#2: Spend less.  Not such a good solution but this works if you had more than “just enough” to spend before.

#3: Shop Better.  This is really a sub category to #2.  Most of us CAN shop better.

#4: Suffer.  Let’s not go there.

#5: Move to a less expensive places to live.

This is why we are investigating Cuba now.   This is also why we have been so active in Ecuador for 15 years. Ecuador is a really great country with a really low cost of living.

There is inflation in Ecuador also so each year or two we double check the cost of living in Ecuador.

First the cost of gas is subsidized so a gallon remains at around $1.50.  Propane in the home is subsidized as well so the cost of travel, heating and cooking at home are very low.

Let’s have a food price review.


Cotacachi organic farm.

Ecuador prices have risen but food costs are still low and food quality really high.  For example one American who lives in Cotacachi asked about the Saturday night get together pasta meal.

We are wondering if the pasta this Sat. night will be made of quinoa (as it was the last time) ? It was soooo delicious that we want to come back with a group if it’s going to be quinoa pasta.  Please put me on your email list.  Thank you.

That meal offered on Saturday nights at Inn Land of the Sun offers a great quinoa (gluten free and high protein) pasta, with meat or vegetarian sauce, plus fresh vegetables and dessert (pineapple pie last week) plus service and tax is just $6.

The Friday night  Pizza meal (meat or vegetarian) is just $5 including dessert (Coconut Pudding last week), service and tax.

The menu for Friday March 2, 2012: Hamburgers or Pollo Sandwiches, & Dessert  $5.00 including tax.
Saturday March 3, 2012: Quinoa Pasta w/Shrimp & Dessert  $6.00 including tax.

Ecuador prices have risen. Ecuador has a tendency toward inflation because the government has been pumping a lot of money into the economy. In recent years it gained extra revenue by defaulting on bond obligations plus through oil revenues and through selling future oil to China.  This money has been spent in many cases without increasing productivity.  Such spending creates inflation.

In addition the government has welcomed expats.  A recent Jan 28th 2012 Economist article entitled  “Ecuador’s retirement capital – Going gently” says:

An “anti-imperialist” country welcomes American pensioners.

American diplomats say some 5,000 expatriates from the United States, mostly over 55, now live in Cuenca, which has enough colonial and 19th-century architecture to qualify as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The city offers a packed schedule of events, including an international art biennale and the national hockey tournament. Its private health clinics are well-regarded and cheap: a doctor’s visit runs to $30 and insurance costs $100 a month.

Its public spaces, like the El Vado walk on a bluff overlooking the Tomebamba river, are being renovated, and many stately homes have been converted into smart restaurants and boutique hotels. People still feel safe walking Cuenca’s cobblestone streets at night—as they seldom do in Quito, the capital.

The inequality between foreigners and locals can be jarring, and may lead to social tensions. Elderly native women still carry loads to market on their bent backs, and ageing cobblers toil in dark adobe workshops. Although most Cuencans ignore the anti-American rhetoric of Rafael Correa, the president, they resent being priced out of the property market.

Cuenca owes some of its growth to liberal immigration policies. Ecuador grants residency to any retiree over 65 whose pension exceeds $800 a month, just $255 above the poverty line. Since older people pay a mere $50 a month for health care from the social-security system, a new influx of retired people could strain budgets to breaking point. Mr Correa will have to be careful not to let one of Ecuador’s biggest draws become a victim of its own success.

Years ago we wrote one could live well for $600 a month. Now $1,500 is more appropriate.

Housing prices have risen.  Houses in parts of Florida now cost less than in cities like Ecuador… though Ecuador’s coast still remains an enormous bargain.

Taxes are still really low… almost unimaginable to the average Westerner compared with taxes in the USA… especially for property.

Food costs remain low and quality really high.


Cotacachi market…


at night.

The last time we checked food prices was in 2009 so we asked Jeff and Lin Neal who head up Ateam Ecuador in the Imbabura Province to check current food prices in the Cotacachi market.

They updated our 2009 pricing (Bold)  on February 19, 2012:

In 2009 Lomo fino, the best beef for one kilo was $5.28 ($2.40 a pound).  The beef is now $2.50 per lb.

Chicken was $2.64 a kilo ($1.20 a pound).  The price now is lower at $2.50 per kilo.

One kilo of apples is $1.25 (8 apples) for a kilo. This was 56 cents a pound.  The price is now $1.40 per kilo.

One kilo of pears was $1.25 (8 pears – 56 cents a pound).  Now the price is $2.50 per kilo (these pears are from Chile).

A liter of fresh milk (appx. quart) was 40 cents.  Now it is $.63.

A pineapple ranged, based upon size, from 80 cents  to $1.25. Now the price is $1.00 reg. size

A batch of 20 bananas was between 25 and 50 cents. The price remains at .50.

Lin also priced the following:

Large Tomatoes are 4 for $1.00.

Strawberries $1.00 per kilo

Avocados…depending on ripeness 3 for $1.00 or 4 for $1.00

Lin also wrote:  I hope this helps…we can check on other items if you like. We have  noticed that some of the produce comes from other countries. Examples: Oranges from California (4 for a $1.00), Grapes from Peru, Pears from Chili. You have to really check to see the origin of the produce.


Lin and Jeff

Inflation has not hit food prices much at all.


Cotacachi bean field.

Because agriculture is everywhere in Ecuador. Because transport costs are low (gas prices are subsidized and labor is low) there is not the need of early picking found in the North American national food distribution system.


Ecuador food market.

This means food can actually be vine ripened before it is picked and brought to the market.


Fresh food of every type plus


dried beans  and pastas.

One can also find organic growers and get to know the source.


Organic section at Cotacachi market.

This is one reason Ecuador living and having an Ecuador agricultural business makes sense.


Delegates viewing an organic Ecuador farm.

See details of the March Ecuador agricultural expedition here.

Inflation is everywhere especially for food and water.  Yet the cost of living in Ecuador remains low and as the numbers above show inflation has not affected the price nor quality of fresh food in Ecuador.


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