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Natural health & healthy skin can help you invent your future.

Last Saturday’s message Invent Your Future by the Inch looked at how jumping out of trees can lead to swollen heads and scars.

First, may I thank the many readers who sent their good wishes to me.  How wonderful it is to receive such positive blessings!  The knee and the head are healing very quickly and I am feeling very good.  The only thing broken I believe was my pride.  I think this is good.

As explained last week, this is my favorite most energetic time of the year… but I’ll try to temper my exuberance for the season with a bit more caution.

Please excuse this gross picture… but as you can see this was a pretty good whack with swelling all the way down through the eyes and nose.

In the hopes of avoiding a Harry Potter type slash across my forehead forever, I wrote to… 


our friend Candace Newman… the Essential Oil Lady.

I wrote:  Candace, I had a little head banger.  Worse than it looks as there is Dragon’s Blood on the cut.  Can you send a bottle of your Scar & Bruise Oil?  Any suggestions of other oils I might apply in the healing process?

Candace replied:  Gary,  1. Put a drop of pure Lavender on a Q-tip or cotton ball and swipe the cut once as a pure antiseptic and to dry it out. One time may be enough…you can do this 3 X day if needed to dry it up. Be careful not to get this near your eyes. If you ever get pure essential oil in your eye….wash it out with milk or cream….NOT water.

2.   After the cut is dry…until we get the Scar Oil to you…you can make a healing salve with a little raw honey in your hand and 1 drop of Lavender.

3.  Then the Scar Oil can be used when the cut has dried up…..Use it several times a day and especially at night for sleep for days and weeks if needed. Rub it gently in. Our Scar Oil is used for major surgical scars and the oils in it are major for cell regeneration and skin repair. It’s one of our very BEST Formulas.  Take care of your head!

My good friend, Bob Shane, had sent me a tube of “Dr. Nordyke’s New Zealand Manuka Wound Honey” to try out… so now I had a real test to experiement with.

I have followed Candace’s advice and the healing moved along very quickly. Here I am just one week later.


This reminds me how well natural health ideas work…. and how they can save.

Had I taken a modern route to the hospital for stitches, antibiotics, Xrays  and a Tetanus shot… I would have spent $500 or more.  As it was the tube of wound honey was about $25 and the Scar & Bruise Oil $29.  I have used only a bit of each so still have enough for many more wounds & scars.  Hopefully I won’t have more… but on the other being able to still get up in a tree might be worth the risks.

Plus antibiotics and Tetanus shots carry their own risks and perhaps leave invisible scars.

I am sure my regular yoga helped shift the fall into a few aches and pains instead of something broken.  The exercises I do are free as well.

Simply put… there are many approaches to natural health that save a lot of money and work very well.

One user from Florida wrote to Candace: “I just want to tell you how wonderful I think your Scar & Bruise Oil is. I started using it right after the stitches were removed from my forehead and within three months the scar has disappeared. Thank you!”


Learn more about Scar & Bruise Essential Oil here.

Effective, inexpensive natural health solution will grow in importance as medical costs rose.  Essential oils for healthy skin and natural health can also help you earn income.  See how below.

We have used, enjoyed and loved the totally unique products and services of a number of people over the past 20 years.   We approached a number of these businesses and have started a program to help our readers create their own micro business as referrers, dealers and distributors.

What a match… wonderful one of a kind products tied together with our communication system that can bring customer development, training, communicating and networking.

We have started the beta program, linking our International Business online courses and our International Business Made EZ seminars to training for these products.

The overall program not only brings you outstanding product lines to offer but also brings you the following benefits:

#1: Connects you via our online course “International Business Made EZ” to many specific business opportunities.

#2: Keep you in touch with other readers in the program, share business tips, ideas, contacts and even website support to attract customers in some instances.

We are starting with these five businesses first.

#1: Candace Newman Essential Oils
#2: Jyske Global Asset Management  (JGAM)
#3: Bio Wash
#4: Ecuador Roses
#5: Ecuador Imbabura Export Products

Candace & John Newman at Oil Lady Aromatherapy LLC   (OLA) are now in the formulation stages with us and our initial readers who want to distrbute essential oils.  They have started with three programs:

Essential Oil Plan #1: Distributor.  OLA has agreed to let us provide an annual educational program to readers who become distributors and purchase  a $300.00 “OLA Start-Up Package”.   Distributors pay $10.00 per month (automatic charge on a credit card) for quarterly teleconference training from Candace and John plus receive the bi-monthly educational “Aromatherapy Guide” and monthly “OLA Emailed Newsletter”.

The $300.00 “OLA Start-Up Package” includes a sample of the products they would be retailing, two Essential Oil Training Classes on DVD, and instructions for the program.

Essential Oil Plan #2: Affiliate.  Readers can become OLA Affiliates.   Affiliates can place as many OLA products as they choose on their website.  Customers click through to a special OLA shopping cart from the affiliate’s  website. The affiliate handles no merchandise and puts out no upfront money for retail product sales. The order comes directly to the OLA shopping cart which tracks affiliate sales.   Affiliate receive 15% commission of gross product sales each month.

Essential Oil Plan #3: Wholesaler.  Wholesalers purchase directly from OLA at wholesale prices.   Wholesalers can sell OLA products  at any price they choose.   OLA provides Wholesalers  with the product photos and info to use on the Wholesalers website. The profit margin belongs totally to the Wholesaler.  Wholesalers purchase, stock, ship & sell OLA products. There is no minimum order on how much they need to purchase from us at wholesale prices.  Wholesalers receive discounts based on the size of their purchases.  Orders over $1,000.00 receive 5% additional discount.   $2,500.00 receive 7.5%.    $5,000 receives 10% off.

Wholesalers can also have a private label for their company but there are added costs for making labels, set-up fees, and minimum orders for each product they purchase.  This is negotiable in advance.

OLAs goal is to provide simple uncomplicated alternatives either as Distributors,  Affiliates or Wholesalers.

The OLA Distributor and Wholesaler plans are ready to go.  The OLA Affiliate Plan is scheduled for late September or beginning of October.

Readers who attend an International Business and Investing Sminar and complete one of our online business courses will be qualified to enroll for distributor, affiliate or wholesaler as well as any other turnkey business programs we develop. 

Enrolling in any of our online business development courses and attending one seminar provides full qualification to apply for all programs we provide for a year.

We provide three e-courses that can help you develop your own micro business that we designed to help you earn anywhere you live in the world.

International Business Made EZ ($299)

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