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Merri and I focus on turning passions into profit!

For decades this passion led us to travel the world. Now it seems to be leading us more and more into being in nature and agriculture.

Since we write a lot about what we are doing… the good and the pitfalls, we have increasingly been helping people develop their own small, global, independent businesses involved in agriculture … because this can bring freedom, fulfillment and a longer life as well as profit.

One way we have been doing this is by looking at farms in Ecuador.

Take, for example, this Swiss cheese business (for sale in Ecuador), that we have toured.

Here is Merri, Ma and me leading the group in. Imagine how living in this environment could enhance health.


Here is the quaint house (a modified Swiss chalet!) where you could live.


Plus everything here is organic…including the cheese.
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One delegate who grew up on a dairy said these were the healthiest dairy cattle he had

ever seen.


Plus the Swiss equipment is perfect.


This is the ideal type of opportunity for someone who has a passion for farming and food production.  This farm is no longer on the market but Jean Marie Butterlin’s  Ecuador agricultural expeditions look at many other Ecuador farms.

We have also looked many times at the fact that there are so many ways one can become involved in agriculture.

For example one can own and farm in Ecuador or… own a farm in Ecuador and have it managed. See more about managed Ecuador farms here.

Another way to be involved in agriculture is through Bio Wash.

We have written about the merits of this formula for more than a decade and started using it on our orange grove.  Some of the results include super sized oranges.


However I am currently looking at another way to use Bio Wash.

Ted Tidwell who makes Bio Wash wrote:  The owner of this farm buyer bought a distressed grove, BioWashed it and I am told sold for substantial profit in 18 months.

bio wash

This is what I am now doing looking for distressed groves to buy low… bring back to quality production and resell.

Some other farmers use bio wash in a different way.

bio wash

Ted Tidwell wrote:  “3-Boys Farm, Ruskin, Florida is one of our accounts. They have been selected by the USDA as the “Model Hydroponic Organic” farm for the USA. Their buildings are maintained at a constant mid-70 degree temperature. Their primary crop is salad greens. They also raise tomatoes, peppers, squash, etc. All of their produce for 2012 is already pre-sold to Orlando Convention Center. (About $1 million).

“Robert Tornello and I were able to achieve the very first certified organic hydroponic food production facility in the United States after 100’s have tried.That has allowed us priority status for food purchases from Disney and the Orlando convention Center. BioWash was included in this process.

Here is another example of how Bio Wash helps crops.

bio wash

Combining new ideas with products of necessity such as food can create great business opportunity.  An agriculture business can also help reduce stress… return you to nature and help create a longer happier life.

We have added a special section in our online course  International Business made EZ that shows seven ways to become involved in agriculture with Bio Wash.