Crucita Beach Condo & Global Investing Questions

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Here is a Crucita, Ecuador beach front condo for sale.

See how to have your international investment questions answered by phone below.

First, see this Crucita beach condo for sale. Finding value is really important today and real estate value on Ecuador’s coast is special… especially from Manta north.

From Manta to Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador, there are two good beach areas to see.  Crucita is the first.

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Here is Crucita.

Ecuador-Beach-crucita-long view-

This wonderful beach runs all the way to San Clemente (where we have our penthouse).  The point in the far distance is San Clemente.

From Crucita, there are many miles of empty beach walking. At low tide, you can walk round the point and then walk even more miles all the way to Bahia.

Back to Crucita. Many of our readers live here. We helped many buy lots for these houses about 15 years ago.


There is a wonderful restaurant with a view and…


para sailing.


Down the hill in the village, there are some very nice condos on the beach.  This one is for sale.  This is a resale from a reader who purchased on a real estate tour years ago.


Beach views from this condos are nice.

From the front room.


Sea View from the living room and…


roof garden looking…


north and …


south toward Manta.


This is a smart looking unit purchased by a real estate tour delegate who is recovering from a major medical treatment. I thought this was one of the nicest condos I have seen inside.



This is next to a good neighborhood surrounded by large Ecuador beach houses.


From this point of the beach you can walk on the beach for hours.


Enjoy the sun, salt, sea and wild life.


This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit with, a jacuzzi…

crucita condo

and a roof terrace.

crucita condo

The living area is 98.50 square meters (1,060 square feet) and with the balcony totals 155.25 square meters. (1671 square feet). It is the top unit in a 3 unit building.

crucita condo for sale

Living room.

The use of adjacent gated amenities of a tennis court and a swimming pool are available for a monthly fee of $30.00.  (This fee is optional.)

There are not and cannot be any structures between this Ecuador beach condo and the ocean.

Asking price $79,000.

For more details contact the owner: Tetiana Samoilova, 621 Nehalem Ln, La Conner, WA, 98257.  Telephone 360-770-2285 or email


Many readers have global investing questions that we are planning to answer for you over the phone.

We are adding to our Global Personal Portfolio service a telephone service.

Here is how it works.

You email me your questions.  We will review them with Thomas Fischer at Jyske Global Asset Management and then answer them in a telephone call.

We’ll send you the recorded call at the end of the month. The first call will be sent to you June 30, 2011.

I need your phone calls before June 20, 2011.

Who is eligible to ask and to listen in to the call?

This service is free for all subscribers to our annual Multi Currrency Service.

Not a Multi Currency subscriber?  Learn how to enroll here.

Non Multi Currency subscribers can enroll to have their questions answered for a one time charge of $9.99.

Order here $9.99.

Thomas Fischer is Senior Vice President of Jyske Global Asset Management.


Thomas Fisher & Gary Scott at the Jyske Global Asset Management conference, Naples, Florida.

Thomas began his banking career in 1975. In 1978  he started in the trading room as a Foreign Exchange dealer, and spent the next 22 years on the telephone trading currencies. During this trading career he spent 2 years in London and 10 years in Germany where he was head of the international currency section of a major German brokerage company.

During his time in Germany he successfully completed an MBA focusing on the external environment and corporate finance.  In 2000 he joined Jyske Bank Private Banking and was promoted to Manager of International Client Relations in 2001.

In 2008 Thomas joined the newly established Portfolio Management Company Jyske Global Asset Management (JGAM), as a Senior Vice President.  He is  a member of JGAM’s Investment Committee focusing on our Foreign Exchange strategy.  He travels the world giving presentations about the markets and the investment opportunities.


Better still meet Thomas Fischer this June 24 to 26, 2011 in person at our International Investing seminar.


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