Self Publishing 202 Lesson 4

by | Sep 14, 2011 | FM TTP, International Club, Self Publishing

Self Publishing 202 Lesson 4  “Buzz Niche” is now posted at your password protected Gary Scotty Club site  Clcik here for lesson four.  SP 202 – Lesson 4.

David Cross our webmaster has been working hard to create a system for you that makes it easier for you to access your courses.

You can access your Self Publishing course and all of the Self Publishing 2020 lesson at this site using the password recently sent to you.

You can access the entire site at

We have created a chain system so our FM teachers receive all, Our international Club members receive everything and our Self Publishing subscribers receive the Self Publishing 202.  This is our first use of this system so we are not sure how this chaining will work in the real world. If you get this message three times… we’ll be correcting this so don’t worry.  This is what Beta programs are about.

On the subject of Beta programs. “Self Fulfilled 202 – Tidbits on Kindle” is a beta program and we want your input.  Please send your questions and share your successes and not so successful experiences with us.