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We are ramping up our focus on frequency modulation because we can invent our future.  We need to.  Whether we like it or not…  the future will bring change.  The change will not be handled by the establishment easily.  The old system… get a good classical education… work hard for a big corporation… enjoy the golden years with a pension and social care is under attack.

Many will view this change as being bad, but we can choose to let every year…. every day be golden.  We can invent our own golden future or be invented by the system through default.

Merri receives and enjoys emails from the Abraham Wicks site.  A quote she sent me from that site explains why investing our own future works best.  This quote helps  understand why frequency modulation plays a part in this choices we make.

Then we’ll look at a tip I use frequency modulation to maintain energy and keep my weight in check so the future I invest is one where my trousers continue to fit.

The quote says: One who is mostly an observer thrives in good times but suffers in bad times because what he is observing is already vibrating, and as he observes it, he includes it in his vibrational countenance. As he includes it, the Universe accepts that as his point of attraction and gives him more of it. So the better it gets the better it gets. Or the worse it gets the worse it gets. While one who is a visionary thrives in all times.

When we think and project our thoughts we are working at brain wave levels…  many are subconscious and this integration of thought creates action beyond our logic.  This is how we can invent our postive future.

Weight & Energy Control Tip

Let me begin by saying that for many years, I was trimness challenged.


Here I am age 12 or so with a cousin at Christmas.  I’m on the right already overweight and probably headed for a second helping of cake and ice cream.


By age 21 I weighed 220 pounds (almost 116 stone for my English friends) and had a 36 inch waist.

Then I moved to Hong Kong and learned some very interesting lessons about natural health and the power of meditation.

One of the lessons I learned is the power of visualization and meditation that I use to this day.

As I approach my 65th birthday, I use visualization to help overcome the retirement programming that society puts around this day.  Merri and I first of all feel like we are just getting started.

We do more than just think about this.   We have infrared saunas (see more on the power of frequency in the infra red range below)  in North Carolina, Florida and Cotacachi.  I use them with my meditation most days.


Yet there is one trick beyond infra red.  Each of these saunas has a glass door and because they are lighted inside and it is dark outside (I usually start my sauna  before the sun is up – also a tip for success – that early bird idea), the door looks like a mirror… but not a perfect one.  The imperfection in the doors (as mirrors) perform what I call shadow surgery. They make me look an awful lot better than in the harsh light of day. The shadows eliminate wrinkles, hide bulges and cover blemishes perfectly… no surgery, liposuction or pastes, putties or creams required!   In that sauna… in the imperfect mirror… I  look a lot y0unger and trimmer.

So I take a good look before I meditate and that picture invents my being at many levels.


Shadow surgery… a picture presented by a very kind mirror.

Here is an important point that many miss about visualization.  Visualization is a precusor to… not a replacement for correct action!

The idea of looking in that mirror is that it implants a positive image somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind… far beyond logic.  Then the next time another illogical part of my brain signals that I want a chocolate bar or something calorically excessive… that picture appears in the process and says… “People who are trim and in shape don’t do this”.

Each time I think about skipping my daily walk… some part of me illogically thinks… “People in good shape like to walk”.

Visualization fights illogic with illogic.  I know I should not have the extra piece of chocolate.  But the mind tells these little illogical lies… half truths that can lead me astray.

None of this is logical… but then again neither are the lies our minds can lure us out of correct action with… “just one more piece won’t hurt” or… “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Many of our actions are dictated by thoughts beyond logic.  Visualization is the art of working backwards… mental reverse engineering using pictures (in the case of the sauna a positively distorted view) to modulate the frequencies of our minds that are at the root of our thinking and impulses on a day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute basis.

Visualization creates thoughts that help create positive action… not the thought “oh extra chocolate. I can have it because I use visualization”.  Visualization helps create positive action but does not replace positive action.  The sauna helps. Good nutrition helps and exercise helps.  Visualization encourages one to use them.

On the negative side  most of us are programmed our entire lives to expect physical decline as we age. This may be  something we don’t want, but that programing is strong so at some level of our consciousness,  we expect it.   Visualization… expectation are such strong parts of our being that we get what we expect.

We can invent our future and create the reality that we live, but if we do not do this in a positive way we live the reality of what others have taught us to expect.

Little tactics like visualization can help us invent the future we truly desire.


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