Lessons From Little Horse Creek

by | Oct 17, 2011 | Archives

Welcome to Merrily Farms at Little Horse Creek.

Merri and I love the natural beauty, solitude and quite here.  Also we love how nature teaches us lessons about making our process of earning a part of a joyful lifestyle.

We are on the road migrating south for the season just like so many of our ancestors have done in generations past.  Here are some autumnal shots of the farm and a couple of lessons that the nature here has whispered in the chilly winds to me. I hope these whisperings will make your life better too.

Little Horse Creek Autumn entrance

Welcome to the farm.


This old barn gave me some great insights about utility.


This was the entrance and the barn when we bought the farm (plus a half burned out house on the right). “These are all tear downs” everyone said.  We did not think so and have turned some units into a wonderful year round rental. 

The lesson is don’t judge a book by its cover.  You can often find value in things everyone else wants to throw away.  Always look for value.    

Here are some shots coming…


from the lower creek up to the to the cottage.   We did not even know we had a series of lovely water falls when we bought the farm. The land had been unoccupied for 15 years.  Right of way trimmers had chopped down big trees.  Blackberries… thorns and bramble had filled in the space… covering even the creek’s murmur and falls. What a joyful surprise when we began to clear.  

The lesson is to expect joyful surprises when you get on the right track!

The cottage is another lesson in looking for value. This was also a tear down many said.  They reduced the value of the property when we negotiated the price.  Roof was caved in … walls rotted… ten layers of old linoleum on the floor…. front porch sagging… siding missing.


Now, our redone charming cottage increases the property’s value.


Some roofing tin… plaster…


paint… stucco and lost of energy and imagination, plus…


landscaping and it’s changed to be an asset now.

Little Horse Creek

Then we head up the road past the big rock that juts out onto the road.

That big rock provides a lesson.  Nothing big can get past it like cement trucks for example. When we built a house with 80,000 pounds of cement in the walls that caused a bit of frustration.  Yet we love the looks of that rock so we worked around it. We built a road past our house up to a neighbor’s who kindly allowed us to come through his land onto a bigger road for an entrance. 

Now everyday when we take our walk… we really enjoy this rock.  The lesson is that each of us needs to feel what gives us energy and let those feelings lead our paths.  Take what others say to be practical with a grain of salt.   No one who is practical as defined by the lifestyle merchants of Madison Avenue would live up here on this farm.


Then we reach the house meadow where…


you see the horse barn tucked up in the woods as you…


Little Horse Creek Autumn

pass the pond and …

see the house ahead.


The house has a medium range view.   That’s the one above all we have on the farm that we chose. We can head up to the higher meadows for the…

Little Horse Creek view

long range views.  We go there from time to time… but the lesson we learned is to be settled and immerse ourselves in the here and now, flavored just once in awhile with long term planning.   Being narrow minded shuts down creativity… but looking to far ahead too often also disconnects us from accomplishing our purpose one step at a time.  Integrating the mind and the heart… and integrating the big picture with the day to day routines and tasks helps move us along.

Such great beauty… this time of year, but…

Little Horse Creek Autumn-snow

what’s next is…

Little Horse Creek Autumn-snow

this view that is coming.

So we are enjoying our ride today to Florida and Ecuador and the sun.  This is perhaps the biggest lesson we can recall during this time of change… when so many feel despair… the sun always shines somewhere.   We look forward to sharing ideas on how to prosper during this era of change so we can all feel sunny times together… everywhere.