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We use Super Thinking  in our writer’s courses and are now integrating these into learning camps.  We hope to enhance these lessons by conducting them in nature.

One great series of learning camps for 2013 is our writer’s camp.

Start a one year writing project.  Attend the Writer’s Camp in Mt. Dora, Florida.   Start with our online course Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher FREE right away. ($299 value).


Join us this winter at our home.

Camps are better for learning… away from the maddening crowd..tucked away in nature… an intimate circle focused… on learning as we are also replenished by the sweetness of the water and earth.  For 2013 we are adding these camps with a limited audience in perfect places for learning.

Blue Ridge Writer’s Camp

If you want to become a better writer, a writer who sells their own work or own your own publishing business (small or large) or want to build your existing business through publishing you should sign up for this camp.

Farm Building

Our seminar hall in the Blue Ridge.

Farm Building

Reservations are limited. Enroll here.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 15,16,17, 2013. Mt. Dora, Florida

June 14, 15, 16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, West Jefferson, NC.

Single $799

Couple $999

Our Writer’s Camp at Merrily Farms combines the knowledge and experience that Merri and I have gained through years and years of hard work and research. We developed a wonderful business opportunity. It was so good that when I invested $3,600, within a month $13,706 had been returned to me. My return on that original investment was 380% in just one month. Yet we expected (and did) make even more!

While developing this opportunity, we created a system that works well for us, has worked exceedingly well for others and may work for you. This letter outlines a course that teaches this system so you can decide if it may bring you more wealth, health and fulfillment.

Save $299

When you join the Writer’s Camp you are enrolling in a program for the entire year… all for the price of attending the camp!  You get our online self publishing course free.  You save $299 and we work with you to help you develop your creation before the camp.  Then we continue working with you after the camp throughout the year.

The Writer’s Camp shares seven secrets that have helped readers write and write for profit so they can start their own self sufficient businesses at home. In the past 20 years we have conducted this course and shared this information with tens of thousands.

This course teaches how to unite all types of writing as well as publishing and seminars.

The valuable lesson you learn in the course is how to use information to motivate. This puts the world at your fingertips because the information industry has become one-half of our gross national product…making writing and publishing the ULTIMATE business.

Being a writer and or publisher means you start at the top and work with the things that YOU find interesting. People love you when you write about them, countries love you, businesses love you! And guess what? Not one person cares about whether you are educated, young or old, your gender or your race!

Plus as a writer and or publisher you bring in the type of financial returns that even your banker is jealous about.  In our publishing and seminar efforts, one investment returned 660% in a month, another 835%.  But more importantly we also share how to easily gain the most important things in life-freedom, friendship, financial security, prestige, tax savings, legal protection, fun, adventure, self sufficiency, fulfillment and more satisfaction…with very small amounts of money and time. You can learn here how to make a positive difference in the world through your own creative writing, publishing and/or seminar business.

First, let me tell how I searched for this elusive opportunity for twenty years… how I looked for a way to gain incredible, outlandish, unbelievable profit potential. Then I’ll explain how I finally found it and why after years of proof, can now share it with you and why the fulfillment gained has become even more important than the cash.

The opportunity I sought had to be so enormously profitable that 150%, 200%, even 1,000% return in a year was possible. But this Crown Jewel of Opportunities also had to be as safe as any investment could be.

This opportunity had to work in good and bad times and be flexible.

These were not the only standards I set for my quest. I not only wanted to find unbelievable profit and high safety but also wanted this incredible investment to offer the ultimate tax shelter, something so perfect it would not even be a little bit questionable with the tax man.

It had to be so foolproof that Congress would never change it. I wanted it to be so good that it would be encouraged by the government!

Most important this business had to make a positive difference.

Humanity is at a crossroads created by the 300 year long social experiment called the industrial revolution. This trial in materialism has led to huge imbalances. Today we have more war, a failing environment, tragic erosion in human rights, pitiful global health and blinkered education. These imbalances put our entire existence in peril. Yet man’s experiences in acquisitiveness has also awakened society to the fact that there is a better, more balanced way of life. This creates a struggle between unbounded physical excess and a balanced more fulfilling way. A healthier life can evolve if the rich Western nations are naturally awakened.  We wanted our business to be of some help in this path.

I feared deep down inside that what I wanted was impossible, but nevertheless, I scoured the world for over twenty years looking for it. I looked in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. But I didn’t find it in Asia. I went to the Middle East and roamed all over Europe. I hardly missed a country. After twenty years and millions of miles, I guess I gave up. Only then (as these things so often happen) was it that I found the best opportunity in the world. This opportunity was not only perfect but was sitting in my own back yard. I had been using it all the time, it required very little money, could grow as fast as I wanted, offered freedom, enjoyment and allow me to live wherever I choose and allowed me to share positive life creating information!

In this quest I never found any investment good enough to be fool proof under every sort of circumstance. None contained the ultimate instrument of survival-flexibility. In frustration, I changed my search. Instead of looking just at investments, I looked at the rich, how they made and kept wealth. Most millionaires it turns out made their money in business. I changed my quest and started looking at rich businesses. Here are five of seven secrets I learned:

Secret #1

The business must enjoy the multiple effect. A product once created must produce profits again and again, almost on a never-ending basis. Each investment made needs to make huge returns.

Secret #2

The business needs to be more than its owner. It must produce income even when the owner doesn’t put in day-to-day effort. You may already be wealthy or earning a high income. You may not even need another business or extra income, but some day you might. One surgeon explained it this way. “I am making a fortune because peoples’ lives are in my hands. Once my hands are no longer steady, my income stops. My entire financial well being will then be in someone else’s hands!”

Secret #3

The money making system must be enjoyable and fun! Sad but true, most of us make money for the sake of making money. Many spend their lives working, just to have a few precious hours having fun. The most important fact I learned about making and keeping wealth was that those who were richest absolutely loved what they were doing! Money was of secondary importance to their effort. And as things are, this means they actually ended up making more money!

Secret #4

The money making system must be flexible. No matter what the economy brings, your ability to make money should work regardless of inflation, recession or even depression.

Secret #5

The business must be able to start small, but grow as much as I desire.  I learned that good money systems work for large or for small amounts and can be operated on either a full or part time basis. Most businesses start with a learning curve.  During that time it is essential they are small.  Once the lessons have been learned and the system is operating properly, then it needs to grow for larger and larger returns.

Understanding these secrets, I realized a fantastic way to make money was my own business, writing and publishing! Almost anyone can make a fortune in this field. These activities are ideal for making money.  They fit all five secrets above. You can make a fortune in writing,  or in publishing even if you never write.

Publishing is not writing! Publishing is the business that makes money from writing. You may have read or heard about the great wealth good writers can make. Guess what? Writers make that money from a royalty paid to them by a publisher. The royalty is normally 15% of the book’s sales. Guess who makes the other 85%? Guess whose decisions make or break the fortunes of the writer? The publisher!

It is true that some writers, like myself also publish. That’s why our program is the Writer’s Camp.

Modern technology makes publishing really easy so writers can also publish, or just write, or both!

Writing and publishing can be outrageously profitable. It is possible to make money month after month….writing and/of publishing.

More important, I have fun every day! I’m doing what I love and have learned that through publishing I can service to my community. In short I can help make myself and accomplish far more important goals, to gain self fulfillment and be of the world a better place.

What do you love? Rare cars?  Publishing information on them. Do you prefer fine art? Or do you love beautiful jewelry, coins, gems, real estate, furs, model railways, dolls, scientific equipment, war memorabilia, old and rare books, or whatever? Are you a golfer? Do you love to travel? Why not make money writing on any subject that you love?

However if you prefer social subjects rather than objects I have something special to now share. Are you concerned with the environment problems, with crimes, war, poverty? Would you like to help wipe them out? Each of these offers opportunity in writing and publishing. Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place, help people get along better together? You can do something good for the world, increase your income in the process and live wherever you please! Whatever your passion learn how you can make a fortune by writing, creating and publishing information.

Publishing can even be international if you love to travel. Publishers reap rich rewards selling information on their own country in others and vice versa. While everyone is talking about helping our country by buying U.S., publishers are in a position to do something about it…by selling U.S. knowledge abroad!

A perfect example can be seen in the way I sell information to Canadians, Japanese, Chinese, British, Australian, European, Russian buyers which attracts money to the U.S., rather than vice versa.

Imagine what an international publishing business means to your world travel. Every trip you take can be tax deductible! You can honestly write off every trip that is related to your publishing business. Every journey becomes a research oriented adventure and it can be a tax deductible event.

As a publisher, you’ll have one of the most respected and tax protected businesses in the country. America needs to do business abroad, and our government has created many, many programs to encourage Americans to do business overseas. Many of those benefits come in the form of reduced tax! Other benefits come in the form of legal protection. Publishers are protected by the U.S. constitution. You do not need a license to publish. There is no government watchdog nor do you have bureaucratic red tape involved in publishing.

I created an entire system to help my readers to use writing to help any business they have or even create their own publishing business.

This system is unique because my wife, Merri, and I are unique. We started our publishing business together. Since we’re almost recluses, we decided to do the whole business by ourselves. We began working at home. Today, though we have tens of thousands of buyers and have made millions, we still work at home and do not employ a single person. Now because of this unique program you can do the same.

All this and more will be taught in the Writer’s Camp July 20, 21, 22 in the Blue Ridge.

This Camp answers your questions and gets you started and can put you well on your way to writing and freedom to live wherever you choose! It covers the five secrets I mentioned above.  Now the course is even better because of several new secrets.

Since I began conducting this course I have started my own internet publishing business so now I have added to the course how to easily publish your writing online.  Self publishing by the writer is the key to unlocking the new success for writers!  We will work on how to sell your writing, how to publish yourself online and to do so at no cost whatsoever.

This course is not theoretical.

Our first weekend publishing course was conducted almost two decades ago. The fee was $2,000 (As I explained below the fee is now much less so you can save $1,501 now). Merri and I were delighted that 87 delegates signed up, paid and attended. They came from all over-young couples working for an income, publishers, chiropractors, doctors, dentists, businessmen, investors, real estate brokers, inventors, airline pilots, engineers, millionaires and housewives. People from all walks of life.

There were many couples as well because Merri and I run our business together and encourage couples to attend. Since that time the course has been an outstanding success and the raves from delegates you will read below show how satisfied delegates have been. For example, one delegate, a publisher from California said, “Your publishing course is outstanding! Just two hours of study on Sunday alone were worth more than the $2,000 price.”

An engineer from Ohio wrote, “Basically, I learned how to be a publisher, especially the selling and marketing implications. The course is absolutely worth $2,000!”

A retired railway worker from Michigan said, “Your course opened my eyes to the merits, profits, and prestige of becoming a publisher, particularly the idea of publishing in Canada for distribution in the U.S. (for total tax protection).” An employed couple from New York wrote, “We found the course interesting and informative. We were inspired to start work on a booklet. When we came down, we had no idea on what to publish.” And an attorney from Germany stated, “What I like most is that it is a nuts and bolts course-not pie in the sky.” While a business woman from Atlanta exclaimed, “It was great going through your steps, being 100% honest without fear of giving trade secrets since you have paid the price (to gain this knowledge).”

Merri and I were overwhelmed at how much the course helped delegates over the years. Now thanks to the miracle of the worldwide web we have been able to let you know about this course through my website which saves us tens of thousands of dollars and allows us to invite you to sign up for only $799.

Sign up for the full course. $799 for one or $999 for two. Attend this three day course .

Here are some of the lessons you will learn at the course:

How to publish on Kindle, Nook and others as an epublisher.

How to use Twitter and a website.  Twitter is the new viral marketing tool for epublishers.  Learn all the tricks of the trade, how to get the best following with the greatest response.  See why to avoid the biggest Tweeters to choose the right linkage. Every secret we have learned is included.

Who is this course for?

If you want to become a better writer, own your own full or part time publishing business, or want to build your existing business through publishing you should sign up for this Writer’s Camp.

Single $799

Couple $999

Here is what to do. If you’re not sure whether you really want to write, to use publishing in a business, consider the ways that such a way of living can improve your life.

This course is for individuals and couples. We include those who have desires to write and to create, who might want their own business or who want to have a business together or a family business. Business people or professionals who want to add an extra profit center to their business or who want to change their business entirely will benefit. Those who want more control over their career should attend. Plus those who love global travel and want to turn their trips into profitable tax deductions!

Merri and I will both teach this course (Merri’s publishing experience even outstrips mine) and we expect to spend a great deal of personal time with each person who signs up. This means the numbers we can accept at the course must be strictly limited.

Our business has brought us more wealth, satisfaction, fun and friendship than I imagined possible. It has brought so much to my life, I would like to help everyone pursue their desire to write, create and publish. That is not possible, but we hope you are one with whom we will have the pleasure sharing this exciting and profitable way of life!

Whether you are retired, an investor, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, professional or already own your own business, this offers another way to make money, to turn your passion into profit. We guarantee to share all we know to help you.

Don’t miss this opportunity. The size of our seminar hall means that attendance at our Writer’s Camp  is strictly limited.

Sign up as soon as possible if you want to be one of the few that shares publishing and the satisfying, profitable and exciting lifestyle it brings to Merri and me.

Reservations are limited. Enroll here.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 15,16,17, 2013. Mt. Dora, Florida

June 14, 15, 16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, West Jefferson, NC.

Single $799

Couple $999

See more below.

Writer’s Camp in the Blue Ridge

Our 252 acre Merrily Farms at Little Horse Creek is the perfect place for the Writer’s Camp.

Start a one year writing project. Attend our Writer’s Camp at the retreat center at our North Carolina farm in the Blue Ridge.   Start with our online course Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher FREE right away. ($299 value) then join us this July for the Writer’s Camp.

Join us:

June 14, 15, 16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, West Jefferson, NC.

August 31- Sept 1-2 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp West Jefferson, NC.

Single $799

Couple $999

This part of the Blue Ridge is called the Lost Provence.  The motto of our nearest town (of 182 people) is: “This is not the end of the world but you can see it from here”.  That means Merrily Farms is at the end of the world… isolated… nurtured in nature… serene… a perfect place for creativity.

Welcome to Little Horse Creek… where it is…

Little Horse Creek Autumn entrance

always quiet and peaceful and relaxing.


In times that so many perceive as tumultuous, inspiration becomes even more valuable and important in business.  The news on the internet, in the papers and on TV are so filled with negativity that it can be catching. In such eras, those who see positive realities gain an extra edge.  This is the place where you leave all this behind and learn how to write or increase and enjoy what you have written.

Improve your writing as you enjoy the peace and beauty of the Blue Ridge… as Merri and I have at our Writer’s Camp.

Our writing career allows us to live part time at our remote North Carolina farm on Little Horse Creek.

Here is the creek…


deep in the forest…


isolated and with many waterfalls.


The creek becomes a bit swollen in the spring time. Changing from this to…


this!    The headwaters of Litte Horse Creek start on our land… fed by dozens of pure water springs. It feeds the pond below our main house and…


fills our…


deep woods…


with its Japanese soaking tub that is heated with a wood burning stove and refilled after each soak… so the water never requires chemicals but is always clean.

The creek provides some great trout meals also. Here is a brookie our daughter, Eleanor, caught.


The water refreshes in summer. Here is a…




seminar hall where we meet and…


enjoy eating together on the creek side deck overlooking the waters of Little Horse Creek.

We share ideas and learn…


in natural surroundings and…


enjoy our teachings and sharing on the deck…


overlooking the creek.

This beauty and solitude provide many positive inspirations. There is plenty of space to hike. We have put in over…


eight miles of road (the blue lines).  Each leads…

to a place… like our…

Little Horse Creek view

isolated glen labyrinth where Buddha lives amidst great views.  Vistas are…

Little Horse Creek view

everywhere. The paths themselves are places of solitude and wonder… quiet places for walking comtemplations.

Little Horse Creek

Blue Ridge mystery leading to beauty… year round and our camps enjoy the summer’s green and gold in autumn.

We grow bold sunflowers and a lot of our own vegetables in the summer.


and have…


farm fresh…



In the summer we get to watch the horses being…


lethargic and enjoying the sun.

We invite delegates at our house for afternoon teas with a view.

Little Horse Creek

Merri gets busy in the kitchen…


and cooks up the treats when…


we have seminars.

A few people come stay with us in our…


seven cabins and farmhouses for guests. This is the Blackberry…


Cabin.  All have feather top mattresses and high thread count…


sheets and mountain made quilts and Pendleton wool blankets for cool nights.

The blackberry has a great porch and…


rocking chairs for idle afternoons.  The Trout Cabin…


is next door. With a…


big porch for Bar B Qs plus a king…


size bed.

The Johnny Appleseed Farm House sleeps up to 7 and the Wildflower Cabin is here as well.


The cottage and cabin sit right on the…


creek so you sleep at night and gain the energy and imagination of the…


sounds of the waterfalls.

We converted this…


falling down shed into a great Guest Barn… with all amenities including a pillow top king size bed. This is very comfortable.

However if you are not into comfort we have a primitive cabin…


deep in the woods… cold water and a pot bellied stove for heat and cooking… but still a great pillow top king size bed.

Get away from the gray humdrum… go where your horizons expand.

There is inspiration in “them thar hills”.  Seek it.  There has never been a better time for a micro business and an upbeat outlook on life.

One kind reader sent me two coffee mugs recently, enamel bumper stickers if you like, that said “Ille Gitimati Noli Carborundum.”

The translation is “Don’t let those who are illegitimate wear you down”.  Refresh… rejuvenate and learn with us at Merrily Farms.

Look for inspiration in your passions.  They may lead you to strange places… in the minds of the humdrum herds.  Yet success is waiting for you in the nooks and crannies where others do not go.

There are limited accommodation facilities for some delegates to stay on the farm. For details contact Merri at

We look forward to begin sharing writing and publishing now that leads up to the Writer’s Camp in July on the farm.


Join us:

June 14, 15, 16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, West Jefferson, NC.

August 31- Sept 1-2 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp West Jefferson, NC.

Single $799

Couple $999