Added Edge

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For success, one needs an added edge.


Mists over Peanut Lake.

On a frosty morn.  I began… in my pajamas picking oranges for the group.  A light frost painted the ground brittle with a cold that bit its way through my slippers.

We dressed and headed into town.  The morning mists lay in cotton sheets over Peanut Lake hidden in the orange groves across the road from us.


Down the road we stopped just to watch rising vapors ambush the dawn… a dawning battle with the sun attacking mists hidden amidst oaks.

The sun won and dawn exploded as we rounded the last bend and hit the straightway over 441 into Mt. Dora.


Dawn on the way to Mt. Dora.

We arrived early to conduct our Super Thinking + Spanish course.

Getting the room…


ready… front to…


back.  The coffee is perking and…


the roses are in place… each adding…


a frequency for the…


full house.

This May 2012 will be our 44th year of conducting seminars and courses.  To have survived… grown and prospered as a small “from-our-bedroom-business” has required an added edge.

Here are three of the added edges that has helped us over so many years.

#1: Do what you love and learn ways to be smarter.

#2: Have  a unique product.

#3: Offer the best.  No matter how bad the times… there is always demand for the best.  Take for example a note that a friend (a real estate investor in Naples, Florida) recently sent this note:   Gary, The Europeans in the know, sense that they need to get money out while they can.  Miles Collier (one of the wealthier people in Naples) sold his home on the beach for $40 million and built a modest (comparatively) home in Old Naples.  The upper end home and properties are hot sellers now. $6 to 20 million range.

Naples has been one of the hardest hit real estate markets in the USA… but at the top there is always a boom.

This is one reason we created our turnkey business opportunities…  for our readers so they can tap into the earning opportunity of totally unique products that appeal to the top end of the market… the best bio degradable environmentally friendly organic cleaner… the best roses and the best holistic skin care as an example.

These are all products Merri and I use and have for years. We have created these programs to help readers… not line our pocket book. We are not involved financially in any way and do not profit from their purchase or sales.  This is our service to you to help you gain an added edge.

At our January 2012  Super Thinking + Spanish course  Jon Canas and Gina Cassissi provided a demonstration of the products and showed ways to earn with Phytobiodermie.

Merri and I have used Phytobiodermie products for nearly 20 years as it is based on the knowledge that the body is more than fluids and solids, but also vital energy (prana, chi, ki).

The relation between the body and the energy needs to stay balanced and the  skin—the largest organ of the body—is a reflexive organ providing telltale signs of what is going on within our body. That is why  Jon’s book “Beauty is Health Made Visible!”  shows how proper skincare is a key element in wellness.

Jon’s book says: “The skin as a vital organ cannot be excessively stripped mechanically or with acids, injected with chemicals, cut, stretched and sewn, without consequences. Likewise, what you eat, drink, breathe, and how you exercise your body, or not, will have consequences on your health as much as on your skin. Skincare is caring for your entire body. That is why it is truly a holistic proposition. Anything else is a shortcut with potentially undesirable consequences.”

Phytobiodermie uses all natural organic herbs and essential oils to create balance through the skin with energetic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.  Phytobiodermie has been in business from Switzerland for 40 years and is well known in Europe as the “World Leader in Energetic, Natural and Holistic Skincare.”

We are now helping bring this wonderful process to the Americas.

Our readers can learn ways to use Phytobiodermie products or to earn with them in an interview that our webmaster David Cross recently conducted with Jon Canas CEO USA Phytobiodermie.

You can listen to that interview here.

Website: – main Phytobiodermie website

Learn more about Jon’s book “Energetic Skincare Naturally” at


Join us to learn more about how to earn and gain an added edge at our upcoming February Business/Investing Quantum Learning Seminar.