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Here is a powerful health care savings idea from Glenn Sterling, one of our Super Thinking Plus Spanish instructors.  Glenn was recently in Ecuador to help teach a Super Thinking course and while there enjoyed the health care savings below.

Glenn wrote:

To The Ecuador Dermatologist

By Glenn Sterling.

Here I am on my way to see Dr. Rommel a  Dermatologist in Ecuador.


Glenn Sterling

I quite like Dr. Rommel.


Dr. Rommel

Two weeks ago I thought I had an actinic keratosis and a small growth by my right nostril.  I did have a small sebaceous cyst by my right nostril, anesthetized and burned off – painlessly.  I didn’t have one actinic keratosis – I had 8 – frozen off.  My total bill for burning, freezing, anesthetic injection and follow up antibiotic cream – $50.

I like a doctor’s office to look, feel and smell like a doctors’ office.


Reception Area

This one does.  Impeccable, neat, tidy, somewhat efficient.  Today there were 3 things wrong with me.
1)    I have a mole on my left nose (you can’t see it) that I don’t want any more (cosmetic surgery).

2)    I have a growth (was a sebaceous cyst, an overgrown gland that my razor was cutting off all the time) on my right posterior neck (also cosmetic).

3)    I’m a bit of an OCD freak, explained above but tempered by some Asian experiences – afraid to touch anything in a dirty doctors’ office (very clean here).

The office was totally clean, the doctor totally professional – and accurate.



I had two items removed by laser.  In Canada the doctor wanted $600 just to turn the laser on and more than that for each procedure.  Here for both procedures, $50 – only 1/12 of the minimum cost in Canada (Possibly 1/20).


I go back next week for an IPL (intense pulsed light).  In Canada I paid about $400 for this treatment 5 years ago so to pay $50 here is again – a delight.  IPL removes surface veins, causes the skin to resurface and renew, eliminates blotches, age spots and helps other disorders.  Rather than go on and on making claims, check it out, it might be right for you – you may want to try it for yourself!

Ecuador offers a lot of great things…and as above shows, it also offers great treatments, by a well trained careful/caring doctor and a really great price!

Glenn Sterling…

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