Extra Export Earnings Part 1 Use Google Rankings

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Extra Export Earnings Part 1 – How to sell exports with Google rankings.

One way to earn extra income if you like to travel and desire mobility is by selling exports.

Our upcoming International Business & Investing seminar will feature an Ecuador Exports workshop with  focus on how to use search engines to generate income.

A recent message at our www.Gary A Scott site looked at How to Sell Kindle Publications via Google.

The same strategy used to sell information can be used to sell Ecudor exports because a major part of internet marketing success comes from having a well focused message delivered to a list of people who have an interest in the product. This is the job of search engines… matching people with interests.


Ecuador basket weaver. See details on Bonnie Keogh’s Ecuador exports tour here.

A major part of exporting is marketing.  There are many ways to describe an exporter… but one of the best is “an exporter  is someone who finds a product in one place and sells it in another”.

There are many other aspects to exporting but the ability to get the product you export in front of those who have an interest is a key to success.

If the export is not sold, it’s just junk stored in a closet, garage or storage shed.

Google and search engines can help you put your product in front of  those who may be interested in buying your export.

I am mainly an  exporter of information, but once in awhile in the process of publishing I find an export  product that will sell  via search engines… such as Ecuador flowers.

Here is how to sell exports with Google on the internet.

Even really small businesses can use Google to sell exports on the internet.

Take for example, Merri’s and my internet business.  We learned that if we do not focus on Ecuador flowers or Ecuador roses, but on the holidays when most roses and flowers are sold, we can gain an advantage over large flower exporters.

Take for example Ecuador lilies. We do not focus on ranking for the phrase lilies or Ecuador lilies.

We concentrate on the words, “fresh”, “Ecuador”, the four holidays and “roses” and “lilies”.

For example “Fresh Easter lilies” is a phrase we use because this is the seasons when most lilies are sold.  Our website ranks #2, #3 and #4 for this phrase Fresh Easter Lilies.


Most cut roses are sold on Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and before Christmas.


Our site ranks #5 for the phrase “Fresh Mother’s Day roses”.


Our site’s ranking is #1, #2 and #3 for  “Fresh Valentine roses”.


#1 through #6 for Ecuador Christmas roses.


#1 through #6 for “Ecuador Mother’s Day roses”


The  rankings at Google speak for…




You can see from the phrases, we rank well on how our ranking tactic unfolds.


The use of many photos (the image on the right links to our site) helps us rank for even more powerful phrases such as “Ecuador roses” and…


“Ecuador flowers”.  The image on the right again links to our site.

ecuador flowers

All of these rankings combined with long term, consistent top quality flowers and service has gradually developed an excellent extra income exporting Ecuador flowers.

If you like the idea of exporting products from Ecuador or anywhere… study websites that sell exports and how they rank for importrant phrases that potential buyers are likely to use.  Search engine rankings can in some cases build an entire business.

At worst, search engine rankings can provide an excellent boost in export sales.


Learn more about Bonnie Keough’s export tours. Here is what a delegate at her last tour just wrote:

Hi Bonnie,  Tim and Lad and myself all want to thank you for doing such an outstanding job and organizing our Ecuador trip. We all had a wonderful time and came away with lots of fresh ideas for an import business of our own and look forward to returning to Cotacachi soon. I’m sure you like to keep up with the progress of your ‘flock’, so we’ll keep you posted. Cheryl

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