Invent a Future – By the Inch

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Here are ideas on why it is important to invent a future by the inch.

I do not know whether the global economy in the months ahead will pick up or slow down.  I do not know whether nations will grow rich or go broke… or if stock markets will rise or fall.

I do know that whatever happens there will be opportunity.  I also know that if I concentrate on improving myself… my thinking… my health…. my energy and skills and remain observant… I might spot some of it… some opportunity.   Then if I take a little risk… one inch at a time, work hard and have a spot of luck… something good will appear.

So when autumn comes early here in the mountains I take advantage of the season.   Autumn is my liveliest  time of year.   This is not surprising.  In the Ayurvedic view of health we consist of three elements (called doshas)… water, fire and air.  We have a make up or constitution… water-fire or fire-water or fire-air or air-air, etc.   The key to good health is to keep all three elements in our constitution in balance.

There are three seasons as well… water, fire and air.  In the summer (fire season) one has to pacify the fire.  Autumn and winter are the air season so one has to pacify the air…  unless they need more air.   People of my composition… fire-water love autumn!  The dry, crisp cool air creates the perfect balance.

Last June when I reviewed my vedic chart, Blaine Watson outlined how beginning August 13  I would feel extra energy.   Sure enough… I did. despite being on the cusp of my 65th birthday, I have been feeling more energetic than when I was a kid.

So I ignored the other part of that reading from Blaine… unpredictable TAKE ONE STEP AT AT TIME.

So a week ago I was bustling… finished all my work and decided  to play the in the woods and climb some trees.

This is when I was reminded how life is often measured by the inch.

We have several wildlife observation stands on the farm…


There was a wildlife observation stand hooked up  at the dark spot way up the tree… about


20 feet off the ground when observed from below. This has since been turned into


a pile of rubble.   All that is missing in the picture is me… lying on top of it where


I landed head first on this board.  The dark spot on the left.  That’s a bit of me.

Our grandson is coming up shortly for Memorial Day and I have corn and camera set up near this stand so we can climb up in the stand and watch and photo the game.   We love doing this.

Here’s a photo of two deer coming in.


This is such a great way to get an nine year old who already thinks we are a bit fuddy duddy because “papa and grandmerri do not have TV” (how horrible!) out of his computer games and videos and into nature and the woods.

I wanted to check out the stand and make sure it was safe.  I put up a 20′ steel ladder, climbed up on the stand and forgot Blaine’s warning… TAKE ONE STEP AT AT TIME.  I took two steps at once… putting my full weight on the stand so the entire structure immediately collapsed plunging me head first towards the forest floor… a swan dive with a fairly hard ending.

Fortunately my leg caught in the ladder and scraped all the way through. This gave me a great long raspberry but slowed my descent just enough to turn a broken skull into just a daze and a headache.  It jerked my knee and foot pretty good and left me hobbling around for a few days but all appears to be well now.

The inches?  When I opened my eyes on the ground and looked at the board I had hit, right next to my head you could see this a bit…


clearer…a three inch nail.   You can see it to the right by the dark spot in the previous picture of this aboard above.

How close did the nail come?


Close enough for scar potential… more about that in a moment.

Had I landed an inch to the right this could have been a very different picture and I doubt it would have included a smile.

So every day is always a gift. Appreciate them. I see mine as double gifts now.

There are two points to share here.

First, I should have seen this coming. I had been warned about the exuberance and the risk.

This is why we sponsor courses conducted by Blaine Watson… our astrologer,  on how to use Vedic Astrology to “Think Outside the Box” and “Invest Beyond Logic”.

A reader who is attending Blaine’s September course wrote:   Hi,  I’m wondering if there is an itinerary for the September “Business and Investing Beyond Logic” course.  I’m planning to come but the lady who is considering joining me is asking about this.  She does believe in the idea of Astrology but wants to ensure she will gain enough value.

My reply may help you understand Blaine’s course better. Thanks for asking.  Blaine’s course begins In the Blue Ridge at 1 pm Friday September 23, 2011 and ends around noon on Sunday September 25th.   The course includes a free personal reading but that normally takes place later over the phone.

Blaine has changed his course every time he has taught it so I don’t have a clear idea of exactly what he’ll teach in the upcoming course.

I have copied him to see if he can fill us in but he is in Europe now so it may be a week or so before he replies.

What Blaine will teach are the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology so that course participants will come away with a sense of familiarity and comfort with the science and be able to follow their own horoscopes at home.

Then you will learn a detailed description of the chart, how it is laid out, the significations of the planets, the 12 signs, the 12 houses, the 27 nakshatras or as well as an explanation of the planetary cycles (dashas) and transits (gochar).

In the last course he delved more deeply into how to use this in developing one’s investing and business activity.  He uses my chart as an example so delegates can get a real time, practical example of how one can use the data Vedic Astrology provides in a realistic meaningful way. 

I help in the course by providing an overview of the science tying it into quantum physics. Then I show how Merri and I use this information in a practical way integrating this with logical thought to come to conclusions and actions. 

Plus we look at the importance of thinking outside the box in today’s fast moving world.  The entire world’s educational system is aimed at teaching us lessons from the past… that so rapidly become irrelevant that we need to think beyond logic to stay ahead.

I hope this is helpful. Don’t hesitate if you have other questions.  Gary

Blaine added to this and wrote:  Gary has summarized the course very well. This time I am planning to add a couple of subtle but practical exercises to demonstrate, hopefully clearly, how we are the creators of time and space.   Everyone will benefit from these techniques.  Also I am adding the frequency modulation music to enhance the comprehension of what I say. Blaine

Monday’s message looks at the scars and how they can help earn income for you… anywhere.

Until then… enjoy your weekend one inch at a time.


Join Merri me with Blaine Watson.