A Gift for Future Success

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A gift for future success… is a reminder to “Run Towards Your Passion – Not Away from your Frustrations and Fears”.

Jean Marie Butterlin who heads our Ateam Ecuador has sent five gifts from Ecuador that remind us how important is this phrase.

The gift  is this photo on the coast a little south of Bahia.


Ceibo tree in bloom.

There are so many benefits to Ecuador that one often forgets the bio diversity and wonderful beauty of this nation… from the mountains to the sea.  Ecuador offers has the same bio diversity as the area from the equatorial coastal plain to the Arctic Circle!

There are few locations with as much variety in flora and fauna as this delightful country.

Unicef says of Ecuador: Ecuador possesses great ethnic, racial and linguistic diversity.  It is populated by more than twelve indigenous peoples, each with their own language, and Afro-Ecuadorian and mestizo populations.  

Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse territories on earth.  Situated on the Equator and lying crosswise north to south over the Andes Mountain Range, in just five hours it is possible to travel from snowy mountains (some over 5.000 meters above sea level) to the humid tropical forests of the Amazon, or to dry tropical forests at  the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  Thanks to Ecuador’s various ecosystems, unique in the world, the 256,370km2 of territory have a great variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and seafood, which could adequately nourish the population.  

When navigating the Pacific Ocean on the Equator Line one finds the Galapagos Islands, located 1.000 km from the continent.  The islands have been declared a Natural Heritage Site for Humanity for its unique flora and fauna.

Jean Marie’s other gifts are… important Ecuador tips.

Here are tips for living on the Ecuadorian mid-coast.

Tip #1: Wine & Roses. Ecuador is famous for its roses and you can get them in Ecuador at incredibly low costs. We love them, but Pascale and I also have a passion for good Chardonnay or Merlot.  Pascale used to own two restaurants in Brussels and has a great taste for wine.   We are sometimes frustrated not to find the excellent wines we have in Europe or Chile or Argentina.

Fortunately, even though Ecuador added  new taxes on liquor and wine lately, we are able to purchase wine at the same low wholesale prices that the restaurants or chains like TIA are paying. This great benefit for wine lovers is because the wholeseller, located in San Clemente (near Vistazul) is willing to sell to end users at wholesale price when buying by the case. He even delivers  to your door once a week when you live in Bahia.

He has a very nice selection of whites from Chile and Argentina as well as some nice Cabernets, Merlots, Carmenere and Shyraz. Instead of paying $10 to $12 a bottle retail you will pay about $7 for a nice bottle. He has less expensive wines also in the $4 per bottle range.

This vintner also owns also a restaurant just north of Palmazul in San Clemente, where his wife serves excellent pizzas and seafood.  Once a week he serves a very nice and tasty “parillada” (grilled meat).

Ecuador Living Club subscribers can use their password to contact the San Clemente Vintner for wholesale wine here.

Learn how to be a Ecuador Living Club member.

Contact info : Mr. Myers : 08 02 43 562 (cell phone) speaks fluently German, English and Spanish.

Tip #2:  How to get good food! Another of  our passions is of course (we are French) “food”.  We both love to cook and Ecuador provides exquisité fresh vegetables every day at the Bahia market.   Every day a fisherman we have befriended comes by our apartment and shows us his catch of the night. He then goes onto the beach and cuts the filets for us.  He  keeps the scraps so his wife can make an excellent seafood soup that he also offers to us to taste.

Tip #3: How to Explore. We love exploring the remote villages on the coast north of Bahia.  This past weekend we came across a very nice, little, beach restaurant in the little village of El Matal close to Coco Beach.


This restaurant is named “Punto D’Victor”.  We arrived late for lunch around 3 :30 pm.  The terrace was almost full with locals (always a good sign).

Our langostinos (large shrimps called also “gambas” in Spain) were super “rico” (ruch and tasty).  Service was friendly.  They also had wine (unusual in little villages).


Pascale Butterlin at Punto D’Victor.

We give Punto D’Victor a 1 star.

1 star in the “Michelin Guide” is a good restaurant
2 stars is: perfect
3 stars is : outstanding

Tip #4: How to be Healthier in Ecuador. One of my passions has been in the Natural Health area since I was 20 years old. This came from being cured of a nasty Hepatitis infection with the help of a Homeopathic doctor.  I created a successful Natural health business in Texas first and then Belgium and France.

Living in Bahia gives extra opportunity for natural health that is not available in most places.

One benefit is to be able to walk in sea water on the beach twice a day. This is a great detox.   Breathing the izone rich air coming with the sea breeze helps maintain natural good health.  The seabreeze in Bahia also eliminates the need for air conditioning, when living close to the beach. This also enhances health.

Living in a pollution free environment, getting plenty of sun all year long (even if it is a bit cool in July in Bahia) helps keep your Vitamin D3 intake strong.

Plus the availability of really fresh fruit in the mercado every day helps.  There are 2 fruits Pascale and I eat every day for their wonderful taste that also some really nice health benefits.

The first is the granadilla fruit: (also known as Passiflora ligularis). This fruit is endemic to Ecuador and is is rich in B6, potassium, phosphorus, Niacin, Iron, folic acid and has diuretic properties.

The second fruit is a local grapefruit known as “toronja”.  You get 8 big grapefruits for a dollar.   The locals say their yellow grapefruit helps them lose weight.  Pascale and I drink it for its taste, vitamin C and ist anti-oxydant content.

Jean Marie.

These gifts remind me to remind you… “if you decide to move to Ecuador or anywhere, move to someplace and something  you love… not away from somewhere or something you dislike”. Focus on the positive good and fulfillment rather than escape.

This is why one of the great benefits of Ecuador is the combination of low cost and natural resources.

For example for as little as $128,000 you can enjoy BOTH the sunrise over Imbaura in the Andes and…


this sunset on the Pacific.


In other words I can (and do) have two homes in prime locations for that small amount.  Taxes are low as well… barely $100 a year… for both places.

Right now there is an excellent condo for sale on the Pacific for $79,000 and condo in Cotacachi for $49,000.  The perfect lifestyle… two homes in beautiful prime locations for $128,000.

Want to try living on Ecuador’s mountain and sea? Learn more about our Surf and Turf program… two weeks in Cotacachi and two weeks on the Pacific… 28 days in total for only $1,299.


Will you also need something exciting to do that provides income?

See three ways to earn in Ecuador… or anywhere… below.

#1: See how to be trained to earn as a Ecuador or US JGAM agent.


Ecuador Living subscribers at JGAM training center in Danish countryside.

#2: Earn with Ecuador Exports.

Learn more about the August 31-Sept. 1-2-3-4, 2011 Ecuador Exports Tour that identifies exports that:

#1: Can be sold to easily identified markets.

#2: Can be marked up many times while allowing a fair trade for the indigenous.

#3: Can be imported in a suitcase.

See more about Ecuador exports here.

#3: Earn with Ecuador Agriculture.


Learn about the October 17-18-19, 2011 Bahia Ecuador Agricultural Tour.