Funky Micro Business in Ecuador Mules

by | Oct 1, 2011 | Ecuador Real Estate

How’s this for a funky micro business… Selling Ecuador mules.

Two readers Terry and Susan Aris recently shared how they have started a funky micro business in Ecuador… breeding and selling mules.


Terry Aris

There are five ways to survive and profit if you are in Ecuador and the US dollar loses its purchasing power.

Invest in equities.

Invest in commodities.

Invest in multi currencies.

Invest in real estate.

Invest in your own micro business.

Your micro business should be based on doing something you enjoy.  The Eris’s business exemplifies advice in our online International Business Made EZ Course of doing what you love… starting small… plus using previous experience, skills and contacts to begin your next micro business path.


Susan Aris

The Arises have plenty of experience breeding mules at their Alberta farm. This is their passion and this has already taken them abroad…. to use mules in building a tram in Hong Kong.

Excerpts from a Pincher Creek Echo article entitled “Mules headed for Hong Kong” says:  Terry Aris loaded six of his best mules into a trailer that hauled them to a quarantine stable in Surrey, British Columbia, the first step in their journey to Hong Kong.

The mules are being sent to Hong Kong to help with the construction of a cable car at a tourist attraction. The mules will be carrying the materials that are used to build the bases of the cable cars such as timber, cement, soil and waste material.

Construction is expected to take 14 months to build the 5.7-kilometre long cable car system.

The rail operator, MTR Corp. in Hong Kong, wanted an old-fashioned, green solution to construct the cable car.

On May 7 they will be leaving for Hong Kong where they will be quarantined for two more weeks at the Hong Kong Jockey Club ?which is sort of like the Ritz Hotel,? says Aris who will be making the journey over to settle his animals in.

A mule, a cross between a horse and a donkey, in good shape can carry up to 300 pounds, but during a regular working day a mule would carry around 150 to 180 pounds.  Aris has been breeding mules for 25 years but has never sent his mules this far from home or had the chance to travel with them.

That was the beginning and once they fell in love with Ecuador and bought a home in Cotacachi… bringing mules was an obvious next.

There seems to be a huge shortage of mules in Ecuador.


Aris mules.

No matter how funky your business idea might seem… weird… whacky… unknown.  Don’t despair.  When you are pursuing your passion you are headed in the right direction.  Our Funky Micro Business Hall of Fame shows  dozens of ways that out of the box thinkers have gained income with an unusual idea they love.


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