Your Own Online Business…Childsplay!

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Your Own Online Business…Childsplay!

When I have computer problems… I often call my grand kids so it is not surprising that our granddaughter, Teeka, provides a lesson on how to easily start a business.



Actually her father, David Cross, our webmaster tells the story for her.

Your Own Online Business…it’s Childsplay

by David Cross

Our youngest daughter Teeka (3) loves playing with word flashcards and she already knows many words by sight. She will happily play for hours but tidying-up flashcards or books afterward wasn’t her strong point, so I recently tried something new with her.

“Please will you put all those cards back into their box.”

“But I don’t want to.”

“OK. Don’t worry about putting them all away. Can you put just one away?”

“Look! I put one away!”

“Can you put another one away? That’s great!”

“Now can you see if you can put two away in the same way?”

After a while of this Teeka exclaimed, “Look! I’ve put them ALL away!”

And now every time we want her to tidy toys, Lego, books or cards away or tidy her room we simply ask her to put just one away and pretty soon, she’s put everything away. It’s easy to put one thing away and she doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the apparent enormity of the task.

Feeling Overwhelmed Starting a Business?

After our exercise last week to help understand what is a good online business for you it’s possible that you came up with an idea but then started thinking through all of it!  How many things would entail to take that idea and create an online business from it?  Feeling overwhelmed? It’s quite common to feel fear or become overshadowed by what you need to do to start your online business.

You may even have gone from a small idea and grown it into very big ideas that now require investment capital and a whole team of people. I’ve seen people take a good idea and blow it up so it’s so big they feel overwhelmed and then what happens?  It doesn’t  ever even start!

I spoke on this a couple of years back at ETR’s conference in Denver. It’s common when we think of ideas for a new business to come up with an idea and then expand that idea until it becomes so big we get overwhelmed with what was originally a just very good idea. Here’s a short video from that event so you can see what I mean…

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The idea is to Start Small…Start now! Break down your idea…your “task” into manageable chunks.

Our forthcoming course on running your own online business takes you – one flash card at a time, so to speak – through the maze of setting up your own business.

David Cross

David Cross will be online to assist us in ePublishing at our July 2012 Writer’s Camp.