Learn Ecuador Exports in Florida

by | Oct 7, 2011 | Archives

There are several ways to learn about Ecuador exports.

One way to learn about Ecuador exports is to see the video on how to earn with exports below.

Another way to learn is to attend an Ecuador export tour.

The photos below by Glenn Stirling who attended the last Ecuador export tour shows why…


handcrafted textiles are one of…




many exports.


The Ecuador export schedule has changed.

Ecuador exports video.

The Ecuador government has introduced some new holidays so we are changing the dates for the November export tour from early November to November 30 – December 1-2-3-4, 2011…just in time for Christmas.

The total November 2011 tour schedule is now:

Cotacachi real estate tour Nov.  10-11, 2011

Mid Coast real estate tour Nov. 14-15-16

Cuenca real estate tour Nov. 18-19-20

Ecuador export tour November 30 – December 1-2-3-4, 2011

See the entire Ecuador tour schedule here.

Ecuador roses are another Ecuador export.


Here is Thomas Fischer speaking at one of our seminars… perfectly matched with the orange bi-color “High & Mighty” rose.


Order Fresh Ecuador rose for Halloween now.


Learn about an Ecuador agricultural tour.


Another way to learn about Ecuador at our Florida seminars and courses.

Many delegates gain their first understanding and insights about Ecuador our Florida courses.

One reader who attended our latest US course just wrote:

Dear Merri and Gary-  I  wanted to thank you for providing a loving and inspirational space for such a transformative weekend.  It was delightful to finally meet you.  You wildly exceeded my expectations (which were high) with your gracious hospitality.  And you should know our laughing healing continues apace.

It looks like my vet is on top of everything for taking my cat to Ecuador …he’s even going to fax the USDA before we have to send everything to make sure we have it all.  So thank you for that information as well.  It really eased my mind. Thank you again for everything.


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