Multi Currency Investment Bargains

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The current market turmoil is creating some incredible multi currency investment bargains.

These charts from 4pm yesterday show why…


the five year US dollar Swiss franc chart from illustrates why the Swiss franc is not a bargain to buy now. 5 day chart of Dow Jones industrial average.

Here is the five year Dow Jones chart for perspective.

Panic in financial market creates opportunity and three really good potentials are developing.  These are opportunities  in equitiesreal estate and bonds.
One of my financial advisers wrote:
 The bond market is still OK, selling prices are a bit down – at the moment, who knows what is next.  It is difficult to have ideas to purchase anything at the moment – but on the long term it is a good time to buy in the equity market.

Prices of Gold and Swiss franc are much too high, and do not cover any real value. To invest here now might be the most risky business of all. The industrial side of gold is more or less dead. And the Swiss have great problems with their currency being so strong.  The Swiss franc has appreciated 50% against the US dollar the last five years. This is very difficult for Swiss business.

Warren Buffett once wrote to his shareholders, “we have usually made our best purchases when apprehensions about some macro event were at a peak“.

This cleansing could be a really good one  for a special reason… because for the first time in many decades, the market is not expecting governments to bail them out.   This is a huge fundamental difference between the financial crisis of three years ago and the current balancing.

The 2008 crash started at the bottom and rose up.   Bad value real estate pricing distorted the Wall Street equity market. The credit-rating firms badly misjudged the risk and this led to a collapse that caused the recession.

The current drop instead comes because the investment world finally accepts that Governments around the world can no longer gain access to unlimited amounts of money to stimulate their economies.

Simply put the old system has lost the trust of the business and financial communities.

This realization that stimulus is just added government debt has kept private sector investment down, led to high unemployment and slow growth.

In this recession there is no deleveraging. This has already taken place. Instead companies are loaded with cash and private debt has been reduced.

This has left consumption low but creates a platform for a sudden correction when prices drop so low the values attract all the cash that is laying around.

In 2008 everyone looked for governments to provide liquidity into the economy.  Now this is not expected.  Liquidity is not low. U.S. companies have record piles of cash.

Instead this is a loss of confidence in the system… in the banks and governments’ ability to boost economic growth.

The concepts of stimulus that have been used for decades simply won’t work this time round.  The reality is that, unlike 2008, governments’ money is no good in today’s over borrowed economy.

These days, large companies are frowning all the way to the bank, depositing excess funds in safe-but-idle accounts, as shown by Bank of New York’s unprecedented move last week to charge companies to park their cash in its vaults.

Sell offs always overdo so at some point equities will be good enough that investors will begin to buy. The sharp rally at the end of yesterday bouyed only by a Fed promise to keep low interest rates suggests that the market expects this to happen quickly.

Look for value shares.

The real answer is for U.S and European politicians to introduce the fiscal and labor reforms that will restart demand and investment growth. Look for this but do not expect too much too soon.

Look for bond values created by wide spreads.  These bond calculations were sent to me yesterday by Jyske Global Asset Management (JGAM).

Bond spreads rose to 5% and 6% today. That means if you bought a bond today for $10,000 and resold it immediately you would lose $500 or $600.  However if the bonds are purchased and held to maturity that spread matters not.

These spreads push the bond prices down and add to the opportunity.  Here are five buy recommendations from JGAM yesterday.

The expected return (second to last figure) is calculated on 1 year’s basis, takes the development of the currency into consideration, so if the yield on a USD bond is 3% and the expectation is that USD will drop 5% against the EUR over the next 12 month the expected return will be 8%. Thus this figure is just an estimate.

All the bonds below are denominated in euro and the  return is calculated based on the expected rise of the euro versus the danish kroner not the US dollar.

Take the Bombadier Bond as an example.  The annual interest you receive is 7.1% and if the spread narrows the bond could be sold for a profit. However if the bond is held to 2021… you would receive that 7.1% every year and then receive you investment back.

multi-currency bonds

Real estate prices are already low.  The current fear will soften the market even further.

For more information on bonds American investors should contact Thomas Fischer at

Non Americans contact Rene Mathys at

Our analysis of 30 year cycles suggests that the current market correction is almost exactly on time.  The good values created in this downfall could create strong profits in the years ahead.


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