Surviving International Investing Shifts Part VII

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Surviving International Investing Shifts Part VII – Using the Frequency We Call Taste

Inflation is a major issue in our lives today and there are many ways to deal with this loss of purchasing power.

At this site we are focusing on five ways to profit in growing inflation: real estate… multi currency investments…. commodities… equities and by having your own micro business.

An underlying basic that overlays all five approaches to beat rising costs is to spot shifts before they fully occur.  Understanding what is likely to happen next allows us to place our investments and our activity whether it be a job, business or an investment, in the path of progress.

This means we need to think outside the box… look ahead… eliminate the tyranny of reason…as taught in an educational system that’s always looking at the past… not what’s ahead.

One way to get a feel for how the global social-economic trends are flowing is to observe new technology and how it affects the five senses… taste, touch, sight, feel and hearing. Stimulating and maintaining these senses is what a great deal of all economics is about.

This philosophy is the root of these “Surviving Shifts” and this portion looks at the sense of taste.  (See links to the entire series below.)

Faith Popcorn is a famous futurist and she has a firm, Brain Reserve, that releases predictions each year.  One of her predictions was food coaches.

Her belief was that as Americans grapple with eating habits, a new business opportunity for food coaches would emerge.  This business would offer psychology, therapy and nutrition.  This new emerging industry will emerge as a help in controlling obesity.

Popcorn predicted that food coaches would work with individuals and families to develop customized and achievable healthful eating lifestyles factoring in the client’s age, work, cultural background, genetic makeup and emotional state.

Popcorn’s vision has become reality.  British blogger Karen Knowler calls herself “The Raw Food Coach.” Susan Marque is a food and life coach to the stars. ABC’s Los Angeles affiliate, KABC-TV Channel 7, employs food coach Lori Corbin as a reporter. Hillary Marra blogs as a family food coach.

This helps explain why (according to Jamie Oliver, an English chef known for food-focused television shows is also an active opponent of good nutrition as well as taste and is a leader in opposing the use of processed foods in national schools.


Jamie Oliver photo at

How can this help us fight inflation?

Using the “Turn your Passion into Profit Philosophy”, let your interests and those of the future converge.  If you like food and or health and nutrition… consider a micro business as a food coach or conducting food preparation workshops or classes, etc.

This basic business tenant has legs and resists inflation because… the higher cost of good food is nothing compared to the costs of health care.  Spending a bit more to eat well and right… can save a fortune!

One fact we know… all economics are ultimately based on food, clothing and shelter.  After these basics, the five senses kick in and refine and expand the drivers of economics:  desires.  Eating and food will always be an important part of every economy.  As our world shifts faster and everything including our food sources become more complex, confusing and frightening… help… real authentic… help with how to eat enjoyably, affordably and healthily is a business idea that is real.

Tomorrow, let’s see how “Business Tadding” can fit into business ideas of food.


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