Extra Export Earnings IV – An Opportunity Dying for a Cause

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Extra Export Earnings Part IV- An Opportunity Dying for a Cause

Inflation is everywhere and many could need extra income to maintain purchasing power.  However, we should remember having a cause is usually more important than having money.  This is a vital, really important business, as well as lifestyle, idea.

If you have a business that you love… if you are doing something you have a passion for…  if you have a cause that also earns extra income, your chances of success soar.  Doing something vital that you really believe in can help you live longer,  healthier and happier, too.

The simple fact is we all need a purpose… not just money, to do well.  The greater the cause… the better… even one worth dying for.

Exports Create Opportunity With a Cause.

Some very difficult economic times may be ahead.  Why? How? What can we each do?

To answer questions like this, I study previous difficult time, what happened and how humanity responded. Recently in such an endeavor I reread Winston Churchill’s “The Gathering Storm” which looks at the history of the roots of WWII.

According to Churchill WWII was born by weak governments who feared war so much they refused to take even simple measures that would have easily stopped any war effort before it was too late and the bubble of unreal peace burst.

This is something like Western governments after WWII.  Again the leaders have let the voters lead them.  Again voters have supported to many offering too much for too little.  Such fears of  recession stopped even simple measures before the global economic system became so overextended that the bubble of unreal prosperity burst.  Now times for many could be really tough with unemployment and inflation both rising at the same time.

Humanity’s solution was finally to get tough and let individual inspired action slowly save the day.

Having been raised in a seafaring family with naval officers and war hardened veterans, I was particularly touched by the story in “The Gathering Storm” of the power of  a cause worth dying for when the 1,085 ton destroyer “Glowworm” rammed the 10,000 ton German Cruiser “Hipper”.  Here is a copy of that story from “The Gathering Storm”.


 That’s real passion for the job.

This picture puts the David and Goliath situation in more perspective showing graphically a 1,085 ton destroyer versus a 10 ton cruiser.  That’s commitment to a cause.


Perhaps this Mary Evans picture at www.prints.com would be a good one for every person starting their own business to put in their office to remember that passion is the key and the more important… the better.

I am not suggesting that you die or take risk for the cause in your business… but have seen and do believe that our chances of success in every way increase with our belief in and passion for whatever ideal we maintain in our activities.

Such belief is even more important in times of inflation and economic upheaval because business may require more effort with greater risk!  However our passion in business can sustain us through hard times. Do what you love!

In this series on Extra Export Earning we are sharing Merri’s and my experiences exporting rents and Fresh Ecuador flowers.

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Merri and I have found three passions in our Ecuador Flower export business.

First, we find great joy and satisfaction bringing beauty and adding happiness in people lives through flowers.

We regularly get letters like these in times of  joy: Hi Gary:  The roses arrived this morning and they are stunning!  I wasn’t offered a color choice but knew whatever the color, they would be beautiful. Boy, was I right!  When I opened the box, I found half to be red and half a multi-salmon/gold/pink color which is exactly what I would have chosen myself.  They were so beautiful I just had to share them with a couple of my friends.  They were, of course, elated.  I was surprised that, in addition to their beauty, they have a wonderful fragrance, unlike the roses that come from the florists. We look forward to seeing you soon.  Thanks.

and sorrow: Thank you very much for your personal attention to our order for 100 roses for a memorial service for my Mother. She  lived to be 103 plus. We purchased 3 white roses locally to complete the idea of one rose for each year of her life.

We ordered through Ecuador Living I believe on Tuesday May 3, may have been Mon night May 2, and they were delivered before noon on Friday May 6 and were very beautiful. The service was on Sat May 7. Most of the roses are still very pretty and in good shape, today May 24. And thank you for your condolences. Sincerely,

Those letters are worth more than the profit we gain from Extra Export Earnings we receive.

Cataclysmic economic events may be brewing around the globe. They do not have to worry you. You can take control of your affairs by creating our own micro business that earns extra through exports and fulfills your lifetsyle by turning your passion into profit.


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