Natural Awakenings to Affordable Health with Natural Reminders

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See how natural reminders can help have natural awakenings to affordable health.

This is the day after.. or two.  The debt ceiling was raised.  America can borrow even more.  For now the world does not have to face a global economic disaster.   Naturally the root financial problems of the Western world were not resolved.   If one is in debt and spending more than earned… getting a bigger loan without eliminating excess does not solve the dilemma… but simply pushes a bigger reckoning into the future.

A promise to stop spending cannot be kept… if… one does not cut the biggest, hardest to control, costs.  The big costs facing the aging, diminishing Western population are unfunded pensions and health care.

usatoday healthcare graph

Graph from USA Today article Medicare, Medicaid tab keeps growing (linked below). The bold is mine.

Excerpts from an August 2, 2011 USA Today article by Dennis Cauchon entitled “Medicare, Medicaid tab keeps growing” explains when it says:  The costs of the government’s big health care programs are soaring again, expenses not tackled in the agreement President Obama signed into law Tuesday to raise the nation’s debt limit and cut federal spending.

Medicare and Medicaid spending rose 10% in the second quarter from a year earlier to a combined annual rate of almost $992 billion, according to new data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The two programs are on track to rise $90 billion in 2011 and crack the $1 trillion milestone for the first time.

The debt limit and spending package approved by Congress and Obama don’t restrict costs of Medicare, Medicaid and other entitlement programs. The rapidly escalating costs of the health care programs will challenge lawmakers seeking to rein in federal spending in the future, especially in 2014, when coverage expands to people who are uninsured now.

The latest spending surge in federal health care is driven by more people getting more treatment, not by price increases. Health care inflation is at its lowest level in more than a decade — a 1.7% annual rate — but the aging population and the weak economy are sending more patients to government-financed care.

“It’s going to get worse before it gets better,” says Dan Mendelson of Avalere Health, an industry consulting firm in Washington, D.C. “There’s no way to control the federal budget without controlling entitlements. It’s just math.”

The reasons behind the math are quite simple.  The population is aging.  The young to old ratio is falling so there are less people who have to pay for more.

Sometime ahead the leaders of thee Western world… the USA in particular will have to face this issue but they will resist a resolution for as long as they can.  A core difficulty is that the big problem is not national health care… but national health and national attitudes about personal responsibility.

This core problem is encouraged by three economic elements… insurance… pharmaceuticals and the food industry spend billions convincing Westerners to abdicate their responsibility for natural health.  The alluring story is “Eat what you want”…  “Get Health Insurance to Resolve the Results With a Pill FREE.”

This health and economic imbalance cannot continue forever.    If you are planning on social health care, don’t.  The benefits will… have to… be reduced.  The simpler approach is to be healthy and take steps to keep or recover your natural health.

We have focused on natural health for many years. You can see many natural health tips at our web site

We are always looking for EZ ways to help you improve your health and one way is to reduce stress.  This is why we have created our “Natural Reminders” service.

A good memory is key to success in everything but…have you ever awakened in a cold sweat and realized that a loved one’s birthday was…yesterday.

You are not alone!  Forgetfulness has become a plague created by technology and the stress of our fast paced world.

The Franklin Institute which researches learning writes about “Stress and Memory”:

“Chronic over-secretion of stress hormones adversely affects brain function, especially memory. Too much cortisol can prevent the brain from laying down a new memory, or from accessing already existing memories.”

“Natural Reminders” has the cure because the same technology that creates stress can also help your memory and make you loved just a bit more. Our new “Natural Reminders” service allows you to plug to in five birthdays, anniversaries and other important events and we will automatically send you a reminder to buy Fresh Ecuador roses or some other unique gift to have sent from you to the one’s you love.

Here is how Natural Reminders works.

  1. Add your name and email address to the free reminder service signup form (below). This service is totally FREE. There is no obligation to buy a gift.
  2. Add up to 5 reminder dates that you’d like to set-up (we’ll add more in future if the service proves popular)
  3. We’ll email you about 10 days before each event with a link where you can order natural gifts like Ecuador Roses.

Right now roses are the only gift we have… but you do not have to buy when you get the reminder. We’ll be adding other gifts as we go and when you get the reminder you can buy whatever is offered or… nothing at all.  The reminder is our gift to you.

Never forget a loved one again.  Be naturally gifted with our FREE Natural Reminders.

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Read the entire USA TODAY article Medicare, Medicaid tab keeps growing