Ecuador Business Idea

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Archives

Here is an Ecuador Business Idea with this Cuenca real estate listing.  This features a hard to find colonial house located in downtown Cuenca, Ecuador.

Cuenca is perhaps Ecuador’s most beautiful city… one of the favorite choices of expats.  The four  photos below from shows why.


One’s impression of Cuenca when viewed from afar is orderly and clean and beautiful colonial rooftops!


Up close… one feels stately and…




Though there are many beautiful old colonial buildings in Cuenca, they are rarely on the market.

This Cuenca real estate listing has almost 10,000 square feet… 10 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It also has 2 commercial stores which produce rental income.


This colonial building could easily be converted to small condos.


There is 9,800 sq feet of construction and some land behind the building.  The building was built of adobe hundreds of years ago.

The asking price is $140,000.

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