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Scorn… a symptom of social shifts that create one of the biggest… yet almost unrealized… economic dangers we know.


London riots. The face of democracy?


The voter’s scorn?

Entropy is a way of looking at shifts from order to disorder and chaos in social economic systems.

Entropy is the quantity within such systems that is sometimes called the arrows of time.  As time progresses, the entropy of a social economic system never decreases.  Order flows towards disorder at an increasing rate.

Time is the arrow that pierces the heart of social economic order.  The arrowhead is scorn.

Looking back 22 years ago, Merri and I organized and led a tour in Budapest about investing opportunity in Hungary.  We are generally on the leading edge so this was around the time the Berlin Wall came down and Eastern Europe was just beginning to emerge.

One of the speakers we organized on that tour was a young English businessman who was developing a number of enterprises in Budapest.  One point he made in his speech to our group has remained with me.

He pointed out that he could not hire anyone over the age of early 20s.  He explained that everyone older than that had been raised in the communist system and believed that the only way to get ahead was by stealing from the system.  The older workers had dishonesty ingrained in them.  Their upbringing included so much institutional theft… corruption…  and deception that these activities were a normal part of their personal habits as well.

He mentioned that everyone above that age hated the system and treated it with scorn.

That memory popped up immediately when I read the September 28, 2011 New York Times article “As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe” by Nicholas Kulish.

The article shows how the loss of belief in capitalistic democracy is becoming global. Here is an excerpt:

Hundreds of thousands of disillusioned Indians cheer a rural activist on a hunger strike.
Israel reels before the largest street demonstrations in its history.

Enraged young people in Spain and Greece take over public squares across their countries.

Their complaints range from corruption to lack of affordable housing and joblessness, common grievances the world over.

But from South Asia to the heartland of Europe and now even to Wall Street, these protesters share something else: wariness, even contempt, toward traditional politicians and the democratic political process they preside over.

They are taking to the streets, in part, because they have little faith in the ballot box.

“Our parents are grateful because they’re voting,” said Marta Solanas, 27, referring to older Spaniards’ decades spent under the Franco dictatorship. “We’re the first generation to say that voting is worthless.”

Economics have been one driving force, with growing income inequality, high unemployment and recession-driven cuts in social spending breeding widespread malaise. Alienation runs especially deep in Europe, with boycotts and strikes that, in London and Athens, erupted into violence.

But even in India and Israel, where growth remains robust, protesters say they so distrust their country’s political class and its pandering to established interest groups that they feel only an assault on the system itself can bring about real change.

We have even seen how scorn for the establishment boiled over in staid, previously socially cohesive England.  


Jolly old…



A friend who lives in England wrote during the riots: There has been some trouble down the road and we had all our lines running into the house cut by yobs (TV, Telephone, Internet, etc. which will cost us to repair).   We were pretty unsettled about it and have the house on lockdown day and night!  Shutters locked, lights off after dark and the baseball bat has been brought up from the basement (my good old Louisville Slugger) – but mainly I am more worried about being mugged by my utility suppliers – energy and water bills all went up here overnight by up to 30%! Ouch.

Much worse a tea shop where I stop in Clapham Junction was burned down and the whole shopping area was trashed by looters.  What really gets me is all the excuses being made for these people.

Such scorn can change everything because a prosperous social economic system requires belief,  agreement and non coerced cooperation.

Scorn for the establishment has been evolving for decades  and is why since the release of my first book “Passport to International Profit” written in the 1970s, I have preached and practiced being beyond any one system by being a One Man Multinational.

The core message in “Passport to International Profit” is to become a one man multinational with a six point command posture which is to:

Live in one country
Bank in a second country
Invest in many countries
Earn in two or more countries
Use a company incorporated in a fifth country
Take a second residence

We have since taken this one step further. To have a fulfilling six point lifestyle posture:

Live in one country you love.
Bank in a second country that is safe and that you really enjoy.
Invest in many countries you would like to explore or feel good about.
Earn in two or more countries you would like to explore or feel good about.
Use a company incorporated in a fifth country that best fits your circumstances.
Take a second residence in a place where you love and want to be at times.

More than 40 years after having lived in and out of the USA,  Merri and I still believe that being global is vital from an investing and business point of view and enlivening for one’s lifestyle.

The key to a six point lifestyle is the ability to earn globally through service.   Social economic systems break down when too many rely on the system rather than their ability to serve.

The ultimate asset is the ability to produce a product or service that others are willing to pay for wherever you are.

George Orwell spotted the realities of nature and depicted them in his 1945 epic “Animal Farm” that described the nature of  everlasting entropy.  Order that leads to disorder that forms the foundation of a new order.

Service however is timeless.  Nations can come and go.  Eras have come and gone.  Businesses, industries and new technologies arrive, boom and bust… rise and fall.   Service, however, is the space through which the arrow of time flies… a weave in the fabric of reality that never frays.  Service is the lift that allows the Phoenix to rise.

Merri and I made the trip to Berlin to celebrate with the people of East Berlin and West Berlin when the Berlin Wall fell…we were up all night with the shouts heard all over the world…and joined with both peoples to herald a new beginning!  It was a very auspicious time filled with joy, sadness, eagerness and all the other expressions of gate that was opened.

Now much of that eagerness has turned to scorn.

However in every scenario… there is also an arrow of profit… opportunities through service in a micro business that creates profit and helps bring a positive impact to the world.

We have created five new programs to help create turn key micro businesses in the new economic era ahead.

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Read the New York Times article: As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe