Amazon Exports Case Study – Tagua

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Here is a case study on an Amazon export – tagua that shares how to create income for life.

This  case study of an Amazon exports idea that Michelle Toole has used with Tagua to help you see ways to create your own micro business.

Our numerous courses on how to earn and have your own micro business can be illustrated with the following study of how Michelle is selling this natural ivory.

Here are three important foundations of micro business success.

#1: Get involved with something you really enjoy.

#2: Start small and let your business evolve.

#3: Focus.

Here are excerpts from the tagua brochure of our friend and reader Michelle Toole who has built her Amazon export business on all three of these ideas.


Directly from the Amazon to your Home!

Tagua is a product that…

Looks and feels like animal Ivory…

Is stronger than animal Ivory….

Is as beautiful as animal ivory….

And ages like animal Ivory

However it is:

• EcologicallyResponsible

• GuiltFree

• Humane and Legal

•And is more versatile than animal Ivory in design and color.

We can save the elephants, Save the rainforest, And create sustainable economies while beautifying our lives.

The Tagua nut comes from a palm tree that grows only in the tropical rain forests of Ecuador, Panama, Columbia and Brazil.

This is one of Nature’s masterpieces…

Photo from Corozon Buttons site. See link below.

This tree produces Tagua pods as large as a man’s head weighing from ten to twenty pounds each containing from fifty to ninety Tagua nuts.  When the time comes, the big pods burst open at the lower end and pours out the contents upon the ground. The nuts within that pod are very soft and are edible.

The soft Tagua nuts soon change into little lumps of sweet pulp and then harden into the fat nuts which, when sanded and polished, will reveal their beautiful natural dark designs. Further sanding and polishing will bring the Tagua nuts down to the color and texture of dentine ivory.

Once it drops to the rainforest floor. it is then sustainably harvested by local communities….

I journeyed into the Amazon to bring this beautiful tagua nuts from nature to convert them into beautiful objects.

What else does the harvesting of the Tagua nut provide and promote?

•    Sustainable management practices in the rainforests of Ecuador.

•    An economic incentive for maintaining the rainforests in their natural state, instead of clearing them for logging and agricultural uses.

•    Is a non-toxic, all-natural, ecologically friendly product…And it saves the elephants!

All of nature participates in the process of bringing this incredible nut to a beautiful product.

To create the 3 finishes that are in my Amazon Collection the workers sand and polish thin layers of the Tagua nut to arrive at the various designs hidden beneath the outer shell. Interestingly enough, pigs, chickens, horses and even donkeys all take part in the process of cleaning the Tagua to unveil the hidden beauty under the hard shell of the nuts.


The finishes.

The Amazon Collection, combining the beauty of nature with the contemporary designs of today’s modern world.  I chose to make these unusual knobs from the nuts.

•    Each Tagua nut has been hand polished to create unique designs.
•    The natural variations add to the beauty of the knob.
•    Each one will vary in size and shape as nature intended. No two are alike.
•    The collection can look beautiful in your kitchen, bathroom or any cabinetry.

This case study is designed to show how you can use even the simplest idea to start an entire business…it can be a micro business that allows you to travel wherever you want to go.

Having a business some people would say is NUTS! But this case study shows one unique idea how Michelle Toole has used nuts (tagua nuts) and the three foundations of a micro business to gain extra income, as she works with people she enjoys and helps the environment at the same time.

You can do this too in many ways with your own micro business!

See Michelle’s Ecuador Amazon tagua brochure here.

For more information or to order, contact Michelle Toole


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