Extra Export Earnings Part III – Beating Sam’s

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Extra Export Earnings Part III – Beating Sam’s

Inflation is everywhere and many of us will need extra income to maintain our purchasing power.  One good way to earn extra income during rising inflation is to offer something better for less!  In fact this is always a good way to earn, but during high inflation… helping people keep costs down is especially good for business.

Inflation is global. There is inflation in the US.  Reuters reported April 28, 2011 in article “Economic growth slows as inflation surges” by Lucia Mutikani:   WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Economic growth braked sharply in the first quarter as higher food and gasoline prices dampened consumer spending and sent inflation rising at its fastest pace in 2-1/2 years.

Another report on Thursday showed a surprise jump in the number of Americans claiming unemployment benefits last week, which could cast a shadow on expectations for a significant pick-up in output in the second quarter.

Growth in gross domestic product slowed to a 1.8 percent annual rate after a 3.1 percent fourth-quarter pace, the Commerce Department said. Economists had expected a 2 percent pace.

Inflation grows in Europe. An AFP article May 25, 2011  “Debt crisis, inflation saps German consumers”   FRANKFURT, Germany — The eurozone debt crisis and higher energy prices have sapped German consumer sentiment, resulting in a third consecutive drop in the GfK index, the research institute said on Wednesday.
On the basis of a survey of 2,000 individuals done this month, the forecast index for June dropped to 5.5 points from 5.7 points in the reading for May. A deterioration of the Greek debt crisis and persistently high energy prices have cooled optimism among consumers in Europe’s biggest economy, a GfK statement said.

Boosts from falling unemployment and solid economic growth have drifted to the background for now in the view of those surveyed, it added. A breakdown of the results showed that shopper’s propensity to make large purchases had declined and that dogged inflation had raised fears related to personal revenues.

Inflation grows in China. A May 25, 2011 Wall Street Journal article says: SHANGHAI—Standard & Poor’s warned that government anti-inflation efforts are likely to squeeze profits at China’s banks, highlighting growing concern about the impact of tighter monetary policy on lenders that have poured out credit in recent years to help drive growth in the world’s No. 2 economy.

“Inflation and a possible economic slowdown stemming from tightening measures could lead to a spike in credit losses over the next two to three years,” the ratings company said in a report issued Wednesday. “Chinese banks’ profitability could slip in the remainder of 2011 and drop further in the next two years.”

Three of the most important economies in the world are suffering from inflation.  This will have a profound global impact but fortunately we can use the same technology that created the global economy to protect our purchasing power.

This Extra Export Earnings series looks at what Merri and I have done exporting to help you see ways that you might gain extra income through exports.

See Extra Export Earnings Part 1 – Using Google

See Extra Export Earnings – Exporting Rents

Since helping customers lower their cost of earnings, I was happy to see that Ecuador flowers created a business opportunity by beating Sam’s Club at their own game.

Fresh Ecuador roses are much better than roses sold at Sam’s Club… but by selling larger quantities their price is even lower than at Sam’s.


When Ecuador roses arrive, Merri and I immediately cut the ends and put them in water. By the morning they are fully opened and incredible!  These pink Ecuador roses are only a third of a single color order of 50 Ecuador roses.

We love them so much, we began offering them to our readers and receive a lot of raves about them.

You can have fresh Ecuador roses yourself or send them as gifts, but they can also create a business opportunity for you.

I recently realized the full extent of the business potential when at Sam’s I saw that roses there were $19.95 for a dozen or $1.66 a rose.

First, let’s be clear… comparing fresh Ecuador roses with those at Sam’s is kind of like comparing a new Mercedes (our roses) to an old Volkswagon  (Sam’s rose – no offense intended to the Beetle I had one and loved that car).

Seriously fresh Ecuador roses are the best… the creme del la creme… having just been cut and delivered by Fedex directly to your door, at as you’ll see for as little as $1.29 per rose.

We not only beat Sam’s Club.  Our prices are lower than everyone else… because for us, roses are a long tail product.  We are publishers and sell information. That’s our main business and the fact that our readers like roses is a bi product, so we do not spend any advertising money on roses at all.

I inspected all the major websites offering roses and found when shipping was calculated, prices ranged from $259 (36 Martha Stewart roses) to $135 and $91.94 for 50 roses from the best ranked websites.  These prices are above ours even before we add on our special savings.

Premium Quality Roses – Fresher Quality Roses

Even though the price is lower, fresh Ecuador roses from our site are the best. Most roses go from Ecuador to Miami by air are stored in Miami then shipped by truck until they sit in a store. They can be a week or more old when you see them. The Fresh Cut Ecuador roses you receive from this site are cut and stored overnight, driven by refrigerated truck to Quito Airport and flown to Miami to a special refrigerated Fedex facility, then flown to your Fedex destination for immediate delivery to your home or office. This means they open fuller, are brighter and last longer.

This is another reason why the price is lower, the costs of middle men at the flower markets are eliminated. The costs of trucking is gone and the price is lowered by selling in larger amounts (50 and 100 roses versus 1-6 and 12 roses)… just the same way that like Sam’s Club keeps its costs down.


New Three Color Choices

To make the exports even better our flower supplier now offers three options and four color choices.

Option #1: Farm Choice Assorted Colors.  2 bunches (25 each) of farm choice fresh cut premium roses.

Option #2:  Solid Color Box.  Your choice of one color. 50 fresh cut premium roses of the one color.

Option #3: Two color Box.  Your choice of two colors. 25 fresh cut premium of one color and 25 fresh cut premium roses of another color.

There are four colors you can choose.

#1: White.  These are white tone roses or creamy white tone roses.


#2: Red. Red or a red tone rose.


#3: Pink.  A pink or pink toned tone rose, could either be a regular pink, light pink or hot pink rose.


#4: Bicolor.  Bicolor roses of red 7 yellow tones.


Order the 50 fresh cut roses for $84 here.

Save $39.  Order 100 fresh cut roses for $129 here.

Save $44. Subscribe Ecuador Living Premium Service (normally $119).   Get your subscription and first rose order at half price. $159 total.


Fresh Cut Ecuador Roses are Environmentally Clean Roses

The roses sent are certified by Veriflora. The VERIFLORA seal is a real, green program that regularly spot check farms for ecologically sound systems that include:

1- Water and ecological conservation: implementing water management systems to prevent depletion of fresh water supplies.

2- Product quality: implementing practices to ensure the quality of the product through the whole chain of delivery to the final consumer.

3- Advanced agricultural practices: integrating organic practices wherever possible. To only use approved green label certified pesticides. To allow no discharge of pesticides run off into the environment.

4- Waste management: recycling and composting as well as the proper disposal of agricultural chemicals.

Certification means the growers have met or exceeded the requirements. There is no middle ground with Veriflora, no differing levels of certification. You either are ecologically sound and certified, or you aren’t.

That means you receive and or export environmentally friendly roses.


Here is a red and yellow farm choice combination of fresh Ecuador roses we had delivered to us in North Carolina.

Fair Trade Roses

In addition the Verflora seal requires the rose grower to be socially responsible adhering to recognized labor and community standards, specially pertaining to health and safety, work conditions, hiring practices, discrimination, harassment and fair pay.

The growers offer every single one of their workers:

-free doctor and medical treatment at the farm for workers
-day care facilities for infants
-free breakfast and lunch (and dinner when they work late)
-free sports and recreation facilities
-small business loans -when workers want to leave to set up their own small holding farm
-workers fund -for financial help with school fees to buy a car, etc
-complete health and safety equipment provided free -helmets , gloves, masks, etc
-paid maternity leave with a guarantee of work when they want to return
-overtime paid over and above the legal requirements
-Christmas parties, summer holiday excursions, sports tournaments
-a safe and secure work environment with job satisfaction and potential for personal development

There you have it…three great reasons to experience the warmth of the people and beauty of Ecuador…the freshest…best roses…and you help the environment and the poor by having them delivered into your home.

Your 50 roses will come packed in a special box with two colors of 25 each.

Order the 50 fresh cut roses for $84 here.

Save $39.  Order 100 fresh cut roses for $129 here.

Save $44. Subscribe Ecuador Living Premium Service (normally $119).   Get your subscription and first rose order at half price. $159 total.



These are fresh bi color Ecuador roses delivered to our North Carolina office.

Orders received before 9 am on Sunday normally arrive the following Thursday.

Orders received after 9 am Sunday through 9 am Friday normally arrive the following Tuesday.

One thing to take into account is extreme weather conditions. FEDEX SHIPMENTS CAN BE DELAYED BECAUSE OF BAD WEATHER.


Fwd: ecuador-easter-roses

Ecuador roses keep on giving.  After they fade, I put them in a bowl like this and for many more days of enjoy their beauty.


Then I hang them in the kitchen to dry.


We make our roses last a very long time because after they begin to wilt, we dry our fresh Ecuador roses as they age and continue to use them. Here are 100 dried Ecuador roses on our staircase in North Carolina.

There is one more Ecuador rose longevity benefit we are trying. Fresh Ecuador roses are so fresh when they arrive that they sprout!

Here are our Mother’s Day roses that I have trimmed… added Rootone and put in pots and set round our pool to see if they will grow!


Inflation is here… and there… and almost everywhere. There is little we can do about this in the big picture. Forces have been unleashed that are far beyond our control.

There is something though that we can personally do to suffer less from inflation… earn more.  Extra Export Earnings is one way… that can be rewarding financially and much more.  Ecuador flowers for example can bring beauty to our and many other homes as it helps the environment and creates income for the poor.

Ecuador flower exports may be a good extra business for you or not.  However we hope that the two ideas we have shared (part 1 “Use Google” and Part II “Lower Costs”)  will stimulate ideas on exports that can enrich your life as they make others lives globally better as well.



Here are photos from our home of  different Ecuador roses that give a comparison of the colors you can receive.

Pinks like these often come in the farm choice roses.

Other roses in farm choice include these wonderful…bicolors…


in red and orange.  They are spectacular. Here is…


a dozen of the red/orange bi color roses.


25 red roses.


Red roses.


White roses in our dining room.

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