Little Horse Creek

by | Oct 11, 2011 | Content Updates

Welcome to Merrily Farm at Little Horse Creek.

Merri and I love the natural beauty and how nature teaches us all about combining earnings with lifestyle.

Here we share some autumnal shots of the farm that we hope you enjoy.

Little Horse Creek Autumn entrance

Welcome to the farm.


This old barn starts the farm and has been converted to a lovely cabin.

Here are some shots coming…


from the lower creek to the…


equipment shed.

Then we round the bend…


to the cottage and…

Little Horse Creek

up the road past the big rock to…


the house meadow where…


you see the horse barn tucked up in the woods as you…


turn and…
Little Horse Creek Autumn

pass the pond.

Our house is ahead and here I am looking over the…


front yard.    In the higher meadows the…

Little Horse Creek view

long range views see further.

Such great beauty… this time of year, but we know…

Little Horse Creek Autumn-snow

what’s next and…

Little Horse Creek Autumn-snow

this is the view that is coming so we’ll head south shortly to Florida or Ecuador and the sun.

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