Pivotal Week – Be Smarter for International Business & Investing – Day 3

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What’s the story here?    See below how this story can help you be smarter in international business and investing.


What’s the story here?  This is Harriet and Goliath having fun rolling in the meadow.  See below how horses can make you smarter.

We are calling this Pivotal Week because world economic growth is shifting its reliance away from the US economy and US dollar and Western Europe’s economy and the euro… all at once.

The Greek debt debacle accelerated this transition over the last several weeks.  More acceleration should be expected by this week’s decisions about US debt.  No decision, by the way, will be a decision… quite a bad one I expect.

Yesterday’s message about earning from an heirloom story said: The battle in Congress is pretty serious with just eight days to go before the government cannot borrow additional money to fund itself.  The political squabbles are already beginning to bite the economy.

The political arguments really need to be resolved, but they are just the symptom of a deeper problems created by excess… unfunded promises… debt… and poor health.

If the borrowing limit is not raised in time… it is most likely that credit rating agencies will lower the ranking of US sovereign debt from AAA. This will send shock waves around the world and slow the global economy.  Interest costs in the US will rise. The US dollar will fall.

Even if they do reach an agreement… it must be one that the credit agencies believe will resolve the fiscal imbalances. Otherwise the debt rating could still be lowered.

If Congress does satisfy the world that the US is serious about reducing its debt… the answer will almost certainly be… higher tax… later retirement age… less pensions… less medical coverage…less government services.

This fact was pretty quickly confirmed that same day by a July 25, 2011 USA Today article entitled “Social Security payments would fall with new inflation gauge” by Scott Patterson. Here’s an excerpt:  A new measure to calculate inflation that’s catching on in Washington, D.C., would have a big impact on how much cash is distributed by Social Security.

Analysts say it would cut the deficit by $200 billion to $300 billion over the next decade.

The bipartisan “Gang of Six” plan presented by six senators last week proposed shifting to a so-called chained consumer price index.   The chained CPI shifts goods in the basket every few years, based on consumer preferences. The idea is that if the price of a good such as beef shoots higher, consumers will start buying more chicken. The basket would then give a larger weighting to chicken than beef.

The result: The inflation rate doesn’t rise as quickly because people are buying more inexpensive chicken and less expensive beef.

Critics such as Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., say the shift would pinch the elderly who face burdensome health care costs, which tend to rise faster than the overall inflation rate.

No matter how events unfold… life will not be the same.  This is the week that decides which way the restructuring will go.

We can do little to influence these external events.  However, we can do a lot to influence our inner events so we benefit more from the restructuring  however it unfolds.  We can do a lot to be smarter.

This is why Frequency Modulation has been a growing focus at this site.

Yesterday we looked at how many readers are expressing a a sadness at the diminished American dream.   I remind you… we are being given in return a greater… honestly better global dream… spun by technology and knitted with ideals of democracy and capitalism.  This is a much larger vision… different… requiring more effort to begin… but offering even more for all.

We need to be smarter to turn this dream into a most fruitful reality. Frequency Modulation helps us unleash the innate intelligence we all possess because integrating brain frequencies helps us absorb… retain and recall information more effectively.

Frequency Modulation also helps us tap into deeper intelligence so we can use the extra information we gain with wisdom.

One way to use Frequency Modulation is by simply listening to certain types of music… 60 beats per minute. This is certain Lento — slowly (40–60 bpm),  Largo — broadly (40–60 bpm) and Larghetto — rather broadly (60–66 bpm) music.

An alternative is to listen to a metronome at 60 beats a minute… though most find the music more enjoyable. (We certainly do!) Many people attributed to be great masters have used this technique.

An Amazon.com editorial review for the book which we have in our library, “Music, the Brain and Ecstasy” says (bolds are mine):


From Amazon.com Review

What is music? How and why does it affect us? What is the nature of musical genius? Author/composer Robert Jourdain explores these and other questions, from the essential nature of sound through composition, performance, and, finally, the nature of ecstasy. His prose is eminently readable, offering a very accessible account of a difficult subject to the general reader as well as to the musical sophisticate. This is a fascinating and intriguing book, written by someone who clearly knows his subject. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Publishers Weekly

Synthesizing recent research from the burgeoning science of musical psychoacoustics, Jourdain, a California musician, provides a richly informative, exuberant, wonderfully accessible introduction to how we perceive and experience music. Choosing examples eclectically, from Henry Mancini’s “The Pink Panther” to Mozart, Stravinsky and Duke Ellington, he explores how, when we compose, perform or listen to music, the brain assembles musical devices, patterns and harmonies into vast, meaningful hierarchies of sound. He also offers tantalizing if inevitably unsatisfying answers to such age-old enigmas as what makes a great melody or how music elicits emotions and gives pleasure. Requiring no prior musical or scientific knowledge, this survey is sprinkled with interesting historical anecdotes (Beethoven was an early victim of metronome mania;  Aaron Copland hit upon the title Appalachian Spring only after he had finished composing his tone poem) as well as seldom-appreciated facts. We learn, for instance, that musical dissonance and consonance have a neurological basis, in the inner ear’s structure. Jourdain writes with verve, infectious enthusiasm and rare insight into music’s emotive power.

One of my favorite pieces that contains a great deal of largo is Vivaldi’s Cello Sonata in E Minor Movements 1-2/4.

We use this in frequency modulation exercises we conduct in our Frequency Modulation Workshop at our International Business & Investing Seminars.  Please listen below:

Hear Vivaldi – Cello Sonata in E Minor Movements 1-2/4

When Merri and I are busy, facing tight deadlines, stressed, pressed, out of sorts or just ready to unleash our potential we turn this on or  some of the other great classical movements in Largo.

I hope you enjoy this process of becoming smarter.

But where do the Horses come in?

In Ecuador (and in other parts of the remote Andes) the Shamans do not let their Llamas work.  They claim that a content llama generates a frequency similar to those generated when meditating.

For example the largest solar calendar in the Americas is in Ecuador located at 0 degrees 0 minutes and 3 seconds of latitude so virtually on the equator.

Because of the relative physical stillness of the location, no centrifugal force or precessional movement, so it is  very easy to observe the stars clearly. The pyramids are at an altitude of over 9,000 ft. and was the capital of the people who lived in the area.

This is a significant site for ancient wisdom and these llamas are part of a herd left to graze there for their gentle frequencies and purring.


Merri and I do the same with our horses.


Here is the herd:  Blaze, Goliath, Lucy the Appaloosa, Harriet and Old Flo.  Their job is to walk, eat the grass and bask in the sun.


Harriet. They seem to be…


pretty good at…


eating, relaxing and being content.  Flo and Blaze.  They love to roll and play.  We don’t ride them, we just allow them to be.

Surround yourself with nature and your stress will melt away.  Contentment is nature’s way of rewarding us for being in balance and in that state we tap into high levels of intelligence.

So as the world pivots, you do not have to follow in step to a negative govette.  In fact with frequency modulation you can dance a happy jig… because these shifts can expand your world.  Even better do a Viennese waltz… (the original form of the waltz).  This was the first ballroom dance performed in the closed hold or “waltz” position and is danced at about 58-60 measures a minute.

That puts the body and mind in tune with nature’s rhythm and helps get you smart!

One of Merri’s and my favorite haunts in Vienna, the KurSalon… a place of dancing and music was called a place of curing.
The KurSalon, built according to Johann Garben’s plans, was meant to offer curative waters to drink. But after its completion in 1867, its curative powers were changed to curing through music. In 1868 the first concert featuring compositions by Johann Strauss took place. The KurSalon, with its dances and promenade concerts, rapidly became the meeting place for Viennese society, which celebrated the cult of the waltz by bringing health and joie de vivre together.


Listen to and see a beautiful Viennese waltz here.

This waltz is played at about 59 beats per second… a tempo that helps put us in a state of balance health and intelligence… a state we hope that you enjoy.

Enhance your smarts.  Join Merri and me for our next Frequency Modulation Workshop at our International Investing and Business Seminar October 7-8-9, 2011.


Economic events are unfolding that mean… life will not be the same.  This is the week that decides which way the restructuring will go.

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