Ecuador Beach Condo Rental Opportunity

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One way to earn income and diversify assets is with an Ecuador beach condo rental.  Merri and I have found a huge demand for our rentals on the beach.

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Here is a rare San Clemente Ecuador beach condo for sale.  This is a great project connected to a luxury hotel so rentals and rental management is  much easier than with a single unit.


San Clemente beach.

We were the first buyers in the Vistazul beach condo project at the Palmazul Hotel in San Clemente, Ecuador.

About 15 years ago, Merri, and I jumped in Kjetil Haugan’s Jeep Cherokee and drove up and down the entire coast lo0king for the best spot on the Pacific.

The place we loved best was a short strip of land on the beach… and a dead end road… off the highway in the small village of San Clemente.  This strip created a unique access to an incredible broad beach where development cannot block views… traffic cannot increase much and mountains behind stop progress there.   The tiny village created a sleepy lifestyle but big cities with everything (Manta and Bahia) were not that far.

This was a tiny strip of paradise so Kjetil bought 12 acres there.

Years later when he started his Vistazul condo project project we were the first buyers.  We loved the project because his Palmazul Hotel was part of the project… was already complete and became the club house.

Since that time, the club house Palmazul Hotel…


has been totally…


renovated.  From the moment you arrive, through the friendly…


reception, everything has been redone.


The upgrades include a larger dining area and an…


expanded infinity pool right on the beach.

Palmazul is one of  the most exclusive hotels and spas on Ecuador’s Pacific and Vistazul owners have access to these facilities.

Over the years we have sold all our Ecuador beach property except one… our penthouse in this project.   This is why we are happy to place this advertisement for a condo for sale in Vistazul.

The owner has purchased land and built a larger house and asked us to place this advertisement for his condo.

For Sale Two Story Town House at Vistazul, San Clemente, Ecuador

1,290 square feet of living area, plus additional 645 square feet  of roof terrace.


The unit comes with 2 Air Conditioners, Microwave Oven, new Aluminum front windows.  It’s newly renovated and is in in move in condition.



This is one of the most beautiful units with a spectacular view to the Pacific Ocean.


Sunset view from condo.

Price: US$ 87,000

Please see more about Vistazul at

If you are interested in buying this unit, please contact the seller by e-mail:

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