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Here is a  Manta Manta Ecuador beach condos for sale.

Manta is the center of the Ecuador coast and currently the only city on the beach with  its own airport.  Many of our readers who takeEcuador real estate tours find Manta condos an excellent value and enjoy life there.

So we are happy to have this paid advertisement for these Manta beach condos.


Nerea Condos have begun.


Architect’s computer generated rendition of how these Manta condos will look when they are complete.


Every now and then there comes a great deal that really requires us to stop and take a look. Nerea is the right choice for our customers due to the combination of three major advantages it presents: location, quality of design and construction, and prices. All of them, backed up by the professionalism and experience of Atiaga & Iturbide, the Quito-based development firm.

Manta’s anthem refers to the city as “Nereid” in a warm tribute to its people. The Nereids were mythological figures of the sea, endowed with remarkable beauty and friendliness. Our project NEREA, therefore, honors such allusion.



The building is located in the Barbasquillo area, which is the new area of up-scale residential developments in Manta. It is conveniently close to downtown, yet distant enough to allow a quiet retreat. Recent investments in the area have resulted in increased property values for current and future owners. In addition to the pleasant weather of Manta, Barbasquillo enjoys an unobstructed view of the Pacific, which has been considered in the design of Nerea.




Atiaga & Iturbide is a Quito-based firm, seriously oriented to satisfying clients’ needs with high attention to architecture design. The distinguished design of Nerea is the result of US-trained professionals, who have enthusiastically worked to make Nerea unique in Manta.


Three bedroom unit.

Nerea is an 8-story development and the only building in town with apartments that run front to back, to allow ocean view in every apartment. The social areas in each apartment are oriented towards the ocean, with large windows that slide to extend the interior area into a private terrace.



Bedrooms are set in the back, with sufficient windows to light the interiors, without excessive heat.



The layout also allows for natural ventilation of the apartments, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.

In addition to the 32 apartment units of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, the condos are complemented with two elevators, a pool and deck area, hot tub, meeting room, and 24 hour security. The entrance hall includes an elegant lobby and lounge areas. The top terraces are designed to keep a/c condensers and TV satellites in an ordered fashion, to prevent their location on the building’s facades. Additionally, 48 parking spaces and storage rooms are laid out in two underground levels.


Manta-condo-prices tags

Nerea is an opportunity to acquire value-oriented property. Not only is this one of the best built buildings in Manta, but it is priced thousands under the current offerings. Sale prices per square meter (appx. 10 square feet) in Nerea are on average $850, ($85 a square foot) while competitors in the same area start at $1200 ($120 per sq. foot).

Our price strategy is feasible since the development is 100% financed and 30% of the units have been sold by the end of April 2011. Atiaga & Iturbide can therefore offer flexible conditions for apartment financing to final owners.

Typical financing plans consist of a) a front deposit of minimum 10% of the price in order to hold the apartment; b) a second payment through April 2012 consisting of monthly installments previously agreed by the parts; and c) a final payoff at the time the property title is signed between the parts. In proportion to the amounts paid through April 2012, clients are subject to considerable discounts (i.e. an 80% paid off by April 2012 is subject to a 10% discount). Nerea is also qualified by local banks, both public and private, in order to offer further financing alternatives for our valued clients.


Nerea offers 1-bedroom suites, and 2- and 3-bedroom apartments. Only the 3-bedroom apartments are offered up to two parking spaces and storage space, while the others are offered up to one parking space and storage space.

Our top-quality-based standards include porcelain and ceramic tiles in floors and kitchen, and bathroom walls; wood-paneled doors; MDF cabinetry in kitchens and closets; glass and aluminum in windows and balcony railings. Water heating is electrical (heater provided). Appliances (including a/c condenser) are not included.



A full list of finishes is part of the sales contract. All non-standard finishes and extra works required by the client come to a cost to the client, and are also part of the sales contract.



See full brochure here

Construction is expected for successful completion in May 2012.

Construction is expected for successful completion in May 2012.

There is on-site attention by our sales representative, Richard Parker. Also, requests for further information, including financing alternatives, and apartment floor plans should be directed to the following contacts:

In Ec: 09 874 1621, 09 872 7698, 08 081 5951

International: 593-80815951, 593-98741621, 593-98727698


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