Micro Business & Multi Currency Opportunity 2012

by | Oct 13, 2011 | Archives

Our International Business & Investing Seminar last weekend looked at the micro business & multi currency opportunity abundance we have ahead of us now.

Autumn colors are…


now here in the mountains… awakening our front yard in a blazing sunrise.  The…


mists… a veil lifted on nature’s…

Blue ridge autumn

painting… pastels and brilliance in orange and gold.  Breathing such spectacles in a daybreak abundance… how can one not see this spectacle we have been given… this gift in a palate of richness… a beginning in this dawn?

Life is such an analogy and nature is reality’s artist showing us truth in so many ways…. every day.  This picture of golden richness is that time of reality’s greatest beauty as it also heralds the darkest hour.

This was the theme of our latest International Business & Investing Seminar at Jefferson Landing.  We looked at how so much news is focused on doom and gloom but why and how this is the richest of times for opportunity.

 See why profits lay ahead, plus ideas we covered at the seminar and how to get a recording of them free.