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Ecuador exports can help promote fair trade.

The export business helps many of our readers earn and others, like…


Photo:  Glenn Sterling

this Ecuador family.  They are weavers who also make a paper like material.

Stagflation… rising prices in a falling economy is here… has been for some time, but is now more obvious.  The result are showing.

The September 13, 2011 USA Today article “Typical U.S. family got poorer during the past 10 years” by Dennis Cauchon and Barbara Hansen highlights this fact when it says (Bolds are mine):   A typical U.S. family got poorer during the past 10 years in the first decade-long income decline in at least a half-century, new federal data show.

Median household income fell 2.3% to $49,445 last year and has dropped 7% since 2000 after adjusting for inflation, the Census Bureau said Tuesday. Income was the lowest since 1996.

Poverty rose, too. The share of people living in poverty hit 15.1%, the highest level since 1993, and 2.6 million more people moved into poverty, the most since Census began keeping track in 1959.

Over the past 40 years we have seen our readership dramatically increase their green, social, organic concerns. However, during the downside of the economic cycle, people may have to change. When someone loses their job and finds it hard to get another, they stop thinking about whether a potential employer is using fair trade products in the goods. When a family is at risk of losing their home to foreclosure, they stop worrying about a hungry child in emerging nations.  When a person is starving… even the poorest quality food starts to look good.

We know that people are suffering because of the global economic shifts.  We see this from our readers every day.  We know that the global economy is likely to get worse before it gets better.  Economies ALWAYS have cycles.   We also know that those who are prepared do best during the downside of the cycle.

To help, we have expanded  our focus on surviving the loss of jobs and currency purchasing power though micro businesses.  Economic sluggishness creates extra opportunity in equities, real estate, commodities and for those who create their own micro business.

Yet we have tried to maintain a green… fair trade focus as well.

We have started a program to help our readers create their own micro business working with these businesses as introducers, dealers and distributors.

We started this micro business program for our readers with five businesses who offer products and services we love.

#1: Purely Green/Bio Wash

#2: Jyske Global Asset Management  (JGAM)

#3: Candace Newman Essential Oils

#4: Ecuador Roses

#5: Ecuador Export Products

Each of these products offers a special social benefit as well as income opportunity.

Ecuador roses and exports promote employment of the poor and Veriflora certified roses (those offered in the program) encourage fair trade, humanitarian, healthy,  employment.

The latest Ecuador export tour was recently completed and Bonnie Keough who conducts and continually expands these tours wrote:

This is my latest discovery for the export tour.  We visited a multi-generational family home workshop near Peguche.   There were at least 4 generations, maybe 5,  present for our visit.  Everyone was very gracious and welcomed us into their home.  Prices on the goods were very fair so the group gained an economic as well as cultural benefit and our purchases helped support eight families.  Their workshop is at the back of the house, not visible from the street at all.  They have several large looms used to weave scarves, ponchos and shawls in various materials and styles.  Many of the vendors at Otavalo market purchase goods from these folks to resell in their booths.

These shots taken by our friend and Super Thinking teacher, Glenn Sterling, shows how one never knows what to expect on an Ecuador export tour.

One begins seeing exquisite beauty overlooking a small…


village and…


a simple home it appears with…


a guard dog perhaps?  Not really just an invitation to see that there is…


more than meets the…




Here is an entire factory supporting an entire family old and…




The last Ecuador export tour looked at products that…


can earn and help people like this. They thank you. The…


entire family.


Win… win for all.


Glenn wrote:  This is a home near Peguche (in the town) where the family has a lot of looms and weaving equipment.  This woman has taken some paperlike material from a press and is letting it dry after being pressed.   The press is huge (she’s standing beside it).  Out back there is the canal from the lake where the women are washing clothing and there are many pups running around – hence the dog shots.


This paperlike making seems to be a sideline for them as the room in this picture is separate and adjacent to the weaving looms (a back room).  One of my favorites is the elderly lady entering the home from the light outside making her look like an angel.


What an experience.


This is why we are pleased to include Ecuador exports in our micro business program.

We provide three e-courses that can help you develop your own micro business that we designed to help you earn anywhere you live in the world.

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When you complete one of the courses above and  attend one of our International Business and Investing Seminars  (the next is October 7-8-9), you will be qualified to enroll for referrer, distributor and dealer programs for Ecuador Imbabura Export Products  PLUS any other mico business programs we develop., Purely Green, Bio Wash… Jyske Global Asset Management  (JGAM)… Candace Newman Essential Oils… and Ecuador Roses… PLUS any other mico business programs we develop. 

You can learn more about  our October 7-9 North Carolina Course here.

Or you can attend an Ecuador Export Tour instead of the October seminar. Details below.

We have started the beta micro business program.  The good news is that we are not charging a penny more more.  Our International Business Made EZ online course and our International Business Made EZ seminars remain the same price though we’ll now offer subscribers an entrance to doing business with these many, special turnkey businesses that offer income, as well as social and environmental opportuntities.

The overall service can bring you the following benefits:

#1: Connect you via our our online course “International Business Made EZ” to here and now specific business opportunities.

#2: Keep you in touch with other readers in the program, share business tips, ideas contacts and even website support in some instances.

#3: Local lead assistance.  We can zero in as close as 20 miles to a location so for example we can send a separate email to every reader within 20 miles of the address of a referrer.  And although we won’t release the names in that area, we can send them a note of the opportunity.

We have general plans at this stage but find the best way to develop systems is to refine through action. We expect our beta program this year to clarify how we can best help our readers develop successful micro businesses.

Step one is to order one of the three online programs.

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You must complete one of the online business development courses above and attend an International Business and Investing Seminar to be eligible.

Most readers  who enroll in our Online Courses and attend our International Business and Investing Seminar have their own business in mind.  Our courses and seminars will help make your business ideas work better.   Those who do not have a business idea can join in our turnkey micro business program.

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The September 13, 2011 USA Today article “Typical U.S. family got poorer during the past 10 years