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by | Dec 7, 2011 | Content Updates

Here is why you are invited to follow my tweets.

Our websites are about helping you prosper from the increased pace of change by sharing our thinking gained from a background of experience… over 40 years of global investing, business and living.

When we converted from print publishing to a website in 1998 we accelerated our ability to share important changes we see a lot.

However we have over 30,000 readers on our lists and it takes time to reach those numbers… plus not everyone… in fact probably not even the majority want to hear from me more than once a day.

Twitter provides a good answer for the times when a thought or an event needs to be conveyed instantly.

Take for example how my background and regular global studies of economic markets led me to warn readers about an upcoming stock market crash on May 2, 2007 anniversary:  I wrote: “History suggests that this is a time when chances are increased for panic and sudden drops in investment markets. Investors who have proven themselves nervous short term thinkers are highly leveraged, in thin, over purchased markets that are easily sinkable boats treading the dangerous waters of May though October when tradition says the currents will most likely be treacherous and surrounded with lots of storms.”

Then our global view helped us see ahead and write at this site on October 26, 2008,  the week before the Dow dropped below 10,000, “I sent my Multi Currency subscribers a Triple Crunch warning… three signals of caution in equity markets that could cause a market crunch.”

Then in April and May 2010 the week before the Dow dipped again below 10,000 in the worst one day crash ever: I shared three warnings about the US stock market at Jyske Global Asset Management’s (JGAM) Laguna Beach forex seminar, a weekend ago and began slipping these warnings out in messages even before then.  Our April 21 message warned about the risks in May 2010 that start with Seasonality.

Then May 3, 2010 our message had an Economic Cycle Review that showed why equities could be in danger now.

This was just before the storm.


This chart from shows how our warnings were just before the worst one day drop in the Dow’s history.

But before I could get the third warning to readers, the bottom fell out of the Dow as this Dow Industrial chart from shows.

This third warning would have reached readers if I had been able to send them a Tweet.

Tweets also give you a way to pass on the information quickly to others that you feel will benefit from this information.

Twitter gives me the ability to get messages to your faster so I invite you to follow my tweets at