Multi Currency Investing Baker’s Dozen

by | Sep 22, 2011 | Archives

Here is a multi currency investing baker’s dozen ideas.

Every day I get some wisdom from my dad.


He’s been gone from this earthly plane for well over 30 years…I wish we had had more time together as grownups.  Yet every day I start with some wisdom from him because I have just one gift he left me to use.

Talk about being old fashioned, I use my dad’s shaving brush, the one item I have that was his… an “Ever Ready Guaranteed” brand made in the USA that he kept with an Old Spice shaving mug.

I moved up from the old Gillette single blade razor that seemed to skin hair when you hurried…  but otherwise the routine never varies.

Picking up that brush each morning brings back some wisdom he shared with me like:

#1: “The best way through trouble is straight through it.”

#2: ” You make your own bed, so you have to lie in it”.

#3:”Nothing a gambler has is ever his own”.

There is nothing spectacular about these ideas. We all know them… but the gift is that because they are such common and simple ideas they can often be ignored.  The brush helps me make sure I don’t forget.

I realize how comforting such really basic concepts are in times of seeming economic turmoil and change.  They are so fundamental they cut through the noise and stick with reality any place…. any time…. any market.

So may I pass on the gift and share a baker’s dozen of basic ideas I have been taught about multi currency investing in the hopes they can help you during this time of social, investing and earning unrest.

1: We know less than we think we do…and that’s OK.

#2: Listen to those who disagree with us…this expands our horizons.

#3: The consensus may be wrong…truth is not created through repletion of an error.

#4: You cannot succeed without making mistakes…if you opt for certainty, you will die anonymously.

#5: Cheap good value stocks outperform expensive stocks.

#6: Companies with share prices already in established up trends offer greater immediate opportunity.

#7: Stocks with high earnings and rising earnings outperform stocks with low and falling earnings.

#8: Good value, high quality stocks with rising earnings that have gained attention from the market are the most likely to appreciate.

#9: Don’t care too much about day to day volatility.

#10: Don’t care too little about strategy.

#11: Do not count on extraordinary returns. Be realistic.

#12: Do not underexpose (don’t make too many short term decisions and not enough long term decisions) yourself for the long term.

#13: Know that a period of high returns will be followed by a period of low returns.

I hope these ideas remind you of ways that make your life better every day.


On the subject of remembering, don’t forget that we have a free gift reminder service.

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