The Freedom of the Press

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Earn From Freedom of the Press

One of the greatest concerns readers express is the growing restriction of freedom.  This is why we urge those looking for a new or second career to consider a micro publishing  business. Publishing is one of the most freedom creating businesses one can have.

Publishing can even be international if you love to travel. Publishers reap rich rewards selling information on their own country in others and vice versa. While everyone is talking about helping our country by buying U.S., publishers are in a position to do something about it…by selling U.S. knowledge abroad!

A perfect example can be seen in the way we try to sell information to Canadians, Japanese, Chinese, British, Australian, European, Russian buyers which can attract money to the U.S., rather than vice versa.

Imagine what an international publishing business means to your world travel. Every trip you take can be tax deductible! You can honestly write off every trip that is related to your publishing business. Every journey becomes a research oriented adventure and it can be a tax deductible event.

As a publisher, you’ll have one of the most respected and tax protected businesses in the country. America needs to do business abroad, and our government has created many, many programs to encourage Americans to do business overseas. Many of those benefits come in the form of reduced tax! Other benefits come in the form of legal protection. Publishers are protected by the U.S. constitution. You do not need a license to publish. There is no government watchdog nor do you have bureaucratic red tape involved in publishing.

With these thoughts in mind here are valuable thoughts about publishing and freedom from our webmaster, David Cross.


David Cross and Dr. Cinda Scott-Cross.

The Freedom of the Press By David Cross

A.J. Liebling once said that, “Freedom of the Press belongs to those who own one.”

The Internet has made self-publishing simpler than ever before but other than starting to write, what more is there to learn about self publishing? A lot. In fact, writing has very little to do with publishing. Writers may self-publish but without knowledge of publishing – which is really all about marketing – you can quickly end up with a garage filled with boxes of your self-published title or clickless websites.

The Marketing Survival Handbook

I first heard of self publishing in 1992 shortly after first meeting Gary and Merri. They’d already become self-made millionaires through self-publishing. A while later heard about their self publishing course which I ordered and a few months later published my first book.

The Marketing Survival Handbook was a compilation of effective marketing, advertising and public relations techniques I’d used in small business and charities over the years. I wrote, self-published and printed the book and sold it through CompuServe (still big in those days!), bulletin boards, websites, email and direct mail. I also used the publication to send to potential consulting clients – small business owners – who liked the ideas and wanted me to implement them.

A couple of years after publishing the book it landed on the desk of an investor in an Internet startup in Stockholm, Sweden, right when they were looking for a Marketing Director. A few weeks later I was in Stockholm eventually to become CEO of that successful startup.

From 4 years at that startup I added a lot of in-depth technical understanding of Internet business, eCommerce, security, web hosting, etc. which I then combined with my existing marketing experience to build my consulting niche of a marketer who fully gets Internet technology, programming and technology.

For me self-publishing grew into a very profitable niche with many unexpected branches and benefits.

Before You Self-Publish…

Steer clear of the Internet!

The ideas in Gary’s Self Fulfilled Publisher course are as relevant and timely today with the advent of self-publishing on the Internet as they were in the early 1970s when Gary’s own publishing business started and when I wrote and published my first title in the early 1990s. The course was written before the Internet became popular but this is no disadvantage; in fact, having a clear idea and understanding of the publishing and marketing principles in the course before you harness the tools on the Internet will set you apart from other publishers on the Internet.

The Internet is a channel through which you can publish with ease…write…click…done! But without a grounding in the underlying concepts that bring success to any publishing venture it’s easy to spend time working on ancillary tasks like a lively social media presence, viral marketing campaign or video-laden website while banging-out your first Kindle title and you could end up with little more than a hobby rather than a business.

The core self-publishing course presents many “classic” publishing ideas including what to publish, direct marketing, copywriting, list building and product fulfillment. Anyone could follow the course today in the same way that I did and self-publish a title, which could be a book, CD, audio course or audiobook, video, Kindle title or an eBook in PDF or other format. Add-in the additional materials we now provide on self publishing on the Internet and it’s pretty easy to publish on- or offline.

The Internet makes self-publishing very easy to do. So much so that you may wish to steer clear of the Internet until you’ve a good underpinning of the core principles of success in self-publishing. Just “going out there” and writing and self-publishing on the Internet using the available tools without understanding what sells, why it sells and how to market your ideas often results in frustration and low sales. If you decide to purchase the self-publishing course remember this as you ask why there is little on the Internet within the core course; there’s good reason for this! (the bonus materials are helpful with the Internet aspects of publishing)

The Benefits of Self Publishing

Self Publishing

Delta Skymiles Magazine ran a chart recently, Self Publishing by the Numbers that a friend sent me.

The chart highlights many of the benefits of self-publishing on the Internet. One number in there is the, “$2 million profits young-adult sci-fi/fantasy author Amanda Hocking earned self-publishing her troll-inspired trilogy before she was offered a book deal by St. Martin’s Press.

This is not typical but I did wonder why, after generating $2 million in profits, Amanda would consider going to a traditional publishing house and not just continue self-publishing.

You may have read about author John Locke – the “first self-published author to sell a million eBooks on Amazon Kindle”. His “How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months” Kindle title is $10 well spent (remember you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle titles).

In their self-publishing career, Gary and Merri have made much more than either of these authors and it’s all contained in Gary’s self-fulfilled publish course.

Recent Developments in Self-Publishing: Apple iPad

Apple’s announcement January 19th to offer enhanced textbooks on the iPad through iBooks was an interesting development as Apple simultaneously provided their free iBook authoring application to develop these multimedia publications. Although the format is proprietary, like Amazon’s Kindle format, I feel this heralds a sea change in self publishing. Over the next year we’ll see many more textbooks and multimedia publications becoming available in this format as self-publishing authors embrace this format and marketing these titles directly on iTunes Store.

Self-publishing is easy to do and you can either write and produce your own titles or self-publish other’s work (with appropriate permissions, of course). Gary discusses this in his self-publishing course. or if you like to write but don’t want to be bothered with publishing and marketing there are options of partnering with someone who does want to publish but may not have writing skills.

And of course, publishing does not mean it has to be the written word; audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, music and videos may all be self-published. The Internet makes self-publishing simpler to do. Gary’s course makes self publishing simpler to do properly.

“Freedom of the Press belongs to those who own one.” I say, “Own one!”