Essential Oils in Business, Health & Holidays

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You can enjoy essential oils in business, health & holidays.

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Our recent message on Ecuador looked at how to combine Ecuador shopping for the holidays and to earn extra income.

There are other ways to combine the joys of giving with the benefits of earning. One way is with essential oils.

Essential oils fit all the requirements of a good international micro business… unique… easy to transport and high in value.

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Essential oils can help gain better health… increased wealth… and are wonderful holiday gifts to give.

Surviving the stress of the modern polluted lifestyle and high costs of Western health care are major issues in our lives today. Essential oils can help bring better health at very low cost.

Merri and I always send our children essential oils to our children as holiday gifts… just like the Three Wise Men…. Frankincense and Myrrh. We personally use essential oils every day.

This is why we asked Candace and John Newman to create a turnkey business opportunity for readers to help improve natural health with essential oils.

This month there is Christmas gift opportunity as well. We’ll review the turnkey business ideas in a moment.

First, Candace writes this about essential oils and Christmas.

If there is ever a time for Holistic ways … it is the Christmas & Holiday Season. Emotions and memories of family, friends, health and finances can put one over the top. As the saying goes: “Stay Calm … so far so good” … essential oils are here.

True Aromatherapy affects our physical and nonphysical parts, showing us they are intimately connected in a reverent way. Essential oils serve as physical medicine due to their natural chemistry, as emotional medicine due to the aromatic molecular pathway, and as energy medicine due to their high level of vibrational frequencies.

By recognizing the “field” essential oils encompass, the full meaning of holistic and medicine come together. “Holistic” refers to integrated wholes rather than treatment of separate parts. “Medicine” in many cultures, refers to much more than modern medicine. The innate nature of essential oils does not allow us to separate our parts.

Knowledgeable and safe use of Aromatherapy offers the opportunity to connect us to this “field” the poet Rumi mentions that goes beyond borders and limitations. Essential oils embrace the unity of everything.

John, Muga & I are all at work for the holidays at our Base Camp (oil warehouse) in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Such a special time of year for us … we speak and hear from so many of you. This is now a 20 year tradition for many of us. We are grateful!

Our new shopping cart and website is the result of summer labor. With this done, we invite you to become an OLA Affiliate with us. Offer our products to your customers on your website & receive a commission check every month as a “Thank You” for helping us further our mission to bring the benefits of essential oils into lives around the world.

Candace is offerng a 10% holiday discount and free shipping on orders of $200 and above until December 7, 2011.

I especially like the Good Medicine Tin. This is Candace’s original tin and offers a simple system for the therapeutic use of pure essential oils with a 12 page Guide Booklet. This is the ultimate home, self-care, and travel tin. Merri and I use this all the time. Also this tin makes a really great gift. What better to give than natural health?

flowers and oils

Get more information about the Good Medicine Tin here.

Essential oils economically and naturally get to the root of many of today’s stresses and health problems. This is why we included Oil Lady Aromatherapy as one of the first turnkey business opportunities.

John and Candace have now completed their program for affiliates and resellers.

Oil Lady Aromatherapy®LLC(OLA) has created an Affiliate and Reseller Plan for our International Business Made EZ and other online subscribers.

Here is the agreement for affiliates:

1. The Affiliate meets the course requirements offered by Gary & Merri Scott. The Affiliate must attend a live class on International Business Made EZ offered throughout the year, and take at least one of the 3 online classes offered for developing micro-businesses. The three e-courses they have designed can help you develop your own micro business and earn anywhere you live in the world.

International Business Made EZ

Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher ($299)

Event – Full How to Earn With Your Own Seminars

Learn about the February 10-12 International Investing & Business Seminar in Mt. Dora Florida\

1. The Affiliate chooses one of the following start up fees payable to Oil Lady Aromatherapy® LLC: (1) $270.00 includes a sample of their formulas, DVD’s of two of Candace’s classes, three Aromatherapy Guides of education. This package is below wholesale price; (2) $60.00 for the 2 DVD’s and three Aromatherapy Guides, foregoing the products at below wholesale prices; or (3) $25.00 simply as an administration set up. Shipping product is free in the continental USA.

2. There is $10.00 monthly fee (automatic credit card charge) which includes quarterly teleconferences, the yearly subscription to Candace’s six Aromatherapy Guides (bimonthly), and a special monthly report from Candace about the monthly special with education and links for the Affiliate to put on their website. The company’s monthly e-newsletter is also included.

3. As a benefit of being an OLA Affiliate, you are set up with a personal account as an OLA Professional which is 25% off retail on most products.

4. The Affiliate puts a link and information on their website about Oil Lady Aromatherapy® LLC and their products. Their customers click the link to the OLA Shopping Cart, which is set up to track the Affiliate’s sales. Once a customer has purchased from your website link, they are tagged as your customer. Sales this customer makes after that initial purchase by phone or directly from our website are also tracked as your affiliate sale.

5. OLA processes and ships the orders. The Affiliate is paid a monthly commission check of 15% of the net product sales on the 10th of each month for the previous month’s sales.

6. This Affiliate program is for sales commissions for products on our Retail Shopping Cart. Candace Newman’s classes and personal consultations are not included in these sales.

7. Oil Lady Aromatherapy® LLC (OLA) reserves the right to refuse their Affiliate Program to a party that OLA feels is not a good representation of their philosophy and mission.

The mission of Oil Lady Aromatherapy® LLC is to improve the quality of life by enhancing the human understanding of our sacred relationships with our self, each other, and the earth. Our way to encourage this reverence for life in all things is to bring the benefits of our essential oils and education into people’s lives around the world.

Merri and I are proud to be able to introduce these wonderful products and people.


Learn about the Ecuador Export tours we sponsor. Here is what Bonnie Keough who conducts the Ecuador Export Tour just wrote: Gary, Below is a quote from an email I received today from a delegate from the export tour. She’s been selling so fast she can’t keep any inventory!
“Today was unbelievable and I sold $1083 at the retirement community holiday fair. Every last poncho and wrap of any sort is GONE with orders for more. They found tagua fascinating and it sold rather well. Need more shows like this!!”

Learn how to have a turnkey international micro business at our February 12-15 International Business & Investing seminar.