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Pad with Tad

A major concern, in the US and Europe, is stagflation… inflation and an economic slowdown at the same time.  This will increase unemployment and the cost of living at the same time.


Tadding with bicycles in Ecuador?

One way to beat this concern is with one’s own micro business.  But building a business can take time.  Fortunately you do not have to do everything to begin!

Here are some interesting, exciting ideas about a new concept which we call TADDING.  You can pad your income with Tad. See how Tadding can quickly create income in a micro business that helps an existing business below.

I began thinking about Tadding (an idea that Merri taught me) when a reader sent me this note. Hi Gary, I would like to thank you very much for all the great information that you put together about Ecuador.  I’m being thinking how am I going to live in the USA now that I’m unemployed and will have to rely in Soc. Sec. income.  I started thinking that next year I would be eligible to get an early retirement.  I never thought that I could be depending in my daughters to live.  I want to move out of the country and be able to visit my grand children, and try to have an Income overseas.  After my divorce I did Real Estate for 14 years and raised my three daughters, until everything came down in the Michigan economy and I couldn’t keep my license anymore.  I also speak Spanish because I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but knowing the instability of that Country I wouldn’t go back to live.  It seems that Ecuador would be a nice place to live but I need to go with some friends that also are thinking in relocating when they retire, and check it out, to see if is for ourselves.

The information that you put together is great because it answers many questions.

I’m also worried for the economy here, I was born in a country where I went through Inflation, Dictators, war and gov. corruption, I see that,  for first time in 25 years that I emigrated to USA, I don’t feel completely safe and sure about where the country is going.  I truly believe that is the best in the world but the direction is changing, and for me, it has become harder to live here, on my own. Thanks again, for all the time and effort, in your research work, and the valuable information.

This started me thinking about how to help readers start earning quickly with a micro business through Tadding.

The great thing about a micro business is that you can earn doing something you love. Whatever your passion, you can learn how to make a good living or even a fortune by creating an international micro business around it…and this can be achieved without a start up cost!

Take fishing, for example. Millions of people love fishing. Here are just a few of many ways that others have profitably matched this passion with profit. Two of my friends, John and Lou, grew up near me in the Oregon mountains. They were outdoor adventure types and moved to Canada, where they homesteaded 1,200 acres on a trout-filled lake in mid British Columbia. They built a fishing camp that attracts fisherman from around the world.

Duncan Kinderman on the other hand loved fishing and castles. He bought a castle on the River Tay, a great Scottish salmon river, and offered time shares for fisherman from Britain, Europe and the US.

Another entrepreneur I know was from Montana. His skills were in marketing so he sold fishing trips for fishing camps. He attended rod and gun exhibitions, met owners of these camps and arranged to sell their fishing trips to the US, Argentina and even in Russia to fisherman around the world.

Ralph Kylloe on the other hand loved fishing and photography so he created the book, “Fishing Camps”, which was published by Gibbs Smith Publishers. This allowed Ralph to travel across the country enjoying fishing camps as he photographed and wrote.

Steve Ambrose, another friend of ours, had family commitments at home so he set up a bass fishing business in Florida that served Americans, Germans, Canadian, Dutch and Belgians. Later as his children grew up, he used his client base to arrange fishing trips in Argentina.

Each of these people had provincial backgrounds and differed in age, situation and skills. Their common link, the love of fishing, led each to a global micro business. Each was able to blend a unique nature and set of skills to develop a global business that surrounded them with fun, like minded fishing souls.

Yet starting a micro business can take time… especially the process of building customers.

You can short cut this customer building process with Tadding …we call it…(tagging on and adding). Tadding is a process where you find an existing organization that already has customers and add on a service for them.

Take the magazine “Cook’s Illustrated”, as an example.  It focuses on cooking.

La Mirage has a cooking school.


La Mirage chefs in the teaching kitchen.

If you arranged to conduct cooking courses for Cook’s readers at La Mirage, it could be extremely wonderful.

A reader sent me this note about La Mirage. Gary, it is not as descript as your article, however I attached my experience of La Mirage Garden Hotel & Spa last month, while visiting with a girlfriend from Hawaii who is on an around the world trip.  It will be published in BG magazine next month, my 5th article for them!  Just a note of caution, my friend Regina (32) has been traveling for 8 months (a year rtw ticket from Hawaii – HKG-South Africa for the worldcup and up to egypt/middle east/europe and down to meet me in South America) and the only pickpocketing incident happened in Quito on the trolley bus!  Her wallet with 5 credit cards and $140 was stolen, so she came down to Cuenca.  Her sister sent her ATM bank card, a VISA card thru DHL here, while we took a pilates class at the gym, made a festive Hawaiian dinner for the family, and let her catch up on her blog of all her wonderful experiences around the world so far.  She spent 2 weeks in Chile and is now in Patagonia, on her way to Rio for carnivale then to Buenos Aires before heading back to the states and Hawaii.  She will end her trip in Beijing, as she will be working and living there in June this year.  I am so overjoyed about living 2 years in a foreign country, Ecuador, thanks to the open mindedness that you and Merri share in your seminars and in your newsletter.  Thank you so much for your guidance and friendship!  Only wish I could spend more time with you guys while here in Ecuador and do that $25 massage at  Inn Land of the Sun (love the new name!).  Keep on sharing and enlightening.  Many blessings to you and Merri.

See more on La Mirage’s Cooking school here.

This is just an idea that exemplifies the components of Tadding.   Your micro business matches an existing service to help an existing business that already has a client base.

Do you like to bike?  There is great biking many places… like the Andes in the picture above.  Perhaps you create Andean (or Amazonian or whatever) biking tours for cycling clubs.  There are bike clubs everywhere in North America…tag on to one of these, join up with them and then add them to your range of possible clients.

I love riding horses.


Here I am rising in the Andes above Cotacachi with our friend, Joe Cox.

There are a huge number of endurance riding clubs around the world.   Someone who loves riding could create endurance rides marketed through such clubs.  Just become a member and add this onto your client base for horseback riding…for instance Horse Back Riding on the Incan Trail!  Hard to top that one!

endurance riding links

See Endurance riding club links below.

The point of this message is not to suggest that you start a micro business in cooking, riding or cycling… but to show how passions can turn to profit… quickly with the simple idea of Tadding.

Tadding employs leverage.  The reason Tadding helps create income quickly is because it employs this leverage. Instead of building business one customer at a time, you focus on building business through organizations that already have hundreds or thousands of like minded souls…who can become your customers.

Now you don’t have to have an award winning website or watch for the rankings on Google…just go after your own market (which you already love) by Tadding (tagging on and adding) onto an already formed group of like minded souls!  Then just add your own love, your own twist of marketing to that special special thing that you offer!

We face gloomy economic conditions, due to enormous and rapid social, economic and technological change.  This puts pressure on businesses and organizations to create more income.  This reinforces the benefits of Tadding. Organization need the help and the technology that is creating change makes it easier for micro businesses like yours and mine to “Pad with Tad” Pad our income with Tadding, quickly.


Learn more about How to Tad at our June 24 to 26 International Investing and Business Course.

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