Taxes Abroad

by | Feb 26, 2012 | Archives

US Citizens must file tax returns even when they live abroad.

Recent messages looked at the importance of protecting pensions and how to use IRAS with travel, living and investing abroad.

Fortunately one of our readers, offers a  Filing Tax Return Service with an international understanding.   This income tax service (Efile Tax Returns) understands US tax preparation even if you move overseas.

This tax preparation service can be useful when you are not abroad.  They help get fast refunds and offer a 100% federal calculation guarantee.

They provide a great savings with new tiered pricing options which allows you to pay only for the forms you need.

They also provide phone support for premium customers.

They can also help process tax returns for US citizens and non-resident aliens with foreign addresses.  They have all of the forms available for Expats.

All of this is available for a cost of $39.95.  This is for the “do it your selfer” who has knowledge and a pretty straight forward Expat return.

For those who have a somewhat complicated Expat return, they have made arrangements with a US CPA who lives in Europe and has prepared Expat tax returns for the past eleven years.

For more information you can click on site.

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