Wonderous Interesting Ecuador

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Wonderous Interesting Ecuador


Mists on Lake San Pablo near Otavalo.

Ecuador is booming as we predicted at least a decade ago.   Those who joined us in Ecuador then…. have enjoyed phenomenal growth!

Here let’s look at the mystical reasons why Ecuador is such an interesting place beyond the profit.


Beautiful hills for hiking outside Cotacachi.

I have warned readers for years that when they visit to watch out strange and wonderous things happen.  There is beauty… great value…. peacefulness but also there is a wonderous mystical nature to Ecuador.


Morning mist over Cotacachi’s main plaza.

When you get to Ecuador… the forces of nature can take over and if you listen they will lead down serendipitous trails.


Ecuador shamans leading Merri and me down a mystical trail.

Ecuador shamans listen to the forces of nature for their guidance.


Ecuador shamanic tour hiking with an Ecuador shaman into a sacred valley.

Merri and I have had so many ahas… and unexpected joys again and again that we almost take them for granted.  Many readers also. They share these stories with us so often I am starting this “Wonderous – Interesting – Ecuador” series!

Here is our first delightful tale from a reader.

Dear Gary,  The (new) Ecuador Living Service Club…It has a wonderful layout/look!  Terrific photos…just great.  Thank you.

I was going to stop the email there but thought I’d share something with you.

I think you’ll understand based on what you write on your website and the courses you and Merri make available for all of us.

I’m getting close to retirement…recently asking “the universe” to guide me as I was not completely sure about moving to Ecuador.. even part time…after visiting there last summer.

I  needed guidance…a “sign,” Something…ANYTHING…and then, within a week…”Signs” started popping up, pointing to Ecuador!

Within that week (of asking for  guidance), I decided to visit my son and his girlfriend  in San Francisco.  (His girlfriend  had accompanied me to Ecuador last summer.)

In San Francisco, two weeks ago, on my last night there, my son, his girlfriend and I walked down the street to a small restaurant by their apartment .  It serves our favorite mora (blackberry juice… a favorite served in Ecuador!
We had been there before, and enjoy talking with the owner (from Ecuador) and his wife (from Columbia).  This time was no different. (except for one thing!)

Over Mora juice and a tasty meal, he sat with us and told us how he had just returned from visiting his mother in San Vicente.  He was full of such joy !  Just like the people we had met in  Ecuador.  He was still full of excited energy from his trip and he showed us pictures while his wife cooked our meal.  Then she appeared with our food and he said they were going back in December and that I should go with them.

They invited me to stay with them in San Vicente!  I wasn’t expecting THAT!   We all exchanged contact info. and my son, was able to hear, once again, the importance of family  and witness a man, living from his heart, so much like the people I encountered on our trip to Ecuador.

Then, in case I still hadn’t got  the “message” the universe made sure I got another “nudge”  the next day!  This time it was in Pismo Beach, south of San Francisco.  Did I write “nudge”?  It was more like getting a “thump”  on the head!

In Pismo,  I  walked into a local restaurant that I’d been going to for 15 years and the waitress, whom I’d seen before, sat down next to me and started talking. The next thing I knew (literally) was that her parents had bought two homes one hour outside Cuenca.  We exchanged phone numbers and she gave me their number, and said to call her, call them and they would definitely give me any help I needed once I got to Cuenca!

Ok, ok,….that’s a “sign, ” a “thump,” and THEN… a “nudge”. YESTERDAY!  I’d been home for a week and then yesterday,  I attended a teacher retirement meeting… and the teacher sitting next to me tells me his friend is Ecuadorian and is living in Guayaquil by the coast.  We exchanged emails. I had some info he thought his friend might like to hear.

What are the odds of that happening in a room filled with at least one hundred people?

I think I’m getting it.

Better head back to Ecuador and this time check out the San Vicente, Bahia Coastal area!

Just like you’ve been writing about since I first began reading EL in the fall of 2009.

I became an  EL subscriber last summer before our trip to Ecuador.  Just knowing that  you were “all there” if needed, was encouraging for me, a single, older woman, who is getting ready to make a big move.  It gave me a sense of comfort, (and of course the information was/is extremely helpful).  ELS (now Club) made all the difference…  a sort of insurance…worth every penny!

I am so appreciative!  Many thanks to you, and Merri!  That’s when I found your website!  Gary, thank you and Merri, so much.

Merri and I have learned to be aware of  signs like this… to watch for wonderous paths… wherever we are.  Ecuador makes this process interesting.


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Ecuador shamans listen to the forces of nature for their guidance.  Learn about an Ecuador shaman tour here.