Silver & Confessions of a Swiss Banker

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In a moment, we’ll see about silver & some real confessions from a Swiss banker.

credit suisse silver

Let’s start with a weekly global stock market update from Jyske Global Asset Management (JGAM).

The week started with the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death. Monday, Asia and Europe woke up with the news first, opening their markets higher adding the event to the ongoing positive sentiment. However, the feel-good effect was short-lived, as the news of the al-Qaeda leader’s death may have been the trigger behind this week’s massive drop in oil prices. Overall this week has been tough on commodities, WTI Crude is down almost 15%, Copper down 5% and Silver, partly due to new margin rules, down almost 30% – the precious metal is currently struggling to set a bottom around the $33-34/Oz level.

Portugal, the third euro-zone nation requesting a debt rescue, reached a 3 year agreement with the European Union and IMF worth 78bn euros. The rescue package has not done much to reduce the extra risk premium demanded on Portuguese government bonds, as the yield spread to German bonds after the announcement reached a record of 650 basis points.

On Thursday, the ECB president, Jean-Claude Trichet, in a televised speech indicated that the Central Bank will postpone its next interest rate hike till after June. During the speak the EURUSD fell almost 3 full figures as the market had anticipated a much more hawkish rhetoric. During the last 24 hours, the euro has dropped almost 3% versus the Greenback.  Ole Stig Helland

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This current commodity plunge and silver’s drop of 25% could push my personal portfolio down.  I have some silver shares (not silver) in my portfolio, however, as you will see below I learned an important lesson about silver bubbles, the risks of leverage and the importance of diversification clear back in the 70s…when silver also touched $48 an ounce.

In fact you will see some very interesting coincidences relating to silver in the 70s and now (see below).

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Swiss Banker’s Confession.

Coincidences are interesting to me. So I perked up the other day when a reader sent me this note:   “Gary, It has been a while since our last contact but here I am again. Could you delve into your vast memory bank please…. re the Silver Dip program in UK in the ‘70’s?

Now that silver is ‘up there’ I would like to track down my investment. This is how I remember it. Silver Dip using Amex via Lloyds Bank, Elephant and Castle, London through Credit Suisse for storage…but which Branch of CS Bank? I purchased 1100 ozs. and now cannot remember the contact but I do remember contacting him for help…many years ago and had no help given. If you know the Credit Suisse branch, I can contact them directly for their archives.  Any info will be greatly appreciated.
So here was a British client asking me to remember stuff  about silver from the 1970s!
It must be nice to suddenly remember you have 1,100 ounces of silver socked away. However the memory is not the coincidence.

Let me give you some background on the coincidence by sharing the introduction to my report  “Borrow Low-Deposit High” which was updated in 2010.

Hong Kong-1976. Squat, green ferries cut slow white scars on the harbor. They come, load up and go…again and again. The scene is continuous action, full of life-night and day. My mind isn’t on the scene. It is on money. I have just opened my first Swiss bank account.

My experience with the MultiCurrency Sandwich started forty years ago after I opened my first Swiss bank account with Credit Suisse (then, one of the big three Swiss banks) via their representative, a Mr. Schweitzer in Hong Kong. I had been living abroad for several years. It had slowly dawned on me that banks outside my homeland had much to offer. So I opened an account and used it in many ways.

Mr. Schweitzer sent me to the Bulach branch of Credit Suisse (a small village near  Zurich’s Kloten airport) and my account executive was Andi Kaegi.  He remained at the helm of my portfolio for over 30 years and then retired from CS. Not long after he left,  I stopped using this Swiss bank myself.  Andi and I lost touch.

So I was delighted when Andi sent me this note and found it interesting that he recalled my silver speculation (without any prompting) way back in the the 1970s.  Andi wrote:

Hi Gary and Merri,  Long time no talk; –  thought after many years it’s time to update you. I hope your silver holding from the seventies is still there!

For almost one year now I have been retireed in beautiful Thailand.  Even with “Dolce far niente” I  feel pretty pre-occupied with following never-ending, interesting world news and financial market news and pondering thoroughly and critically about almost everything (including the Tea Party).

In this place I wanted to share some truths about bankers and advisors… and the lies they tell:

Believe it or not even nowadays with decades of education, bankers simply lie to you (or despite of education they still do not know anything):

If you ask them “Why is the market rising so much today/this week?”   Even today the standard answer will be: “There are more buyers than sellers!”  If you get this answer, you must fire your present banker and look for alternatives. This answer is never true – for a simple reason:

In any trade there is a buyer and a seller – not  more or less – or we have no matching trade. How can anyone buy from nobody prepared to sell?

A more educated banker might present responsible econimic underlying facts, geopolitical developments or whatever and explain in the only correct form: “Sellers are prepared only to sell at a higher price”.  It is a psychological decision by the buyer to buy at higher prices.  Psychology  rarely goes hand in hand with real economic developments by the way.  This is what leads to the random prices in stock and commodity markets. If psychology were alway correct, prices there would be an  orderly market with no bubbles that need to burst, as we have all experienced.

To put it short: More buyers than sellers or more sellers than buyers is a reason to change your banker/advisor immediately – he is not abreast of the markets.

I am happy to advise on any Thai related issues.  I sell nothing, just love to contribute to educate interested people and share.

Looking forward to your news.  Best personal regards. Andreas

Here is the coincidence.   I has not heard from my former Swiss banker nor the reader above for years… over a decade actually.  Then I heard from them both and Andi is exactly who this reader was looking for.  The common thread is silver at a time when silver is taking a dip.

What does this mean? I do not have a clue. Yet.

What it does mean is I’ll pay attention!… especially to ideas relating to silver.

I was a big enough silver speculator when silver rose all the way to $48 an ounce in the 1970s, that my Swiss banker remembers over 30 years ago.

I was lucky to have sold at the very top  but only due to a fluke. I was taking a trip and was so highly leveraged I did not want to worry about a margin call… especially since I had no more liquidity to invest.  I sold planning to rebuy after the journey and in that time silver tumbled about 50%.

I realized then how absolutely close I had been to financial disaster and have not been much of a speculator since.

JGAM’s weekly update above mentioned that there have been increased  in the margins required for silver.  On Tuesday, May 3rd, the COMEX raised margin requirements for trading silver futures contracts. This was the third increase in the past week and brought the new margin requirement from $14,513 to $16,200 for initial margin and from $10,750 to $12,000 for maintenance margin.  The silver margin has been continually raised.  As recently as early February the initial margin requirement per silver contract was only $6,075.

Andi Kaegi (the Swiss banker above) also reminded me in his note how Bunker Hunt, (the man who tried to corner silver in the 1970s), went bankrupt when silver margins were raised back then.

Most investors should have a philosophy for how much silver and gold they hold in their portfolio and not let bubbles as we have been seeing recently sweep them into buying at the top.

You can see how I have research silver’s value in our recent silver update.

My philosophy is to seek value. I do this in numerous ways.

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Inflation is here and the US dollar will fall. This fact is conformed in an April 12, 2011 Wall Street Journal article by Cynthia Lin “Inflation Concerns Weigh on Treasurys”. Here is an excerpt:  Worries that the central bank may be falling behind the curve on inflation weighed on U.S. Treasurys on Monday, even after a senior Federal Reserve official signaled that interest rates could stay low for longer.

The prospect of $66 billion of note and bond auctions also dragged prices lower, strategists said.

“The bottom line is that the current perception has subtly shifted toward the view that global central banks are in monetary tightening mode,” said Andrew Wilkinson, senior market analyst at Interactive Brokers. “Even though the Fed appears to be nowhere near that point, U.S. yields have been dragged higher by surrounding fears of inflation.”

Highlighting those fears, the 10-year breakeven rate—which measures the difference between 10-year Treasurys Inflation Protected Securities, or TIPs, and nominal rates—hit 2.655% on Monday, the highest since May 2006. That signals the market’s annual inflation expectation over the next decade.

As other central banks begin to tighten—including the European Central Bank, which raised rates by 0.25 percentage point Thursday—the fear that U.S. officials may be lowering their guard against global inflation has been a headache for bondholders. It has been especially  troubling for investors holding 30-year bonds, those most vulnerable to inflation eroding their value.

Government bonds were also under pressure from the prospect of supply.

The Treasury is scheduled to sell $66 billion in notes and bonds this week, comprising $32 billion in three-year notes, $21 billion in 10-year notes and $13 billion in 30-year bonds.

With a government shutdown averted, “the focus is back on how well these auctions will go and who will participate in the face of what appears to be future inflation,” said Kevin Giddis, president of fixed-income capital markets at Morgan Keegan.

Still, the policy debate underscores an increasing focus on inflation.

This means that while the US government continues to borrow to spend, other governments are cutting back… a sure sign of US inflation and a weakening greenback.

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