Beat Stagflation on the Beach

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This San Clemente, Ecuador beach view house for sale is a good way to beat stagflation on the beach.


Here is the view from the living room of a inexpensive San Clemente Ecuador beach house for sale.

There are five ways to beat stagflation.

#1: Move to a lifestyle of lower cost living such as Ecuador or Smalltown USA.

#2: Invest in high value and emerging equities.

#3: Invest in high value real estate.

#4: Invest in precious metals and commodities.

#5: Invest in your own micro business.  Earn more than the loss of your money’s purchasing power.

There are business opportunities in Ecuador also.  See how Ecuador flowers can create scholarship and earn income as well.

The global economy is on the downside of its bell curve.  When looked at from a universal perspective… the world today is amazingly rich. Mankind has achieved incredible material progress in the last 100 years or so.  History shows that a huge jump in wealth or any grand expansion is always followed by a contraction.  That’s the universal way… a big bang that expands, then collapses to one point, before expanding again.

Such a global view is nice… but when inflation is cutting into the purchasing power of everything you do… more local visions are required and there are numerous ways to maintain your lifestyle on a fixed budget.

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One avenue for beach lovers is to live on Ecuador’s Pacific.   The weather is really very good.  There are no hurricanes and prices are still amazingly low as this San Clemente house for sale shows.

Bahia, and the surrounding areas including San Clemente, are is in my opinion, the nicest areas and with the greatest potential on Ecuador coast.  After driving up and down… top to bottom…  of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast many times, Merri’s and  my choice for a beach house was San Clemente which is only about 30 minutes to the International airport at Manta and 30 minutes to Bahia.

About 15 years years ago, Merri and I drove almost the entire length of Ecuador’s coast with our Norwegian friend, Kjetil Haugan. This trip included a visit to San Clemente which is a tiny fishing village on the Ecuadorian Pacific.

We saw then that San Clemente offered special value for Ecuadorian beach real estate. This was one of Ecuador’s best beaches, but just 30 minutes north of Manta and only a half hour to Bahia, Ecuador.

Here is the San Clemente beach.


We conducted real estate tours and urged readers to buy Ecuador beach property around Manta back then. Land especially around Manta, appreciated as much as 1,000% in a decade. Many of our readers and real estate tour delegates of a decade ago purchased ocean view house lots at $2,500. These same lots as resales are now selling at $17,500, yet Ecuador beach property is still the least expensive I have seen anywhere one would want to live.

Many Ecuador coastal properties are popping up now but most developers are buying land to develop…at current, much higher prices.

San Clemente is catching on and many of our readers now live here. One reader who has enjoyed being on the beach in San Clemente is moving to Cuenca because his son, who has been home schooled, is ready for university.

This means he wants a quick sale and as you will see below has offered a remarkable price for this house that is right on the beach.


Beautiful modernly designed zen style house on one of the best beaches in Ecuador in San Clemente. The house is situated right in front of the ocean. The propriety is 1300 sq feet on a 3000 sq feet lot.


The house was designed to get the maximum light possible. In fact, the front of the house is all from floor to the ceiling windows and have also four skylights.  The house was rebuilt from ground up with open spaces and with a big patio.

san-clemente-beach house

The house is situated in the quietest part of the city, no discotheque, no noise, just the beach.

Propriety description

–    Three bedrooms
–    Four complete bathrooms
–    Brand new kitchen with custom built thermoplastic cabinets by Madeval (


–    Big living room
–    Dining room
–    Brand new air conditioning in each rooms and in the living room
–    Two cisterns for water
–    Cable for internet and satellite TV


Price $99,000.

For more details please contact Joseph Kollar at

or Call Joseph Kollar in Ecuador at: 08-919-2993 or Stella Kollar at 08-197-0707.

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