What R U Going 2 Do? – Part Four “Dark Star”

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What R U going to do about the future?  Be flexible!


Here I am in Bristol (England) with Jake and daughter Francesca… see what coincidence meant to these two.

What will the days ahead bring to your future?  How will you deal with your upcoming future? Hopefully  your answer factors in the unknown and includes flexibility.

Part of our future is set in our dreams, ambitions, efforts and plans.

Part of our future lays in the current flow.  For example can we bet on inflation?  Of this we can be pretty sure. Should we expect more stress?  That’s likely.  Will we see longer lives?  We have every reason to think so.  Will change come faster?  You bet.  Is more material wealth in store for everyone? Probably.  Are greater distances between the rich and the not so rich to be seen. Absolutely.

We can count on these facts… kinda.

Then fate also impacts our future. This is where the need for flexibility comes in.

One way I try to remain flexible is by reading books and stories about past times that are similar to our here and now.  My economic research suggests that we are in the economic equivalent of a prewar era… like the mid 1930s and mid 1970s before WWII and the Cold War I often call WWIII.   These comparisions might just give an edge in helping us feel what’s coming next.

I have been reading again through Winston Churchill’s sixth book on history of WWII.  I also have been enjoying the Alan Furst tales.  Alan Furst writes historical spy novels set just prior to and during the Second World War.   I believe they give a feel of how people worked… acted… and economics and social order unfolded during that time.

His novel, Dark Star, is seen though the eyes of a Soviet journalist… and spy.  One quote especially caught my attention.  Fate rules our lives. One simply had to admire the hand of destiny, how it wove a life, tied desire to betrayal, ambition to envy, added idealism, love, false gods, missed trains, then pulled sharply on the threads, and behold!  There the human danced and struggled. Here, he thought was that exquisite deployment of fate known as the coincidence.

This is why… to help our readers prepare for the future and gain flexibility… we look beyond technical training.


This Banksy mural in Bristol is a good depiction of the importance of flexibility!

We offer our readers four technical courses:

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Wool carding on Ecuador Export Tour.

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However we all need something more than technical training to make us smarter… more visionary… more flexible, more adaptable to handle changes.  We’ll see these coincidental shifts that fate can throw our way.

For example some years ago, our son Jake (shown above) returned to school as a landscape designer (University of Florida in Gainesville) and ends up some years later as a trainee solicitor (attorney) in Bristol, England.   Francesca started with an NGO in Geneva but ended up working for the UN in Swaziland!  These careers were not in their comprehensive plans when they began.  Jake and Franny adapted as fate threw events at them and shifted quickly working hard on new opportunities that came by coincidence.  They have done very well from the shifts.

Our courses work on the premise that few of us end up doing exactly we originally plan.  This is why we added our Frequency Modulation Workshop and have developed several other programs so readers can learn to stretch their mind-body relationship to  “think and act beyond logic”.

The programs that help develop this beyond logic include:

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Flexibility even helps our health! A January 18, 2010 Cooper Institute article entitled “New Health Benefits Cited with Good Trunk Flexibility” shows the importance of flexibility in health”.

Here are excerpts (bolds are mine): Have you ever taken the “Sit and Reach” test?  It is a basic physical fitness test given to participants of all ages to determine trunk flexibility? A good score on this test generally indicates good overall flexibility.  Good flexibility in turn is associated with improved range of motion in movement, and thought to reduce the risk of exercise related injury.

But there is new evidence that being flexible has a strong health related benefit of reducing arterial stiffness. Arterial stiffness in turn is associated with increases in blood pressure which is an increased risk for coronary (heart) artery disease and kidney failure.

To test the theory that poor trunk flexibility is associated with arterial stiffening, lead researcher, Kenta Yamamoto, with the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Ft. Worth, tested 526 adults and grouped them by age: 20-39 young; 40-59 middle age; 60-83 older.1  Arterial stiffness was assessed by the brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity.  Subjects were classified as either “poor flexibility” or “high flexibility” after the sit and reach test.

Researchers tested for all three components of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular strength, and flexibility. The findings demonstrated that flexibility was an independent factor in determining risk for arterial stiffening.  Also, the results showed that age related arterial stiffness was greater in the poor flexibility subjects than the high flexibility subjects of middle age and older age.  In the young age groups there was no observed relationship of flexibility and arterial stiffness.

Further findings from this study showed a positive relationship between cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

Whatever you plan to do… work at a job… build a business or retire… in work, in play, in exercise… build in space and flexibility for fate.

All of us are affected by the unknown. This is probably the most known and true reality we have in life.

Embrace change.


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Read Cooper Institute article entitled “New Health Benefits Cited with Good Trunk Flexibility