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This is part of a series on Ecuador longevity secrets by Jean Marie Butterlin.


Jean Marie Butterlin and Gary Scott

Before moving to Ecuador Jean Marie developed one of the largest food supplement businesses in Europe. He now travels extensively to the Amazon looking at longevity secrets used there.

Ecuador, Longevity, Prevention and Anti-Aging:

Part Two: More Ecuador weight loss tips

Ecuador is one of a few places on the map that have been talked about at length in the media on longevity…especially the valley of longevity in Vilcabamba, which is close to the Peruvian border.

Experts still debate about the reasons people lived longer and better in that valley.

However, I believe there were 4 main reasons : no pollution, healthy food, lots of physical activity and low stress.

Today life is good….on the coast, there are still very few cars and with a constant breeze coming from the sea we are enjoying very little air pollution.

I have already talked  about people getting healthier in Ecaudor by losing weight ; having no fast food restaurants and a lot of healthy food available helps in that regard also. (See Part One: Five ways to lose weight in Ecuador)

Getting your daily amount of sun (not too much though….) is a big plus in keeping your body from aging as the Vitamin D3 produced by your body protects you from a lot of degenerative diseases.

Living in a small community, without a long daily commute to work, helps lower the level of stress.

A lot of people have been asking me if there were some secrets to slow aging and what supplements, if any, that I  take every day :

Here are some of my secrets that have worked for me :

–       daily meditation

–       7 hrs of sound sleep

–       Omega 3 supplements from fish oil

–       Ubiquinol (100mg) a form of CoQ10

–       A liver detox in the form of an oily artichoke extract

–       A Vitamin K2 supplement (to be combiend with D3 of course)

–       Lots of green tea during the day ; drinking some just before eating helps to loose weight also.

–       Good quality distilled water in which I add minerals from algaes. (Distilled water is dead, so I have a special device that brings back life into the water  by « vortexing » it and declusterizing the molecules.)

Here are also my 2 indispensable products, that I always keep with me in my suitcase, wherever I go :

–       Grapefruit seed extract in an oily concentrated form : this enables me to get well in just a few hours, when having gastro-intestinal problems….and traveling so much, I cannot always control what I eat.

–       Magnesium Chloride in liquid form : this is the most important ingredient that one has to keep in every house.

This is the miracle nutrient:

Foremost, it helps you get magnesium in your body.  Lots of people are deficient but mainly it helps your immune system ward off virus, bacteria, fungus, etc… if your intestine cannot tolerate magnesium chloride, you can get it in a gel form and rub it on your skin.

I will be talking more about magnesium chloride but this cheap, available everywhere product, was the treatment of choice against polio for example in the 1920’s.  It worked extremely well until of course vaccines were discovered….. When you got polio at that time you got cured quickly at a very low cost.

However, a lot of information about some of these natural products has been lost.  We will continue to research to find these longevity secrets for you.

Jean Marie

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